Tyrion Lannister

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Tyrion Lannister Wiki News Biography Photos Video’s Depicted By: Peter Dinklage

 Appearance in Season: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

 Known As:


The Little Lion

 Demon Monkey

 Origin: Casterly Rock

 Allegiance: House Lannister, House Targaryen

 Culture: Andal

 Religion: Faith of the Seven


Father – Tywin Lannister

Mother – Joanna Lannister

Sister – Cersei Lannister

Brother – Jaime Lannister

Grandfather – Tytos Lannister

1st Wife – Tysha

2nd Wife – Sansa Stark

Lover – Shae

Nephew – Joffrey Baratheon

Nephew – Tommen Baratheon

Uncle – Ser Kevan Lannister

Cousin – Ser Lancel Lannister

Cousin – Martyn Lannister

Cousin – Willem Lannister`

Niece – Mycrella Baratheon

Mother in law – Catelyn Stark

Brother in law – Robert Baratheon

Life Status: Alive

About Tyrion Lannister

This is the most important character in the first, second, third, fourth and fifth seasons. He is very well played by Peter Dinklage. He is the youngest child of Lord Tywin Lannister and the younger brother of Cersei and Jaime. He is actually a dwarf but by his wit and intellectual mind, he overcomes everything.

Tyrion is accused of killing Bran Stark and is imprisoned by Catelyn Stark. Due to his arrest, a conflict between Lannisters and Starks starts. It results in a total war after the demise of King Robert followed by arrests and murder of Eddard Stark. Tyrion is then sent to King’s Landing by Tywin Lannister to be the acting Hand of the King to the newly crowned Joffrey, his nephew and gave him the instructions to rein him. He takes two people with him, Shae, the prostitute and Bronn, a sellsword.

Game Of Thrones Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion keeps the city in unison and properly keeps a look on city’s defences, and join hands with House Martell. He plays a key role in the Crown’s win over Stannis Baratheon’s army during the most destructive Battle of Blackwaters. He severely injures himself at that time. After some time, Tyrion loses the position to his father. But he is still an important person in the court and is elected as Master of Coin and unwillingly marries Sansa Stark who is the heiress of North to strengthen the bonds between Starks and Lannisters.

Joffrey dies due to poison at his wedding feast. Cersei blames Tyrion for his assassination and put him on trial. When he realizes that the trial is interlude, Tyrion asks for trial to combat. But his champion Prince Oberyn is brutally killed by Crown’s champion Gregor Clegane and sentence him death. Before the sentence will execute, Jaime frees him from the prison.

Tyrion kills Shae and Tywin Lannister and then escapes to Westeros with Varys. He then thinks of joining hands with Daenerys Targaryen. He meets her and becomes her advisor. When Daenerys flies back to Meereen, Tyrion takes command over her Small Council with Grey Worm, Missandei and Varys and Jorah Mormont and Daario Naharis starts finding her.

Biography of Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion is the youngest one among the three children of Tywin and Joanna Lannister. Tywin is the richest man in the Seven Kingdoms, the head of House of Lannisters and Lord Paramount of the Westerlands. The Westerlands comes under the constituency of Seven Kingdoms and the House Lannister of Casterly Rock is one of the Great Houses of the turf. His mother died while giving him birth. His father and sister always blamed him for her death.

He is actually a dwarf so due to this he faces a lot of problems and abuse. Due to his stature, he is often called as “the Imp” and “the Halfman”. This is often pacified by his intellectual mind and his family’s money and power. He was born in a powerful house and therefore he was not thrown to die. When Cersei married King Robert Baratheon, the family continued to hold the throne.

Tyrion was 16 when he met a wheelwright’s girl Tysha; she was rescued by Tyrion and Jaime from the people who were trying to rape her. Jaime started chasing the guys while Tyrion tries helped her to recover. Gradually they became lovers. They married each other with the help of a fully drunk, wandering Septon. Jaime told his father about the incident and told Tywin that he did this just to make Tyrion happy. Tywin discovers that she was a prostitute. In rage, Tywin gave her to the guards and asked Tyrion to watch. She is offered to pay a silver coin for each man. At the end, they were so many coins in her hand that she was unable to carry them. From this time, Tyrion started hating Tywin.

