Theon Greyjoy

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Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones Depicted By: Alfie Allen

 Appearance in Season: 1,2,3,4,5

 Referred As:


The Prince of Winterfell

 Origin: Pyke


House Greyjoy

House Stark

House Bolton

 Culture: Ironborn

 Religion: Drowned God


Father: Balon Greyjoy

Mother: Alanyys Greyjoy


Rodrick Greyjoy

Maron Greyjoy

Sister: Yara Greyjoy


Euron Greyjoy

Victarion Greyjoy

Aeron Greyjoy

Life Status: Alive

About Theon Greyjoy

Theon Greyjoy is amongst the important characters in all the seasons of Game of Thrones. He is very well played by Alfie Allen. Theon is the son of Balon Greyjoy of the Iron Islands. He has been a captive of House Stark since his father is defeated by Robert Baratheon. But he is a very close friend of Robb Stark. When he is sent as an emissary to his father, he turns against the Starks and joins Lord Balon to seize the North. He captures Winterfell and declares himself as Prince of Winterfell but he is betrayed by his own people and gives him to House Bolton soon. As a captive of Ramsay Snow, the Bastard of Bolton, he is tormented mentally and physically and named as “Reek” but he chose to save his childhood friend Sansa Stark from Boltons.

Biography of Theon Greyjoy

Theon is the youngest child of Lord Balon and Lady Alannys Greyjoy. Balon is the chief of House Greyjoy and Lord of the Iron Islands. House Greyjoy rule the province from Pyke and Balon is also the Lord Reaper of Pyke.

Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones

Theon was born at Pyke. He was born after Rodrick, Maron and Yara. The Ironborn was brutally crushed a battle led by King Robert Baratheon and Lord Eddard Stark. Both Maron and Rodrick were killed in the battle. Balon surrendered and so he was allowed to live as the Lord of the Iron Islands but only on a single condition that Theon will be kept as captive by Eddard Stark. Yara, Theon’s sister remains on the Iron Islands. Although he was a hostage at Winterfell, Theon was treated well by Starks and became the best friend of Robb Stark. Theon is a very skilled archer.

Theon Greyjoy in Season 1

Theon is present while Will is executed. He holds the caddy of Ice, the greatsword of House Stark. While returning back to Winterfell, the party finds exenterate stag dead in the road. For finding the killer they discover a dead female direwolf and five small pups confab by the dead body for warmth. A broken piece of that dead stag’s horn is embedded in the neck of the direwolf. Eddard initially thinks of giving a quick death but Theon curtly moves out to carry out himself, embarrassing Bran and enraging Robb. Jon tells Eddard that this is an omen as they are five pups and five Stark children. Eddard asks his children to adopt them. When they were about to leave, Jon discovers an albino, the sixth pup. Theon jokingly declares him the punk of the litter and he will now belong to Jon. Afterwards, Robb, Jon and Theon get a haircut and shave as they wait for the remaining party to arrive.

After the royal party leaves someone tries to kill Bran, who fell while climbing and now in coma. Theon knows that Catelyn has found proof that Lannisters are somewhere attached to the Bran’s accident. Theon and Robb suggest taking avenge through military action, but Maester Luwin asks them to be patient. Ser Rodrick Cassel and Catelyn leave for King’s Landing and keeps Robb Stark in command. Theon witnesses when Robb receives Tyrion Lannister while he heads back form the Wall. After sometime, as Tyrion leaves to stay at brothel, Theon tells him to ask for Ros. Tyrion abuse Theon about the defeat of Greyjoy Rebellion led by Balon Greyjoy. He reacts with enrage to his father’s insult from Ros.

Theon Greyjoy, Jon Snow and Robb Stark in Season 1

Theon and Robb exchange their ideas over Jory Cassel’s demise and the immensely increasing Stark-Lannister acrimony in King’s Landing. Robb vigorously tells Theon that he is not a Stark. Bran is taken captive by wildlings near Winterfell and Theon protects him by shooting Stiv in the back with an arrow. Robb is furious at him as Bran could have been hurt. Theon counters him that he just wants to save Bran. When Ros departs for King’s Landing, Theon is left in the castle and is spiritless. He confronts the surviving wildling prisoner, Osha, and now she is servant at Winterfell. He is admonished by Maester Luwin when he throws weights at her so that she could call him the lord. But Maester Luwin tells him that he should behave well with the guests and the prisoners also.

