Talisa Stark

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Game Of Thrones Telisa Stark Depicted By:  Oona Chaplin

 Appearance in Season: 2 and 3

 Origin: Volantis


House Stark

Maegyr family


 Husband – Robb Stark

 Father-in-law – Eddard Stark

 Mother-in-law – Catelyn Tully

Sister-in-law – Sansa Stark

Brother-in-law-Brandon Stark

Brother-in-law – Rickon Stark

Sister-in-law – Arya Stark

Bastard half-bother-in-law – Jon Snow

Uncle by marraige – Edmure Tully

Life Status: Dead

About Talisa Stark

Before getting married to Robb Stark her name was Talisa Maegyr. Initially she appeared as a recurring charachter in the 2nd season and made her debut in “Garden of Bones”. Talisa worked as a medic on the battlefields of the Westerlands during the War of the Five Kings, during which she met the King in the North, Eddard Stark’s son Robb Stark. Eventually she got married and bore his child. Talisa was murdered along with her husband and mother-in-law and majority of the northern bannermen at the Red Wedding.

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Biography of Talisa Stark

Talisa a noblewoman hailed from the Free City of Volantis, the oldest and largest of the Free Cities. When she was 12, her parents left her and her younger brother at home and attended a wedding ceremony that lasted several days. The next day she and her brother alongwith other children went for a swim in the River Rhoyne. Whilst she was busy talking to a friend she suddenly noticed that her brother was missing. After some time she found him floating face down in the water. Her freind helped her pull him to the shore but he was dead. All of a sudden, a man with the tattoo of a fish on his face, a sign that marked him as a slave, came and pushed her aside. If she had decided to report him it would mean death for the slave on account of touching a noble. The slave continued to push on her brother’s chest until finally he was revived. Soon the slave cradled her brother and calmed him down. Talisa was deeply touched and felt inspired by the slave’s selfless act. There and then she decided two things: firstly that when she grew up she would not waste her years dancing with other nobles; and secondly she would never ever live in a place where slavery was legal. Subsequently she acquired medical training and shifted to Westeros as slavery was outlawed in the Seven Kingdoms.

Talisa in season 2

Talisa caters to a wounded soldier of the Lannister contingent after the Battle of Oxcross, after finding that his foot needs to be amputated. King Robb assists her by holding the man down and offering him a gag to bite on, stating that it was better than biting his tongue. Later Talisa criticizes Robb for fighting to usurp the crown in the absence of a replacement king, as Robb only claims the title of King in the North. Talisa informs Robb that the operated Lannister soldier was a fisherman by occupation and like him most of the Lannister soldiers against whom he fought were not trained forces. As Talisa is about to leave Robb tells her that the soldier is lucky to have being treated by her, and Talisa responds by saying that he was unlucky because Robb was there.

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Telisa Stark

Talisa follows the Stark army camp as it moves. Robb introduces Talisa to his mother Catelyn Stark, and Catelyn inquires about Talisa’s family background. Talisa states that since she was from Volantis she wasn’t familiar with the titles of nobility used in the Seven Kingdoms. Catelyn realises that Robb has fallen in love with Talisa and reminds him of his oath to get married into the Frey family.

Talisa is falling short of medical supplies and seeks Robb’s help. She is aware that Robb is about to leave for The Crag to negotiate a surrender, which has the things she needs. Talisa tells Robb that she would give him a list to send to the Crag’s Maester, but Robb suggests that she herself should go alongwith him and acquire the supplies in person. While returning they discuss about Robb’s father Eddard and the lessons he gave Robb about caring for his subjects. Their conversation is interrupted by the news that Catelyn has released Jaime Lannister in exchange for her two daughters held captive by the Lannister army.

Talisa later comforts Robb. She shares more of her past with him, they admit their affection for one another and sleep together. Eventually Robb convinces Catelyn that he was looking for love in a relationship and gets married to Talisa in secret before a septon, pledging their lives to each other.

got-game-of-thrones-Robb and Talisa

Talisa in season 3

Talisa and Robb are in conversation about Talisa’s mother when Roose Bolton arrives with news of Hoster Tully’s death and that Winterfell has been sacked with Bran and Rickon Stark still missing. On the way to Riverrun for Hoster Tully’s funeral, Talisa notices that Catelyn is making a prayer wheel for the Faith of the Seven. Talisa extends help but Catelyn informs her that they can only be made by mothers who are praying for the well-being of their children. The two of them then enter into a discussion about the two times that Catelyn has performed this task in the past.

During their stay at Riverrun, she comforts Robb and puts forth new strategies for battle. She caters to two wounded young Lannister squires.  Later they are murdered by Rickard Karstark as a matter of revenge on Jaime Lannister, and Robb is keen on imparting justice. Catelyn, Talisa and other advisors of Robb urge him to let go off Rickard Stark as his army would turn hostile. However Robb pays no heed and executes Rickard Stark, as a result of which his men leave the contingent leaving Robb’s army depleted. Later Robb admits to Talisa that he should have taken her advise. Consequently Robb is left with no option but to realign with the Freys.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Catelyn, Talisa and Robb Stark

While on their way to the Twins, Robb and Talisa indulge in passionate overtures and make love. Talisa writes a letter for her mother in Valyrian and asks Robb to visit her mother after the war was over, as she wanted to introduce Robb to her mother along with the grandchild. The news of her pregnancy takes a little while to seep in and the couple finally falls into each others arms.

After Robb and his contingent reach The Twins, Lord Walder Frey stares at Talisa and states that Robb broke his oath of marraige not for love, but for “firm tits and a tight fit.” His obscene remarks unnerve Robb, but Catelyn firmly places her arm on his shoulder and pacifies him. Lord Frey is then quick to lighten the mood by saying that he would have “broken 50 vows at Robb’s age without a second thought” to be with a woman like Talisa. After Edmure Tully gets married to Roslin Frey, Robb jokingly says that perhaps he made a mistake in getting married to Talisa, to which Talisa feels offended. She is amused at the traditional Westerosi bedding, which Robb explains proves that the marraige was complete. Talisa says that their unborn child was proof enough, and expresses her desire to name the child Eddard if it was a baby boy, to which Robb agrees. After the bedding, the doors are closed and the musicians begin to play “The Rains of Castamere”. Lord Walder gives Robb a toast and states that he wanted to gift his new queen, and signals his men to attack. Immediately Lothar Frey approaches Talisa from behind and repeatedly stabs her in the stomach, killing her unborn child. She tries to flee, but collapses and dies in Robbs arms. The ultimate fate of Talisa’s body is unknown.

 Game Of Thrones Season 3 Telisa's Death Scene

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