His two siblings have respectful responsibilities since they were teens but at the age of 16, Tyrion has given the responsibility of sewage and cisterns. So he tried to not to flow the sewage to the sea smoothly.

Tyrion once faced Lord Gregor Forrestor at Tourney in Lannisport. For the time they spoke, Gregor found Tyrion respectable and even mentioned him to his daughter Mira after some years.

Tyrion started spending a lot of time in the court in King’s Landing. He started knowing well with Jaime and his niece Mycrella and nephew Tommen. But he did not able to talk well with Cersei and her nephew Joffrey.

Tyrion Lannister In Season 1

King Robert Baratheon’s army is accompanied by Tyrion to Winterfell. But after a particular time on the road, he rode ahead to enjoy the pleasures off the winter town’s brothel, where he enjoyed with Ros. They have a great time together so he gives her a Lannister lion necklace. Jaime succeeds in convincing him to join for the dinner with the family. Tyrion loiter outside the feast hall, trying to be good to Starks and his own family, and so he meets Jon Snow, Lord Eddard Stark’s son or Bastard Son. He quickly realizes that is something of a cognate spirit, when he tells him that all dwarfs are bastards in their father’s eyes. Before returning to the King’s Landing, he enjoys breakfast with his family.

While going to the Castle Black, Tyrion tells Jon that he likes read to keep his wits sharp. After reaching the Wall, Tyrion left stunned when he sees the grand structure. He sees new recruits training and Jon helping them out. Maester Aemon and Lord Commander Jeor Mormont ask him to ask for more men and resources with the help of Tyrion influence at court.

Game Of Theones Season 1 Tyrion Lannister meets Catelyn Stark

While returning back home, he paused at Winterfell. He taunts Theon Greyjoy about the defeat his family faced and he leaves. When he stops at the Crossroads Inn, he meets Catelyn Stark and lefts shocked when she calls him a murderer and ask to arrest Tyrion by her father’s bannermen. She is told by Petyr Baelish that the knife used while the attempted murder of Bran belongs to Tyrion. Catelyn takes Tyrion to Eyrie. Bronn, a sellsword form the inn and at the same time notes that any person who will help him will get lot of money. While traveling, a tribe attacks them and Tyrion bashes the skull of a man and kills him. Tyrion admonish Catelyn that her sister, Lysa, will now try to kill him due to grief and rage. Tyrion’s warning proves right and he also accuses him of Jon Arryn’s murder who was suspiciously found dead. So Tyrion is thrown in the dungeons of Eyrie.

Tyrion tries to bargain with Mord, his jailor to let him meet, Lady Arryn. He accepts the truth that he is a whoremonger and a dwarf, but tells them that he did not committed the crime. He asks for trial to combat and his plea is granted when the sellsword Bronn agrees to become his champion. Bronn succeeds in killing Lady Arryn’s champion, Ser Vardis Egen. And according to the laws of Westeros this clearly states that Tyrion has proven his innocence and now he is free to leave Eyrie. Bronn also joins him. After some time they are surrounded by the men of the hill tribes, whose leader is Shagga. Tyrion his uses his witty mind and words to win the fealty of tribes and offer them to give better equipment’s for the battle and will aide them in conquering the Vale of Arryn. For that instance, Shagga agrees but he also tells Tyrion that if he will try to act against his will, he will cut his manhood and feed it to the goats.

Tywin Lannister’s forces has started attacking Catelyn’s home from the time Tyrion is held captive, not because he cares for Tyrion but he tells Jaime that after all Tyrion is a Lannister and if they can take him so easily, it will be a risk losing their respect of the other Houses. When the hillmen delivers Tyrion to his father, he sees that Robb Stark is going to lead the army. Tyrion admonishes his father Tywin that Robb should not be underestimated. Tywin accepts to honor Tyrion’s fealty with the hill tribes. But Shagga tells them that they will only fight when Tyrion will be also there with them on the field. Tywin agrees to them but Tyrion is seen disappointed.

