Robb Stark

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Robb Stark
 Depicted By:  Richard Madden

 Appearance in Season: 1,2 & 3

 Called As: 

The Young Wolf

The King Who Lost the North

 Origin: Winterfell

 Allegiance: House Stark

 Culture: Northmen


Old Gods of the Forest

Faith of the Seven


Father – Eddard Stark

Mother – Catelyn Stark

Sister – Sansa Stark

Sister- Arya Stark

Brother- Bran Stark

Brother – Rickon Stark

Bastard half-brother – Jon Snow

Paternal grandfather- Rickard Stark

Maternal grandfather- Hoster Tully

Maternal grandmother- Minisa Tully

Paternal uncle – Brandon Stark

Paternal aunt – Lyanna Stark

Paternal uncle – Benjen Stark

Maternal great-uncle – Brynden Tully

Maternal aunt – Lysa Arryn

Uncle by marriage – Jon Arryn

First cousin – Robin Arryn

Uncle by marriage – Petyr Baelish

Maternal uncle – Edmure Tully

Aunt by marriage – Roslin Frey

Brother-in-law – Tyrion Lannister

Wife – Talisa Maegyr

 Life Status: Dead

About Robb Stark

Robb Stark is one of the central charachters in the first, second and third seasons and is played by Richard Madden. Robb is the eldest son of Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell and his wife Lady Catelyn. He has two sisters and two brothers and a half-brother Jon Snow. Robb adopts a direwolf named Grey Wind.

When Eddard is held captive and eventually executed by King Joffrey, Robb is declared King in the North, and leads a rebellious force against the Iron Throne. In the consequential war, he proves to be an exemplary battle commander, securing several noteworthy victories over the Lannister forces and captures Jaime Lannister. Unfortunately he turns out to be a naive politician falling short of experience, placing honorable conduct before practical obligations and commits a number of significant blunders. Robb disregards an oath to marry a daughter of his ally Walder Frey, and marries Talisa Maegyr, entrusting Theon Greyjoy to negotiate an alliance with the ironborn. However Theon betrays him and captures Winterfell. Then Robb alienates the Karstarks, that make up nearly half of his residual army, when he eliminates their leader Rickard Karstark, after Rickard having killed two young Lannister boys.

As the war turns against him, Robb is compelled to turn to the Freys again. He is reassured of their support as he agrees for his uncle Edmure Tully to marry Roslin Frey. Robb is unware of the fact that it is a well laid trap, as the Freys and Stark bannerman Roose Bolton are now in league with Tywin Lannister. At the wedding feast the Freys turn on the Starks and Robb, Catelyn, Talisa and majority of his army are massacred in what becomes famous as the Red Wedding. Robb is personally killed by Roose Bolton and with this end the northern rebellion, and the Starks are ripped of their ancestral seat in the North.

Biography of Robb Stark

Robb is the eldest child of Lord Eddard Stark. Eddard is the head of House Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Lord Paramount of the North, one of the constituent regions of the Seven Kingdoms. From their seat of Winterfell the Starks rule the region. Eddard is also the Warden of the North to King Robert Baratheon.

Robb was born at Riverrun and brought up in Winterfell. His father departed from his mother the very next morning of their wedding to fight in Robert Baratheon’s rebellion and returned only after Robb was born. He has two younger brothers Rickon and Bran, and two sisters Sansa and Arya. He is also very close to his bastard half-brother, Jon Snow, and to Eddard’s ward, Theon Greyjoy, whom he counts his best ally outside his family. Since childhood he has been trained to wear armor and wield a sword by Winterfell’s Master-at-Arms Sir Rodrik Cassel, and has mastered the art at this young age. He lives with his family at Winterfell.

Robb in Season 1

Robb is an attendee at the execution of Will, a deserter from the Night’s Watch, by his father Eddard Stark. On his way home with Theon, Jon and Bran, they discover a litter of newborn direwolf pups. Robb is surprised at the fact that there are any direwolves south of the Wall. Their father says they can keep the pups, and Robb adopts one of the pups as his own, naming him Grey Wind. Robb welcomes King Baratheon to Winterfell with the rest of his family. He assists his mother in maintaining discipline during the feast. Robb is repulsive of Joffrey from the beggining, noting that he is a “royal prick”.

Game of thrones - feast at Winterfell

Bran is in a coma and his mother refuses to leave him unattended, and because of his father’s departure for King’s Landing, Robb must help Maester Luwin run the castle and make new appointments to the castle staff. Catelyn and Sir Rodrik Cassel after analyzing the situation in the aftermath of threats from the Lannisters left for the capital, therafter leaving Robb in command of Winterfell. Not ruling out the possibility of the Lannisters being behind Bran’s injury, he later greets Tyrion coldly, but gets confused when Tyrion gives Bran a special saddle to help him ride. When Robb visits Bran he informs him that he can never walk and Bran replies that he would have preferred to die.

Robb takes Bran outside to test his new saddle, and is discussing his future plans with Theon when he realizes that Bran has wandered off. Bran is kidnapped by a band of wildlings, but Robb attacks them with a sword. One of the wildlings Stiv holds a knife to Bran’s throat and makes Robb drop his sword. But Theon kills Stiv with an arrow, which angers Robb as Bran could have been injured. Osha, one of the wildlings is taken prisoner. Osha tries to tell Robb that the greatest danger lies north of the Wall, from the White Walkers, and not from the Lannisters in the south, but Robb is indifferent to her warning.

