Renly Baratheon

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Renly BaratheonDepicted By: Gethin Anthony

Appearance in Season: 1 and 2

Called As:  The King in Highgarden

Origin: Storm’s End

Allegiance: House Baratheon

Culture: Andal

Religion: Faith of the Seven


Father – Steffon Baratheon

Mother – Cassana Baratheon

Eldest Brother – Robert Baratheon

Elder Brother – Stannis Baratheon

Wife – Margaery Baratheon

Sister-in-law – Cersei Lannister

Alleged nephew – Joffrey Baratheon

Alleged nephew – Tommen Baratheon

Alleged niece – Myrcella Baratheon

Lover – Loras Tyrell

Life Status: Dead

About Renly Baratheon

Renly is the youngest son of House Baratheon who is the Lord of Storm’s End and has been serving on the small council as Master of Laws. After the death of his eldest brother and ruling king Robert Baratheon, he claims the Iron Throne, conflicting the claims of his nephew Joffrey Baratheon and his older brother Stannis Baratheon. Renly is slain at the orders of his older brother Stannis and after his death most of his bannermen align with his brother’s army.

Biography of Renly Baratheon

Renly is the youngest and third son of  Steffon and Cassana Baratheon. Steffon was the chief of House Baratheon and Lord Paramount of the Stormlands. The Stormlands are one of the many constituent regions of the Seven Kingdoms and House Baratheon is one of the Great Houses of the empire. Renly is preceded by two brothers, Robert and Stannis. Their parents fell prey to a storm when the boys were young and Robert inherited all of his father’s titles. Robert headed a rebellion against King Aerys II Targaryen, deposing him and substituted him as the King on the Iron Throne. After his victory he appointed Renly the Lord of Storm’s End. Renly did not fight in the civil war since he was very young at the time.

Renly served Robert as Master of Laws on the King’s small council in King’s Landing. Renly is very famous at court due to his friendly attitude and keen fashion sense.

Renly is homosexual and is in a relationship with Ser Loras Tyrell for many years. They have kept their relationship a secret because their religion considers homosexuality a sin. Nevertheless many people are aware of the facts.

Renly Baratheon in season 1

Renly acknowledges Eddard Stark, whom he knew since he was young, upon his reaching King’s Landing. Renly is the sole member of the small council whom Eddard greets with warmth. Renly agrees with Eddard at his statement that Robert Baratheon’s extravagant spending was harming the realm.

Renly annoys Commander Janos Slynt by questioning his abilities to command the City Watch if he cannot maintain peace. Renly bets on his secret lover, Ser Loras Tyrell, to win a joust against Ser Gregor Clegane. He wins a handsome amount of money from Littlefinger, and then they resort to mockery. Later in the meeting of the small council, Renly supports Robert’s idea of assasinating Daenerys Targaryen. Loras suggests Renly that he should claim the Iron Throne for himself and extends the backing of the rich and powerful House Tyrell. Renly reminds him that he is fourth in line to the throne, behind his two nephews and his older brother Stannis. Loras asserts that Robert gained access to the throne through the strength of arms alone and counters that the realm would not accept Joffrey because he was a monster, Tommen because he was too young and Stannis who had the personality of a lobster.

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 5 Reny baratheon

Later Renly accompanies Robert on his hunting trip. He is irritated with Robert’s glorification of the past warfare and his victory. He quarrels with Robert as he pricks at him asking Renly how many girls he has slept with and finally leaves the forest. Robert is later given excessive wine at the orders of Cersei his wife and Robert is injured heavily by a wild boar off screen.

As Robert is on his deathbed Renly advises Eddard that they should take Joffrey as prisoner so as to neutralize House Lannister and allow Renly to capture the throne. Eddard thinks this is treason and supports Stannis instead. Eddard asserts that he would not dishonour Robert’s last moments by taking children as hostages and shedding blood in the castle. Later Varys brings news that Renly and Loras have fled the city.

At the Lannister camp, Kevan brings news that both Renly and Stannis have claimed the throne. Meanwhile in Winterfell Robb Stark, Eddard’s son rejects Jonos Bracken’s advise that they align with Renly and is declared King in the North by his bannermen.