Tyrion is ordered by his father Tywin to lead the tribes into the battle. He feels that his father intends to kill him; Tyrion goes back to his tent, where he finds that Bronn has got a prostitute for him. Her name is Shae. Tyrion tries to learn about Shae a little more by the drinking game. But after sometime he starts telling about himself, about the relationship with Tysha.

The next morning, Tyrion leads the battle but he is jabbed by one of his own warriors. Jaime gets trapped and captured and so Robb’s forces allies with the Riverlands and both Stannis and Renly Baratheon claim the Iron Throne and rejoice. Tywin fears getting caught between three armies so he flees to Harrenhal. Tyrion makes astute observation about the sinister turn the situation has taken.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Tywin Lannister talks to Tyrion

Tywin asks Tyrion to go to King’s Landing and act as the Hand of the King to keep an eye on Joffrey as he has now killed Eddard Stark. And also take decisions of the Small Council if any treachery happens. Tywin does not agree to take “that whore”, but Tyrion takes Shae with him to King’s Landing.

Tyrion Lannister In Season 2

Tyrion enters King’s Landing with Bronn and some members of hill tribes. King Joffrey Baratheon, Mycrella and Tommen aren’t happy seeing him. He took his seat at the small council and he and his sister Queen Regent Cersei Lannister starts clashing over the execution of Eddard Stark. He also blames her for allowing Arya Stark to flee, as they both, the girl and the father might be useful to get Jaime back.

Tyrion admonish Varys not to underestimate him after Shae was discovered by Spider. During the small council’s session, Tyrion finds out that he is the only one in the favor of the Night’s Watch request for help from the throne. He also blames Cersei’s lack of talent for being diplomatic when she rejected peace terms from Robb Stark which was brought by their cousin Ser Alton Lannister. Tyrion entices Lord Janos Slynt for dinner and gets him to affirm his role in the recent genocide of King Robert’s bastards as well as his role in the betrayal of Eddard. After knowing the truth, Tyrion exiles Lord Janos to the Wall and installs Bronn as the new Commander of the City Watch.

Tyrion makes Shae the handmaiden to Sansa Stark when she asks for much freedom. He starts testing the remaining members of the small council by telling them about the marriage plans. He is then accosted by Cersei to send Mycrella to the youngest son of House Martell in a betrothal to Dorne. Tyrion asks his men to threw Pycelle in the black cells for telling the information which was meant to be kept secret. Varys congratulates him. Tyrion is also accosted by raging Petyr Baelish for having unwittingly involved in the deception. Tyrion recruits Littlefinger in a plan to refute Catelyn Stark, to free Jaime. In return he will give him Harrenhal and a respected title of Lord Paramount of the Riverlands.

Tyrion is left stunned and raged to find that Joffrey synthesizing the public beating of Sansa. He orders to stop and admonish Joffrey to consider whatever he is doing more carefully, or else he also has to go through what Mad King suffered. He then takes Sansa to the court room. Tyrion arranges two prostitutes for Joffrey, his nephew but he does something else with them as a message to Tyrion.

