Shireen Baratheon

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Game of Thrones Shireen Baratheon Depicted By: Kerry Ingram

 Appearance in Season:  3, 4 & 5

 Origin: Dragonstone

 Allegiance: House Baratheon of Dragonstone

 Culture:  Andal


Father – Stannis Baratheon

Mother – Selyse Florent

Uncle – Robert Baratheon

Uncle – Renley Baratheon

Grandfather – Steffon Baratheon

Grandmother- Cassana Baratheon

Uncle – Axell Florent

Uncle – Imry Florent

Aunt by marriage – Cersei Lannister

Aunt by marriage – Margaery Tyrell

Bastard first cousin – Gendry

Second cousin – Samwell Tarly

Second cousin – Dickon Tarly

Alleged cousin – Joffrey Baratheon

Alleged cousin – Myrcella Baratheon

Alleged cousin – Tommen Baratheon

Great-great-uncle – Maester Aemon

Life Status: Dead

About Shireen Baratheon

Shireen is the only daughter of Stannis and Selyse Baratheon who is sacrificed to the Lord of Light for victory in war.

Biography of Shireen Baratheon

Shireen is the daughter of Stannis and Selyse Baratheon. Her father was the head of House Baratheon of Dragonstone and has declared himself King on the Iron Throne. Shireen is Stannis’s only living child and his heir as a pre assumption. She is of the same age as Arya Stark, daughter of Eddard Stark and Robb Stark’s sister, who was King of the North. Shireen had three stillborn elder brothers.

Shireen had caught Greyscale as an infant and the left side of her face was scarred. It is a fatal disease but Stannis refused to give up on her and brought in every healer he could find from both sides of the Narrow Sea to cure her, and due to their concerted efforts she survived, but the left side of her face was left permanently scarred.

game of thrones - Shireen Baratheon

Selyse resents having Shireen as she could not give Stannis a healthy son, and gave only a sick daughter, and is indifferent towards her, dubbing her as stubborn and sinful. In turn Shireen tries to avoid her mother, as she is frightened by Selyse’s fanatical devotion to Melisandre and the Lord of Light. Nevertheless Shireen admires her father and he too deeply loves her, although he is stoic and does not display his affection.  Shireen is also close to Stannis’s most trusted advisor, Ser Davos Seaworth.

Shireen Baratheon in Season 3

After several months of ignoring family Stannis visits Selyse and Shireen after Melisandre’s departure from Dragonstone to gather power.  Selyse tries to prevent Stannis from meeting Shireen, but he vehemently denies and meets his beloved daughter. Stannis narrates to Shireen the disaster at Blackwater Bay, and Shireen inquires about Davos Seaworth referring to him by his traditional soubriquet, “The Onion Knight”. Very calmly Stannis explains that he was a traitor and has been put into the dungeons. Shireen is perplexed at the thought. Stannis advises her to forget her friend and leaves.

Late at night, Shireen manages to sneak out of the tower and into the dungeon to see Davos. She makes sure to visit when the gaoler, a drunkard, is on duty. Shireen brings a book for Davos to read and pass his time, but he admits to be illiterate. Shireen takes it upon herself and begins to teach him through the bars of his cell.

game of thrones - Shireen and Davos

After his release Ser Davos spends most of his time with Shireen. She urges him to read more of Aegon’s exploits instead of sorting through Stannis’s correspondence.  A confused Davos asks Shireen why there is a “G” in the word “night”, to which Shireen just shrugs not knowing how to explain.

Shireen Baratheon in Season 4

Selyse is fearful for Shireen’s soul, stating that she is stubborn, sinful and sullen. She talks about her desire to strike Shireen with a rod, to which Stannis retaliates firmly. Selyse suggests that Melisandre should speak to Shireen. Melisandre pays her a visit during which Shireen makes it clear that she does not approve of Melisandre burning people alive, inclusive of her uncle Ser Axell Florent. Melisandre explains that the tales illustrated in the Seven Pointed Star are only fables that are untrue and that the only true gods are R’hllor and the Great Other, with the only hell being the one that they were now living in.

game of thrones - Melisandre

Later, Shireen continues her reading sessions with Ser Davos in her chamber, where he joins her after an intense meeting with her father. Shireen scolds Davos for getting late and asserts that he would not make a very good Hand of the King if he sees the word “knight” and pronounces it as “ka-nigit”. He says that she resembles her father in the fact that both were relentless. She gives him a new book to read which she says is more complicated. She snubs at him for moving his lips while reading like small children do, and then claps in appreciation of him reading the title perfectly. Shireen contemplates that she enjoys the book as it is filled with pirates and swordfights.