Game of thrones -Osha the wildling

After Robert’s death and Eddard’s arrest in King’s Landing King Joffrey asks Robb to pay him fealty. Nevertheless Robb calls his banners, marching House Stark’s vassals to war. Greatjon Umber questions Robbs abilities and says that he would take his armies home. Robb in reply states that after they win, the Stark army will return to seize the lands of House Umber. Greatjon is about to draw his sword but is tamed by Grey Wind who attacks and bites off two of his fingers. Greatjon laughs it off and turns into one of Robb’s most loyal retainers. Robbs army marches south, uniting with Catelyn and Sir Rodrik along the way. Robb wins over Lord Walder Frey as an ally by agreeing to marry one of Frey’s daughters. He sends a small contingent to distract the main Lannister army under Lord Tywin Lannister at the Battle of the Green Fork. In the meantime, his main army attacks Jaime Lannister’s forces near Riverrun, winning the Battle of the Whispering Wood and took Jaime as a hostage.

Game of thrones - battle of the Whispering Woods

Robb is left despaired by the news of his father’s death. He and his lords debate over supporting Stannis or Renly as the heir to the throne, but Greatjon says neither is competent enough and declares Robb the King of the North. Other lords to support the decision.Theon asks Robb to affirm that they are brothers and then swears fealty to him.

Robb in Season 2

Robb continues his winning spree against the Lannister army. He is nicknamed “The Young Wolf” for his ferocity in battle. Robb keeps Jaime Lannister under guard in his camp. He dispatches envoys to seek alliances on his behalf.

Renly is killed just after agreeing to an alliance and Catelyn who was sent as an envoy flees his camp to return to Robb. They are taken aback when news arrives that Theon has betrayed Robb and attacked Winterfell. Rob is very angry and agrees to let the bastard son of his bannerman Roose Bolton retake the castle. He insists that the safety of his brothers is top priority and orders that Theon should be brought before him for execution. Catelyn sends her sworn sword Brienne of Tarth to barter Jaime for her captive daughters without Robb’s consent. Robb does not take this and keeps Catelyn under guard.

Game of Thrones - Catelyn Stark

Robb secretly marries Talisa, a medic by whom he was intrigued after the Battle of Oxcross, despite his mother warning him against breaking his oath of marrying the Frey daughter.

Game of thrones - Robb's marraige

Robb in Season 3

Anticipating the battle ahead Robb’s host marches on Harrenhal, but they find the castle abandoned, and are shocked to find the Northern prisoners slain. Robb and his new wife find only one survivor amongst the dead: a maester named Qyburn. Robb commands for his mother to be held captive within the fortress. Later Robb receives two letters, one regarding the death of his grandfather Hoster Tully and the devastation of Winterfell, and the second regarding the death of Bran and Rickon. Robb informs his mother and then sets off for Riverrun.

The prisoners Martyn and Willem Lannister are ruthlessly slaughtered by Richard Karstark. Robb is disgusted with Richard Karstark for killing two innocent young boys. But Karstark insists that it was his father’s vengeance. Robb clarifies that these young boys had nothing to do with the death of Karstark’s sons, who were killed by Jaime Lannister. Rickard goes on to add that he was deprived of the chance to vent out his vengeance when Catelyn let go off Jaime Lannister. The heated argument continues and finally Rickard calls Robb “The King who Lost the North” because he allowed Winterfell to fall. A furious Robb orders all of Karstark’s men hanged and sends Rickard to the dungeons.

Game of Thrones -Rickard_Karstark

Edmure advises Robb that news of the Lannister boys being killed should not reach the Lannisters, else Tywin Lannister will avenge the death of his nephews. However Robb refuses to be a liar. Catelyn and Talisa advise Robb that he should not execute Rickard Stark and just keep him hostage as his loyal soldiers would leave their contingent and their army was already badly outnumbered. Robb however is indifferent to all these suggestions and pronounces the sentence of death and personally beheads Lord Rickard. As a result the Karstarks withdraw their soldiers from his army and march away, and Robb loses almost half of his forces which were stationed at Riverrun. The only option left in front of Robb to complete his army was to forge a realliance with House Frey. Robb alongwith his advisors meet “Black Walder” and Lothar Frey to discuss an alliance for his planned attack on Casterly Rock. The Freys carry Walder Frey’s requirements for an alliance, that includes a formal written apology from Robb, the castle Harrenhal together with its lands and incomes, and for Edmure to marry his daughter Roslin.

Robb’s contingent arrives at the Twins, the castle seat of House Frey, for Edmure’s wedding. Robb makes a public apology to Lord Frey’s daughters and granddaughters for breaking his oath to marry one of them. Frey readily accepts the apology and offers the Starks his hospitality. The wedding and the feast were very lively and full of festivities. As the celebrations reach the peak Lord Walder calls for the bedding ceremony. Robb consents and the bride and groom are carried off to their wedding bed.

After the celebrities leave and the celebrations begin to wind down, Catelyn becomes suspicious when she notices Black Walder Rivers close the banquet hall doors and the musicians begin playing “The Rains of Castamere” – the song that commemorated House Lannister’s brutal elimination of House Reyne. Walder rose to make a toast to Robb, and Catelyn who was seated beside Lord Roose Bolton, eventually noticed that he was wearing mail under his clothing. Alas realizing that they are in a trap Catelyn slaps Roose across the face and screams a warning to Robb, but by then it is too late. Lord Walder signals his men to attack and one by one they kill Robb and his entire family. As a final acto of mockery to the King in the North, Robb’s body is paraded atop a horse across the keep, with the head removed and replaced with that of his direwolf Grey Wind, sewn in its place.

Game-of-Thrones-Roose Bolton killing Robb Stark



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