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Lancel Lannister meets Tyrion

Lancel Lannister rendezvous Tyrion to release Pycelle on Cersei’s order. Tyrion notes the lateness of the hour and bait Lancel to agree sexual relationship with his sister, Cersei. Tyrion starts blackmailing Lancel with the help of the information. Tyrion tells Cersei about the death of King Renly Baratheon. She is charmed but Tyrion tells her that Stannis Baratheon has control over Renly’s men after his attack on them. Tyrion meets Wisdom Hallyne and talks about Wildfire as ammunition. Bronn sense this as a disastrous threat as the wildfire may kill a lot of people and can spread in any direction due to his nature. Tyrion asks Hallyne to inform him instead of Cersei. He passes through a protest which is done to blame him against the ills of the city. They went to sea shore to see-off Princess Mycrella but Cersei is seen angry due to Tyrion’s arrangements. As they were returning to the Red Keep they withstand with an angry and ferocious crowd of famishing Smallfolk. Joffrey is hit by thrown egesta when Tyrion orders his guard to escort Prince Tommen back to the Keep, and riot is triggered when Joffrey asks to kill everyone in the crowd. Tyrion seems threatened when the High Septon is ruptured into pieces by the starved crowd.

Tyrion calls Joffrey an atrocious idiot, for triggering the riot and the war. Tyrion asks Meryn Trant to find Sansa as he knew Jamie’s life is also on the line, and he has in mind that Meryn will not follow his orders. He feels relieved after Sandor Clegane brings her safe.

Cersei feels that Joffrey’s foolishness is the price she will pay for her sin of oedipal love with Jaime. Tyrion didn’t know how to comfort her but it comes to his mind that both Mycrella and Tommen are kind and docile. Word that Stannis’s army is miles away forces the need to control Joffrey in time. Bronn admonishes Tyrion that reading tactics will not help them to siege. Tyrion confirms the ardor to Varys and is cryptic about his plans for the battle, but he believes that Stannis will surely attack at the Mud Gate.

Joffrey is keen to fight to defend the city. Cersei is angry and tries suspecting Tyrion of killing her son. She by mistake thinks Ros as his lover because of the Lannister pendant. Cersei abducts a prostitute as to insure that Tyrion won’t harm Joffrey. She reveals her plot at the time of dinner. Tyrion feels relieved after knowing that Shae is unhurt and pledges to free Ros. When Ros is taken away, Tyrion admonishes her that he will take revenge on the right time. He goes back to his lover and confesses her deep love and also admonishes her that they should be more careful now.

Tyrion leads his army in the Battle of the Blackwater. He orders the defenders at the Mud Gate. He butchers a large part of the attacking army by by trapping them. He asks Bronn to bang the Wildfire using a flaming arrow which will blaze the ship filled with Wildfire. Tyrion feels his army getting low and so he gives a empowering speech to give them enough confidence and so they starts attacking from the tunnel and destroy Stannis’s siege equipment. He is then betrayed by Ser Mandon. Mandon smashes on Tyrion’s face but before he will kill Tyrion, Podrick jabs him. When Tyrion collapses a host of Lannister-Tyrell army claims the victory who is seen wearing Renly’s armor.

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Shae meets Tyrion and notices the scar on his face

Tyrion wake up and find Pycelle approaching near him. Tyrion rejects pain relief as he think his enemy might poison him. Varys meets Tyrion and with lot of regret tells him that he did everything to save the city but still King Joffrey is not going to recognize him. He feels good when Varys tell him that he has brought Shae with him. She take out his bandage and finds out a big scar on his whole face. She asks him to leave this place and flee to Pentos but he tells her that he likes to stay with bad people and he enjoys out-talking and out-thinking them. He decides to stay in King’s Landing and she also stays with him.

Tyrion Lannister In Season 3

After speaking to Cersei, Tyrion asks Tywin to give him Casterly Rock, as Jaime has given all the rights of inheritance when he join Kingsguard. But Tywin tells him that he killed his mother at the time of birth and so he is not going to make him the Lord of Casterly Rock. He considers him as abominate and a curse to Lannister family and tells him that he will turn Casterly Rock into a brothel. Tywin admonish him that the next time he finds a whore in his bed, he will hang her to death. Tyrion remains stunned after knowing that Bronn has now become the knight and calls himself as “Ser Bronn of the Blackwater”.