  Robb warrants his banners to war when news comes of Lord Eddard’s arrest. Theon tells Robb that it is very good that he is afraid because it clearly shows that he is not stupid. When Theon dines with Robb at Winterfell, he sees Jon Umber terrifying to withdraw his army from the host when Robb does not agree to let him be the leader. As Greatjon feels insulted he tries to take out his weapon, Theon wakes up from the chair to defend Robb, Grey Wind bites down Greatjon’s two fingers. As the northern army marches towards south, Theon suggests a plan to Robb and greets Catelyn when the army rendezvous her on the road. When a Lannister scout is taken captive, Theon hides their maps and plans, to Jon Umber’s delight.

Theon Greyjoy in Season 1

After reaching the Twins, Theon shoots several ravens leaving the castle with some messages from Walder Frey, which allows Catelyn to deal for an ally. Theon fights with Robb at the Battle of Whispering Wood, where Jaime Lannister is taken as captive. After the news of Eddard’s execution arrives, Robb Stark is declared as the King in the North. Theon asks him that whether they are brothers now and always, he replies him that yes they will.

Theon Greyjoy in Season 2

Theon asks Robb to seek an ally with Balon Greyjoy, telling that Robb needs an army to attack King’s Landing. Even though Catelyn’s reservations that Balon Greyjoy is not trustworthy, Robb sends Theon to Pyke as his delegate. Theon starts seducing the captain’s daughter but Yara, his sister poses as a stranger and tries to find out how Theon has grown over the years. He flirts with her too much and starts bragging about his importance. Balon greets Theon very coolly believing that he is now loyal to Starks. He abuses Theon because of his fine clothes given to him by Starks and becomes angry when he tells that Robb considers him as his brother. Yara reveals her identity to him and Balon insults him and does not accept his proposal.

Theon Greyjoy and Yara Greyjoy in Season 2

Balon tells that he is strategizing an attack on the North when it is poorly defended. Balon gives Yara #0 ships to take Deepwood Motte and abuses Theon by giving him a single vessel to rob fishing villages on the Stony Shore. Theon thinks of telling to Robb of the plan but decides that he should be loyal to his family. Having fully decided to betray House Stark he is christened in the name of Drowned God while Yara and Balon watch. He takes Sea Bitch under his command but found out that his army is reckless. Dagmer asks him that he had to prove himself first to the men and that Ironborn do not follow orders. Theon finds out the opportunity to charge on Toorhen’s Square to allure Stark garrison away from Winterfell. His plan comes out to be successful.

Theon has his men capture the poorly defended Winterfell. He orders Bran Stark to abdicate by threatening his people. His men seize Ser Rodrick Cassel while returning back from Toorhen’s Square and Rodrick is openly disobedient, calling Theon an imposter. Ser Rodrick anguishes that he trained him in weapon and spits on Theon’s face. Dagmer tells that Rodrick should be assassinated to maintain the respect. Rodrick bribes Theon to perform the execution himself. Theon blunders the beheading, taking three swings and a thunderous kick to complete it.

Theon is allured by Osha, who then succeeds in freeing Bran and Rickon. When Theon wakes up the following day, he is informed that Bran and Rickon escaped. He is enraged at his men for allowing children and dumb Hodor to flee. Lorren entails that Theon actually blamed because he allowed Osha to allure him. Theon in reply says to this audacious by publically hitting Lorren. Not willing to appear weak, he asks Dagmer to assassinate two boys from a farm and blaze their bodies. He shows the dead bodies at Winterfell and tells that they are Bran and Rickon. Theon sends Yara a message to bring 500 men as reinforcements. She comes with just twenty people and admonishes him that everyone in the North wants him to be dead because of killing Stark boys and now he is too away from the sea to supply or reinforce. Yara tells him that she remembers him as a sweet demanding boy. She asks him to leave Winterfell and return to the Iron Islands, and not to die so distant from his home, but he does not agree to her.

Theon Greyjoy and Dagmer in Season 2

Winterfell is then surrounded by Northmen under the leadership of Ramsay Snow, who aggravates Theon by blowing a horn whole night. Confined with not a mere hope for relief, Theon sobbingly vents his frustration to Luwin at being constantly prompted by everyone, which also included Luwin. Thought of a more sympathetic and soft tone, Luwin insists Theon to escape to the Wall and join the Night’s Watch so that he could save his life and try to reclaim himself and also telling that he knows how Theon is not the feral man he thought. Theon incurs to Luwin that he has done very bad things in his impractical attempts to gain as much power and respect but he does not agrees to differ from the course he has set, telling that he has gone way too far to even pretending himself to be someone else and also tells him that he might get killed by Jon Snow as to avenge the death of Bran and Rickon. He tries to give an energetic speech to rejuvenate his soldiers but Dagmer turns against him and is betrayed and knocked so that the remaining can go home. Luwin tries to help Theon but is jabbed in the abdomen by Dagmer, who then has Theon dragged brutally with his head covered.

