Viserys Targaryen

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Viserys TargaryenDepicted By: Harry Lloyd
Appearance in Season: 1

Called As: 
The Beggar King

Viserys III Targaryen

Viserys of House Targaryen the

Third of His Name

Khal Rhaggat (Cart King)

Khal Rhae Mhar (Sorefoot King)

Origin: King’s Landing

Allegiance: House Targaryen

Culture: Valyrian


Father/uncle – Aerys II Targaryen

Mother/aunt – Rhaella Targaryen

Brother/cousin – Rhaegar Targaryen

Sister/cousin – Daenerys Targaryen

Great-uncle – Aemon Targaryen

Uncle – Duncan Targaryen

Uncle – Daeron Targaryen

Brother-in-law – Drogo

Sister-in-law – Elia Targaryen

Niece – Rhaenys Targaryen

Nephew – Aegon Targaryen

Nephew – Rhaego

Life Status: Dead

About Viserys Targaryen

Viserys is one of the major characters in season 1, and he is the exiled head of House Targaryen, who considers himself entitled to the throne of the Seven Kingdoms. He forges an alliance with Dothraki Khal Drogo by getting his younger sister married to him so that he can align a bigger army required to seize the Iron Throne. Over a period of time he loses his patience as Khal Drogo does not help him and warns him that he will kill Daenerys if he fails to deliver the crown as agreed upon. Drogo retaliates by crowning Viserys within molten gold, thus eventually killing him.

Biography of Viserys Targaryen

Viserys was the second son and the legal heir to King Aerys II Targaryen, the initial ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. During Robert’s ferocious attack his elder brother Rhaegar was killed in the Battle of the Trident. His father then sent him along with his pregnant mother Queen Rhaella to Dragonstone Island for safety. Soon afterwards King Aerys was killed in the Sack of King’s Landing, and at the tender age of five he became the titular head of the Targaryen realm, although they lost the war and Robert Baratheon took over as king. Later his mother died while giving birth to his baby sister Daenerys. Meanwhile the island was surrounded by Robert Baratheon’s forces and Viserys along with his baby sister was sent off to the Free Cities, on the continent of Essos across the Narrow Sea. Viserys had no followers and spent 17 years of his life travelling amidst the Free Cities trying to gather supporters in order to seize the Iron Throne. He faced hard times, and had to beg for food and shelter under stringent conditions.

Viserys refers to Robert Baratheon as “the Usurper”. Finally after wasting many years trying to gather an army to retake the throne Viserys and his sister were welcomed by Illyrio Mopatis of Pentos, a powerful Magister.

game of thrones - Daenerys and Viserys

Viserys Targaryen in Season 1

Viserys and Daenerys are treated very well by Magister Illyrio Mopatis in the Free City of Pentos. Viserys decides to get Daenerys married off to Khal Drogo, the warlord of a Dothraki Khalasar that contained forty thousand soldiers. Drogo would ultimately supply his soldiers to Viserys for reclaiming the Iron Throne. Viserys caresses his naked sister before her bath, explaining that he wanted to check how much she had grown. Daenerys is against marrying Khal, but is forced to do so by Viserys. A grand celebration is held on the shores outside Pentos. The newly-weds receive many gifts, out of which two are most appreciated by Daenerys. The first one is a box holding three beautiful stones. As per Illyrio these are actually petrified dragon eggs hailing from the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai. The second gift that she likes is a collection of books pertaining to songs and stories of the Seven Kingdoms, gifted by Ser Jorah Mormont, who is a knight in exile from House Mormont. Viserys is sweared fealty by Ser Jorah Mormont who offers unconditional support. Drogo gifts Daenerys with a very beautiful silver mare. Viserys asks Daenerys to keep Drogo happy before she is taken away for the bedding ceremony.

Viserys wants to travel with Drogo’s khalasar until his goal is accomplished. Ser Jorah advises Viserys to stay back with Illyrio but he pays no heed. Midway Daenerys commands the khalasar to grind to a halt. Viserys is angry as Daenerys gives him orders, and draws a sword against her. Daenerys’s bodyguard Rakharo disarms Viserys and wants to kill him, but Daenerys orders against it. Viserys is forced to unsaddle his horse and walk, a very humiliating condition in the Dothraki regiment. Even Ser Jorah does not stand by him and Daenerys realizes that her brother would never be able to retake Westeros. Daenerys becomes pregnant.

game of thrones - Viserys threatens his sister

Without the horse Viserys is referred to as Khal Rhaggat (Cart King) and Khal Rhae Mhar (Sorefoot King). The Dothraki felt that only the elderly could ride in a cart, and only slaves walked for miles alongside their horses.

The khalasar finally reaches the Dothraki city called Vaes Dothrak. Viserys comments on the city as a place of sticks and mud huts and indulges in sex with Daenery’s maid, Doreah.

game of thrones - Viserys Targaryen and Doreah

Later Daenerys sends a message for dinner at the hands of Doreah to Viserys. Viserys is very angry at what he takes to be another order and drags Doreah holding her hair and takes her to Daenerys. He hits his sister and affirms his superiority. In return Daenerys hits him right across his face with a heavy metal belt and enrages that the next time he would hit her, she would have his hands chopped off.

Illyrio meets the King’s Master of Whisperers, Varys in King’s Landing. Illyrio makes sure that Drogo would eventually honor the deal and help Viserys in regaining the Iron Throne, but only after the birth of his son.

Viserys begins to lose his patience due to Drogo not enacting what he was supposed to do. Gauging how the Dothraki people had grown fond of Daenerys made him jealous. He attempts to steal Daenerys’s dragon eggs so that he could purchase his own army, but is stopped by Ser Jorah. He despises Ser Jorah in saying that Ser Jorah physically desired Daenerys, and said that he did not care.

Later Viserys gets drunk and happens to enter Drogo’s tent during a feast. He demands to be seated next to Drogo as a matter of honor. Through a translator Drogo tells him that there was a place for him in the back amidst children and old women. Disgruntled Viserys yells that he is a king and should be treated like one.

Stammering Khal Drogo addresses Viserys in the common tongue of Westeros for the first time and tells him that he was no king. Enraged, Viserys draws his sword, overlooking Daenerys’s warning that it was an offence in the holy city of Dothraki and the punishment was death.

Viserys still in a rebellious mood goes ahead and demands for the army he was going to be supplied with, else he would leave with his sister. He warns against cutting Daenerys’ unborn child if Drogo would not help him attain the crown he desired. Via Irri’s translation Khal Drogo coldly responds to Viserys’ wishes and vouches a golden crown that men would tremble to behold.

game of thrones - Viserys' death

Viserys thinks he is victorious and lowers his guard, when he is held captive by Khal Drogo’s men. Then Drogo approaches a nearby pot and melts many gold medallions hanging on his belt. Viserys yells in agony that he was the Dragon and begs for his life to his sister, but when Drogo gives her a questioning look she nods in approval. Drogo once again directly confronts Viserys in the common tongue saying, “a crown for a king”, and pours all the molten gold onto his head as the bargained golden crown. Viserys dies in pain and falls to the ground with a large thud. Coldly Daenerys makes a remark that he was no dragon, as fire could not kill a dragon.

Daenerys now stood as the righteous and last Targaryen heir to the Iron Throne.


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