After some time, Tyrion tells Shae to not come to his bed chambers many times as Tywin has embargoed him to being with her.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Tyrion is made the Master of Coin

Tyrion is made Master of Coin in a Small Council meeting, by his father Tywin Lannister. It happens after Lord Petyr Baelish departs to Eyrie. After the meeting, Tyrion, Podrick and Ser Bronn reach the brothel to give a late gift to young Pod for his heroics in the battle of Blackwater.

Varys escorts him to a dark room, Tyrion is told about the story of the eunuch who was travelling with the actors through the Free Cities. It is then comes to the limelight that he was castrated by a sorcerer. Varys open the box in the room and tells him the name of the sorcerer who had done this.

Lady Olenna Tyrell tells Tyrion that the cost of the Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding will be provided by the House Tyrell. After that Lord Tywin tells Cersei and Tyrion that they have to marry Loras Tyrell and Sansa Stark respectively, so that the Lannisters can keep their future foothold in the North.

Cersei and Tyrion agree to him but Tyrion raises a question of who employed Ser Mandon Moore to assassinate Tyrion. Cersei refuses to accept it but still he is suspicious.

So as per told by Tywin, Tyrion marries Sansa Stark. At the night of the marriage, Tyrion comes totally drunk and terrifies Joffrey with gelding after he asks him to start the bedding ceremony with Sansa. Tywin calms Joffrey and ask Tyrion to take Sansa to his bedchamber soon, where he tells that his lord father has asked him to create obstacles in the marriage. When Sansa starts getting off her clothes, Tyrion asks him no to do it and tells her that he won’t bed her till the time she wants.

 Afterwards, Tywin calls a meeting where Joffrey tells him that Robb and Catelyn Stark are assassinated in the Reed Keep. It is done by Walder Frey. He asks Grand Maester Pycelle to thank him and orders him to send Robb Stark’s skull, which he will present to Sansa at the wedding. But Tyrion terrifies him again before Pycelle can send any message to the Twins. After the meeting concludes, Tywin and Tyrion confabulates the details of what will be the end results the Red Wedding will have on the war. Tyrion very well knew that Walder Frey will be purely blamed for the massacre and Tywin will be revealed as the mastermind behind the wedding, which he did not wanted. Tywin tells him again that he has to make Sansa pregnant to which he replies that he can’t and won’t do it even if he is pressurized. He tells Tywin that he will do nothing which will be beneficial for the family but not of his interest. Tywin tells him that he is going to threw him in the sea when he was born but instead he let him live because he is a Lannister. Later, he comes back to Sansa; where she was sobbing in grieve when she heard about her brother and mother’s assassination.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Tyrion marries to Sansa Stark

Afterwards, Cersei rendezvous with Tyrion and tells him that she will not marry Ser Loras. She asks him to give children to Sansa, to which he replies her that how happy she is having kids.

Tyrion Lannister In Season 4

Tyrion is asked to welcome Prince Doran Martell. Tyrion, Podrick and Bronn expects the Dornishman, they find Martell bannermen coming towards them. After Tyrion greets them, they tell him that due to Prince’s declining health, he would not be able to come but he has sent his brother Prince Oberyn Martell to attend the ceremony. They also tell him that he went ahead them before dawn and is now inside the city. So they think that he is there in one of the Littlefinger’s brothels. When Tyrion comes, he finds Prince Oberyn jabbing a man’s hand only because he was singing Rains of Castamere. He is then introduced to Oberyn’s doxy, Ellaria Sand, and asks Oberyn to talk to him in private. He asks him what is the motto behind coming to the capital, and he tells him that he was invited for the wedding. Tyrion asks him to tell the truth. So he tells how Rhaegar Targaryen married his sister Ella, and how because of his involvement with another woman commenced Robert’s Rebellion. He tells him that the war ended but “The Mountain” brutally raped and murdered her sister with her kids. And he also asks him to tell his father that he is here and only Lannisters are not going to pay the debts.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Tyrion meets Prince Oberyn

 After some time, he meets Sansa who is very much depressed and tries to comfort her by saying that her brother and mother were good people. She tells him that she is going to Godswood as no one is talking to her there. He comes back to his chamber where he finds Shae waiting for him. She tries to please him but he refuses. She asks her that does he love him and he says no to it. Shae asks whether he wants her out and he does not reply to it. And she went out of the bed chamber. This is all heard by one of Cersei’s spies.