Theon Greyjoy in Season 3

Ramsay Snow, Roose Balton’s bastard son has been sent to defend Winterfell from the Ironborn and bring Theon back to Robb Stark. Roose kills Robb and captures Theon after Robb surrenders by double crossing him.

Theon is kept captive in the Dreadfort but Theon is not aware of the place. He’s tormented repeatedly by a group of men, some of them wearing Greyjoy uniforms. Theon is given some reprieve after tremendous torture by some of them. Ramsay Snow deludes Theon telling he is a servant and he is been sent by Yara to salvage him. Before dawn Ramsay comes back and frees Theon and gives him some water and money. Ramsay asks Theon to go towards east where Yara is waiting. Theon tells that he will make him the lord of the Iron Islands and so the boy replies that they are not in the Iron Islands.

Theon Greyjoy in Season 3

As Theon went to east, an arrow nearly misses is head and Theon notices that his detainers are following him. After sometime he falls from his horse by a blow. The men hold Theon and the leader tries to rape him. Theon pleads to them but suddenly the leader stops when an arrow hits him. Ramsay fiercely kills all his men and also helps Theon to his feet and asks him to accompany him because he is far from home.

After salvaging the boy promises to take him to Yara in Deepwood Motte. When Theon queries him, Ramsay lies that he is also Ironborn and grew up in Saltcliffe and he notifies Theon being shipped to Winterfell. After some time they reach a holdfast, Theon queries why they are sneaking inside when Yara’s men are loyal to her. As Ramsay tries to open a locked gate Theon confesses his sins and wanted desperately to impress Balon Greyjoy but he knew Eddard Stark was his father. They enter a dark room and the youth lights up a torch and Theon founds out that he is in the same chamber in Dreadfort. Theon is again tied to the rack.

Theon wakes up by the noise of the trumpet. Ramsay apologizes for waking him. Ramsay understands Theon wants some water when he tries to mumbles but fails. To torture him more he spills out all the water on the floor. The cruel buy mocks him and tells him that Theon told him whatever is necessary and now which body part he does not want. The young man tells him that if he guesses who he is, Theon will win. Theon asks him if he wins will he be release to which Ramsay says that he is not going to leave him. Theon tells that he is son of Rickard Karstark; he is found to be wrong and slowly flays his captive’s pinkie.

Theon is later released from the cross by two young and beautiful ladies, Myranda and Violet. They start alluring him by putting him on bed. When they start disrobing him and bestride him, Theon couldn’t resist. After some time, he again hears the horn and Ramsay enters and tells him that Myranda and Violet are his bedwarmers. Theon suddenly realizes that he wants to castrate him when Ramsay took out his knife. Theon pleads for mercy but he did not listen to him. Two men hold him and Ramsay proceeds to geld him.

Theon wakes up later and found Ramsay eating a sausage and showing Theon’s blood stains, and badly sewn up trousers just to show that he is eating his body part. Ramsay laughs on his severed body part and now he won’t be able to get any women. Theon asks him to kill but he does not listen to him. He names him ‘Reek’ and asks him to call himself Reek. With a furious look, he utters that his name is Theon Greyjoy. He starts punching him when he says his name is Theon Greyjoy. Theon at last calls out his name as Reek and starts sobbing on his lost pride.

Balon Greyjoy in Season 3

Ramsay sends Theon’s severed body part to Pyke with a letter about his demands to withdraw Ironborn from the North or he will send them Theon’s more body parts. Balon does not agree to surrender and tells that Theon was a fool and now his castration means he cannot produce more heirs and he is of no use now. Yara does not agree his father and so sends the fastest ship and the strongest man to Ironborn to rescue her brother.

Theon Greyjoy in Season 4

Theon who is now called as Reek is forced to work for Ramsay as a servant. He goes with Myranda and Ramsay to find Tansy, but struggles to maintain the speed as he is gravely injured. Reek calls it a fine shot when Myranda brings down Tansy in a single shot and then horrifyingly witnesses when Ramsay asks his hounds to maul Tansy into small pieces.

Ramsay brings Reek before Roose Bolton. Roose is seemed furious that Ramsay has vulnerably damaged a valuable captive. To demonstrate their hostage’s submissiveness, Theon is ordered to shave Ramsay. Reek tells Roose that he did not assassinate Bran and Rickon Stark and now they are may be alive with Jon Snow. Ramsay tells Reek that Robb Stark is no more alive. Reek keeps the razor on his neck but unfortunately continues shaving.