Davos narrates to Shireen that he has been to Braavos, during the days when he was a smuggler. He goes on to explain that he had a brush with death when he ran afoul of the First Sword that was protecting the ships of the Iron Bank of Braavos. Davos said that nevertheless that is to be expected, given that the ships of the Iron Bank commute a nation’s worth of gold – and at this point realization suddenly dawns on him. Shireen is kissed on the forehead by Davos and is thanked by him to have helped him figure it out. He then requests Shireen to write a letter to the Iron Bank. Shireen asks him to write it himself as he needed to practice, but Davos insists that she write the letter as it was of high importance. Davos dictates the letter comprising of a request to the Iron Bank to shift their supports from the Lannisters to her father Stannis. He has her address the letter in her father’s name and Shireen inquires whether it would be feasible. Davos asserts that it was alright since he was the Hand of the King, and he was putting Stannis’s name just to get attention from the Iron Bank.

Stannis is accompanied by Shireen to the north in his defense of the Night’s Watch against the wildlings. She is present along with her mother in Castle Black at the Watch’s funeral held for their fallen brothers.

Shireen Baratheon in season 5

Shireen and her mother are present when Mance Rayder is executed by her father for refusing to bend his knees. Shireen’s mother looked pleased, but she was terrified and closes her eyes when Mance starts to burn.

Since Gilly the wildling cannot read, Shireen begins to teach her letters and Samwell Tarly is watching the two. Shireen narrates to the duo the incident when she was suffering from Greyscale. Suddenly her mother enters and scolds her for being in the company of wildings, while Gilly and Sam leave. Shireen tries to convince her mother about Gilly, but Selyse snubs at her for being naive inspite of all the books that she has read.

game of thrones - Shireen Teaches Gilly to read

Shireen looks on as Jon Snow spars with new recruits in the courtyard of Castle Black. Later, she meets her father in his chamber. Stannis inquires if she is lonely, and she answers that she was just getting bored. Stannis knows that Black Castle was not the right place for kids but Shireen was brought along as she did not want to be alone in Dragonstone. Shireen then asks her father if he is ashamed of her. Stannis is taken aback, but he relates the story of how she contracted Greyscale from a doll that he bought for her. She snuggled in the crib with her doll, placing the left side of her face on the doll. He continues to say that he was advised to send her off to the ruins of Valyria to spend her short life with the Stone Men, but Stannis paid no heed and called every healer he could to save Shireen’s life. Overjoyed with the thought Shireen embraces her father and he too does the same.

Shireen and her mother are taken along when Stannis and his army leave Castle Black and head towards Winterfell. Stannis did not want them to be in the company of the Night’s Watch as many of them were criminals and rapists.  As they leave, Shireen informs Davos that she wished to see the crypt of Winterfell where all the old kings in the North are buried, Davos replies by saying that first they needed to take over the castle from the Boltons. Shireen inquires whether there would be a battle and Davos assures her that she would not be anywhere near it.

During their march a snow storm delays Stannis’s army. Melisandre then advises Stannis that they may need to sacrifice more King’s blood in order to increase their chances of winning the battle in the snow which they both saw in the flames, and cited the deaths of Robb Stark and Joffrey Baratheon as examples. Stannis states that they had no chance of locating Gendry, but Melisandre suggests that they should sacrifice Shireen. Stannis is very shocked and disgusted, and asks her if she has lost her mind. Melisandre tries hard to convince but Stannis is unmoved and orders her to leave.

The situation worsens for the Stannis army when Ramsay along with twenty other Bolton soldiers sneaks in and destroy the food tents and kill some horses.  Davos is sent away to the wall to gather more supplies and men. Before leaving he visits Shireen in her tent and gifts her with a beautifully carved stag. Shireen thanks him for the gift and bids him farewell with a heavy heart.

Stannis later visits Shireen and narrates the events that unfolded between Rhaenyra Targaryen and her brother Aegon during the Dance of the Dragons. Stannis states that a man must fulfill his destiny no matter how much he hates it. Shireen lovingly embraces her father and confirms that she will act according to his wishes. Shireen was unaware of what lay ahead and Stannis embraces his daughter asking for her forgiveness.

game of thrones - Shireen and Stannis

Later on Shireen is dragged and tied to a pyre, where she is sacrificed to the Lord of Light by Melisandre. As she burns she pleads for help from her parents. Selyse runs forward to help her daughter, but is held back by Baratheon soldiers, and falls to the ground watching helplessly as her daughter burns, while Stannis looks away with tears in his eyes.

The sacrifice is presumably fruitful as the snow melts and allows her father’s army to press forward. However a majority of the forces do not like the horrific incidence and leave the contingent. Selyse hangs herself and Melisandre flees. Stannis proceeds to Winterfell but his army is defeated by the Boltons. Stannis is later possibly killed by Brienne of Tarth as a revenge against Renly Baratheon’s assassination.

game of thrones - Shireen's death

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