In some days, Tyrion with other noblemen and women of King’s Landing, enjoys the breakfast on the morning of Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell’s wedding. He meets Varys who tells him about Cersei and her spies. He also tells him that he won’t be able to safeguard him this time only for the sake of his safety. Tyrion notices Cersei’s indication towards his father and so he gifts the groom with books like Daeron, the Young Dragon, Baelor the Blessed, Aegon the Unworthy and Daeron the Good. Valyrian steel sword is gifted to the groom by his grandfather and so he tries to check the sharpness of the sword by cutting the book clean.

When the breakfast gets over, Tyrion rendezvous to Shae in his quarters and shows an unusual coldness towards her. He asks her to end the “friendship” and instructs her that she has to go to Pentos. She tells him that he fears his father and sister. As she comes closer to him, he calls her a whore and tells her that she could not have kids but Sansa can have. So while Shae was leaving, he comes to the docks but he is slapped by her and went.

At the wedding feast, Joffrey keeps some entertainment when he asks five dwarfs to re-enact the War of the Five Kings. Tyrion is seem disgusted and asks Podrick to give 20 dragons made of gold to each dwarf after the show concludes. Tyrion politely and sarcastically declines everything even when he pours wine over his head showing him that he is superior to him. Still Tyrion do not show his anger. Joffrey kicks the goblet under the table, forcing Tyrion to handle it carefully hell lot of times. Tyrion hands the goblet to the king, who starts cocking after drinking from it. He dies there soon and Cersei asks Kingsguard to capture and arrest Tyrion.

After Tyrion is imprisoned, Podrick comes to meet him and gets some food and writing material for him hiding from others so that he can go through the prison life easily. He tells Tyrion that Sansa is missing and he says that she does not have anything to do with this murder. Just when Podrick is leaving, he also tells Tyrion that someone asks him to be presented with knighthood if testified against him. Tyrion asks him to leave King’s Landing.

When Bronn comes to see Tyrion he asks him the truth to which he replies that he won’t kill his brother’s son even if he is not properly behaved. Tyrion asks him to help him flee but he says he can’t help him and the trial will sort out everything. He says he does not care about the trial and also tells him that Cersei is not going to sit quietly till she sees Tyrion’s carcass.  Jaime leaves the place but still has a doubt that Sansa has something to do with the murder but Tyrion remains on his words.

Tyrion’s trial begins with King Tommen and three judges Lord Mace Tyrell, Prince Oberyn and Tywin Lannister. Cersei brings her witnesses to testify against Tyrion. She brought Meryn Trant, Grand Maester Pycelle and Varys. They all give strong evidences to prove that Tyrion is guilty. He seems hurt by the words of Varys and asks him that did he forget what he told him in the Battle of Blackwater to which he replies that he did not forget anything. After some time, Jaime asks Tyrion to ask for mercy after he is proved guilty. He tells him that he has negotiated a deal with Tywin that if he will leave you to live out his days in the Wall with the Night’s Watch, I will go back to Casterly Rock as Tywin’s heir. But Cersei calls her last witness Shae. Tyrion angers at her betrayal and leads him to slap and tell that he was the one who saved King’s Landing from Stannis Baratheon.

Tywin tries to low the anger of Tyrion but his son turns to Cersei, telling that he had not killed Joffrey but he wish he had. He then turns to Tywin and calls the trial as a burlesque and he had been on a trial from his birth. He was on a trial for being a dwarf. Not satisfied by the justice, he asks trial by combat.