Theon Greyjoy in Season 4

Yara with some people of Ironborn enters the Dreadfort to save her brother and finds him in one of the chambers. Thinking of being a trick, Reek does not agree to abandon his master, refusing to be called as Theon Greyjoy and screaming that he is Reek now. Ramsay rewards him when he bites Yara’s hand and goes back to his cage. He offers him to bath but he is hesitant to remove his clothes due to the castrations. After he enters the tub, Ramsay cleans him and asks to demonstrate Reek’s love. Reek’s task is to disguise himself as Theon Greyjoy.

Outside Moat Cailin, Ramsay goes over Reek’s mission and it is to enter Moat Cailin disguising as Theon Greyjoy and trying to convince the Ironborn garrison to surrender the fortress to Boltons. Reek goes up to the fortress gate and almost blows his cover but regain his composure and succeeds in convincing the Ironborn to let him in. He enters in the Moat Cailin which is fully decayed with a lot of corpses and few remaining men with diseases. He introduces him as Theon and tells the truth that he is taken captive by House Bolton and has been sent as the diplomat to Moat Cailin. However, Ralf Kenning, Ironborn’s garrison commander criticizes Reek’s word as those of a lashed dog and that he is not an Ironborn.

Theon Greyjoy and Ramsay Snow in Season 4

Reek is saved by one of Ralf’s men who kills him by an axe and accepts the terms of surrender. Despite, Ramsay assassinates the Ironborn. Ramsay tells Theon that he never wanted to let the Ironborn leave and congratulates him.

Theon Greyjoy in Season 5

Reek walks through the half repaired Winterfell and seem clearly disturbed when he witnesses freshly killed dead bodies hung on the walls of the castle. Afterwards, Reek and Ramsay confabulate about their delicate designation as the new Warden of the North as Reek serves them food. When Theon’s childhood friend enters Winterfell, he watches her arrival from a distance. Afterwards, Sansa discovers the courtyard, Reek dodges her.

Theon Greyjoy and Sansa Stark in Season 5

Afterwards, while sleeping in the dungeons, Reek is confronted by Sansa. Reek shakes his head and asks her not to come here. Ramsay later accosts Reek about how Sansa comes to him and berates him for keeping it a secret. It seems that he might punish Reek, but he forgives him eventually.

As the Boltons eat, Ramsay compels Reek to apologize Sansa for assassinating her brothers Bran and Rickon. He then orders Reek to walk Sansa down the alter at their upcoming wedding with rest of her family dead. Sansa seems furious by such a statement of Ramsay.

On the wedding night, Reek comes to escort Sansa to Ramsay. Sansa seems furious at him and refuses to hold his hand even when he tells him that he will be punished heavily by Ramsay. She agrees and Theon walks her down to the sacred Heart tree. After the wedding, Theon leads Sansa and Ramsay to the bed chamber and Ramsay orders Theon to remain there and watch. Theon is forced to watch and is horribly terrified when Ramsay physically abuses Sansa. Theon is angry but is not too tough to intervene.

After some days, Reek brings breakfast for Sansa closing the window when he notifies her shivering. When she comes to know that its Reek, she tries to converse with him but he denies helping her and she blames him for betraying her family and tells him that he is Theon Greyjoy. She tells him that he can redeem himself by lighting a candle on the broken tower to signal Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne. Reek takes the candle but informs Ramsay about it.

When the following day, Reek brings breakfast for Sansa, she accosts him that why he informed Ramsay about the plan and he replies her that just to protect her. He also tells her that he has tried to escape from Ramsay but there is no way out. Sansa very coldly agrees. Reek shamefully owes her that he deserved this as he had killed “those boys”. She furiously asks him why he should be alive if he can’t call his own brothers by name. Reek at last agrees that he had not killed them and that they were farm boys. After hearing this, Sansa’s anger cools down a bit and she asks him where they have gone and calls him Theon again, he starts sobbing and ran away yelling he is not Theon but Reek.

When Sansa at last succeeds in breaking out of her chamber and lighting the candle, she is accosted by Myranda and Reek on the catwalks. Myranda is seemed pointing a bow at her. Reek pleads Sansa not to resist but Sansa welcomes her destiny. Myranda tells her that she will not assassinate her but will torment her; Reek reminds what she did to him while castrating. Not willing to let Sansa go through the pain he went, Reek pushes Myranda off the catwalk.

Theon Greyjoy and Sansa Stark in Season 5

Now Theon Greyjoy takes Sansa safe when Boltons attack after defeating Stannis Baratheon. With no other choice left, Theon and Sansa jump on the snow outside the castle.

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