In his chamber, Tyrion and Jaime confabulates Tyrion’s fate. Jaime refuses to become Tyrion’s champion as he would not be able to fight with his single left hand. Tyrion asks Jaime to bring Bronn. He also refuses to fight against Clegane (who is Cersei’s champion). After refusing they share a final handshake. After sometime, Oberyn Martell comes to meet Tyrion. He tells him about how he and his sister Elia were told stories about a monster born to Tywin Lannister when they were kids. When they met at the Casterly Rock, they did not saw a monster but a baby.  Cersei told them that he assassinated her mother and so she cruelly starts assaulting him till Jaime stopped her. To avenge for his sister’s death, it is the best way to kill him in trial to combat. So he asks Tyrion to let him become his champion.

On the day of trial to combat, Jaime meets Tyrion in his chamber. They confabulate about their dead cousin Orson Lannister and his unusual habit of killing beetles with stones. When they were totally engrossed in their discussion, bell starts tolling and he wishes good luck to Tyrion. As the fight starts, for a while Tyrion becomes happy by seeing Oberyn thrashing Mountain but his happiness vanishes when Mountain crushes Oberyn on the ground and thrashes his head into pieces. And so Tyrion is sentenced to death by Tywin Lannister.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Tyrion Kills Shae

Tyrion becomes astonished by seeing Jaime in his chamber at night. He asks him to come with him through a secret passage and Varys will help him to flee. Tyrion first enters into Tywin’s bedroom where he finds a woman n his bed, and shockingly discovers that she is Shae. When she finds him, she tries to jab Tyrion with a knife. She fails to jab him but succeeds in scratching his face. Tyrion successfully strangles her with the gold chain of Tywin that she was wearing. He apologizes to Shae’s corpse and with the Joffrey’s crossbow kills Tywin with two bolts to the chest. He then moves to the chamber of Lord Varys who accompanies him till the last moment.

Tyrion Lannister In Season 5

With Varys’ help, Tyrion is brought in Pentos to Illyrio Mopatis. Varys tries to persuade Tyrion help him in the aim to restore House Targaryen to the Iron Throne, but Tyrion just wanted to drink himself to death after all the things he went through.

 Afterwards, Tyrion queries Varys why he helped him in fleeing. Varys tells him that his sibling Jaime has asked him and he did this only for the prosperity of the Seven Kingdoms. Varys then tells him aim of having peace and prosperity in the kingdoms where normal people could not fall prey to the ones in power. Tyrion tells him that because of this only people get power and it is bound to happen. Varys asks him for the last time that he can drink and die or he can come with him to Meereen and rendezvous with Daenerys Targaryen. After a bit of pause, Tyrion agrees.

Tyrion and Varys go to Pentos in a large carriage. Varys tells him that he was an effective ruler when he was acting Hand of the King. Varys again admonish him to be far away from the people’s sight as it is very hazardous if seen by someone. Tyrion tells him that Cersei can kill every dwarf in the world to catch him.

After days of custody in the carriage, Tyrion is thrown into a stolen boat by Jorah and they start sailing to Meereen. While on the way to Meereen, Tyrion annoys Jorah with faint moans until he removes Tyrion’s gag. Jorah tells him that they are sailing towards their queen, Daenerys Targaryen. He correctly deduces that, Jorah had been banished by Daenerys as he was keeping a watch on her on Varys’ consent. He asks Jorah that should he be forgiven by your queen if you take me to her. Annoyingly, he smashes Tyrion across the face.

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Attacked By Stoneman

Tyrion and Jorah reach the ruins of Valyria. As they reach near it, they notice Drogon flying in the sky and suddenly Stone Men attacks them. But they become successful in dragging themselves to the beach, where Tyrion comes back to consciousness. Jorah at last frees him from the binds and notice that Stone Men touched Tyrion. Tyrion thanks him to save his life and Jorah tells him that they have to go to some place to get a boat or walk till Meereen. Jorah asks Tyrion to get some rest till the time he finds some firewood. But actually Tyrion didn’t know that one Stone Man has touched Jorah and now he is infected with greyscale.

 Tyrion and Jorah continue walking to Meereen. Tyrion again asks Jorah about his motives behind taking him to Meereen to which he says he started believing her from the time she emerged from the fire with dragon hatchlings and that too unharmed. Tyrion seems convinced but still he has a doubt because of her father who is called as the Mad King. After sometime, they are captured by Slavers. The leader Malko deems Tyrion as useless and orders him to be killed. But somehow he manages to convince him to take to the fighting pits where Jorah can earn a lot of money by fighting. He tells that Jorah is a well-known Westerosi fighter and can make them rich quickly.

Yezzan zo Qaggaz buys Jorah at the outskirts of Meereen; Tyrion tries to convince Yezzan to buy him as well. He viciously beats the captor to show his worth. Yezzan finds him a bit sarcastic and buys him as well. They are taken to Daznak’s pit. When he sees that Daenerys is also present there, he quickly enters the pit and starts smashing every fighter. Tyrion tries to cut his chain but a guard cuts it for him and he enters the arena and reveals his identity before Daenerys. He tells her that he is “the Gift” Jorah was talking about.

Daenerys ask both Jorah and Tyrion to meet her in the Great Pyramid. Daenerys asks Tyrion to be killed as to avenge for the betrayal Lannisters had done with their family but he tells her that he had killed his mother at the time of birth and assassinated his father before fleeing. She asks him to what to do with Jorah and he tells her to leave him and banish from Meereen. While having wine, Tyrion and Daenerys come on a conclusion that they both had cruel fathers. He tell her that she should decide to what to do with him but he came to Meereen only because Varys had asked him as he only trusts Varys and his brother Jaime. The name of Jaime again makes her furious and asks him to be killed but he tell her that even he is ready to die after seeing his own life.

Daenerys decides not to kill or banish Tyrion but make him her advisor. She tells Tyrion that she will live in Meereen and rule it like a queen. Tyrion tells her that no one is going to support her in Westeros but she tells him that the common people of Westeros will definitely be on her side. He also tells her that neither House Lannister nor House Baratheon of Dragonstone will support her because of the past history with the Targaryen. That means only House Tyrell is remaining and they can help due to Cersei’s recent plans but that won’t be enough.  Tyrion sarcastically admonishes Daenerys that others had dreamt of trying to stop the wheel, but she clarifies him that she is planning to break it.

Tyrion sees the opening of the Great Games in Daznak’s Pit with Daenerys, Hizdahr zo Loraq, Daario Naharis and Missandei. Jorah appears in the fighting pit and is on the verge of getting killed once. Tyrion asks Daenerys to stop the fight but is saved by an9other combatant. Suddenly Sons of the Harpy attacks the pit killing everyone including Hizdahr. Tyrion saves Missandei and Daenerys is protected by Jorah and Daario. After coming at the centre, they all knew that the end is near but suddenly a loud roar is heard when Drogon appears in the sky throwing fire out of his mouth. Drogon ablaze the Son of the harpy nears him. Daenerys flies after sitting on Drogon and everyone seems awestruck by seeing her.

Tyrion sits in the throne room with Daario and Jorah. Grey Worm is introduced to Tyrion by Missandei. Tyrion tells them to find her in the North. Jorah and Tyrion engage in an argument about the status of Lannister and Jorah exiled by Daenerys twice. Daario breaks the   argument by telling Tyrion that he should trust him as he had saved Daenerys life. So Tyrion asks Daario to rule Meereen on Daenerys’ behalf because of his political knowledge. But they insist Tyrion to rule it as he has the experience of being Hand of the King. Missandei is also kept with him as an interpreter.

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Tyrion is asked to rule by Daario and Jorah

Afterwards Tyrion watches Jorah and Daario leaving Meereen to find Daenerys from the top of the pyramid. He is then joined by Varys, who tells him that he is abandoned by him. Varys congratulates Tyrion for winning Daenerys’ trust without his help. Tyrion then sarcastically and whole heartedly says that he missed Varys a lot.

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