Renly Baratheon in season 2

Renly is crowned King with the backing of the powerful House Tyrell of Highgarden. He manages to garner an army of about 100,000 men from across the Reach and the Stormlands. He makes his alliance concrete with House Tyrell by getting married to Margaery Tyrell, sister of his partner in homosexuality Loras Tyrell.

Renly improvised on the original colors of the sigil for his personal sigil; instead of the black crowned stag on a yellow field, Renly’s banner displays a golden crowned stag with the onset of a green field, a nod to the color scheme of House Tyrell. Due to the alliance he is known as “The King in Highgarden”.

game of thrones - Renly is crowned king

Renly eventually intended to march on King’s Landing but he was in no hurry and allowed Robb to fight the Lannisters in the Riverlands and outnumber them. Renly was trying to collect maximum number of soldiers before he could actually join the war. However, indirectly Renly’s contingent was adversely affecting the Lannister position by closing off the shipment of food items from the fertile Tyrell held lands of the Reach to King’s Landing. As it was already under pressure with war refugees, this consequently produced a starvation-level scenario amongst the poor of the capital city, leading to the Riot of the King’s Landing. Furthermore the simple presence of Renly’s army in the south harmed the Lannister strategic position in the war, since Tywin Lannister could not deport his entire force to defeat Robb Stark at Riverrun or in the Westerlands, as King’s Landing would be left vulnerable to an attack from Renly’s army. As a matter of fact, Tywin was forced to leave a major chunk of his forces at Harrenhal, midway between Robb in the north and Renly in the south, to engage with whichever of them moved on King’s Landing first.

King Renly sets up camp near Storm’s End in the Stormlands, and hosts a tournament for his men. Renly and his new queen are watching from a dias. Renly congratulates the participants as they stand and calls the winner forward. He commands them to remove their helmet. The crowd is shocked when the fighter is revealed to be a woman. Renly names Brienne of Tarth champion and offers to grant her wish. Brienne requests to join his Kingsguard and he accepts the same.

Game of thrones - Renly and Margaery

A guard announces the arrival of Catelyn Stark who has been summoned by Robb Stark to negotiate an alliance with Renly.  Renly and his wife offer their condolences for Eddard’s death. Renly takes Catelyn on a tour of his camp. He stops to acknowledge Gerald, who is recovering from being injured by a horse. He mentions the huge size of his force to Catelyn. Catelyn warns him of taking the war more seriously. Finally he asks Brienne to show Catelyn to a tent that has been assigned for her. He informs them that he was leaving for prayers.

Renly and Loras indulge in passionate kissing inside Renly’s tent. After undressing Loras, Renly notices his badly bruised chest that was hurt at the tournament. Renly starts to kiss the marks but Loras stops him and says that he was further humiliated by the felicitation of Brienne. Renly affirms that Brian is very devoted and realizes that Loras is jealous and promises to make up to him. Loras stops Renly while he undoes his britches, and instructs him that he must devote his attention to his wife that night. Loras reminds Renly of his responsibilities to their alliance and says that there is gossip among his vassals that the bride is a virgin even after two weeks of marraige. Renly does not believe that Margaery is a virgin and Loras says that she is officially still a virgin and then goes and fetches her.

game of thrones - Renly and Loras

While waiting for Margaery Renly pours himself some wine. After Margaery enters he warns her that he is drunk. She says that it his right as a king and he compliments her gown. She states that she is unsure how she likes it and starts taking it off. Renly says that she does not need to take off the gown while Margaery leans in to kiss him. Renly asserts that beauty under wraps can be more desired but she silences him and shows perseverance despite his reluctance. She tries to undo his crotch and he blames the wine for his non arousal. She says she would take care of it and unlaces his britches. He breaks the kiss and apologizes. She says that she could have Loras come in and help. He is taken aback by her straight forwardness. She states that she could turn over and pretend to be Loras if he would prefer. He pretends not to understand what she means. She sweetly smiles and says that he can be open with her and should save his lies for court as he would require a lot of it there. She sits next to him on their bed and states that their enemies would be thwarted if she became pregnant. She asks him as to how he would like to do it, with Loras alone or with her and Loras together. She states that he had a choice because he was a king and kisses him on the cheek.

game of thrones - Margaery Tyrell and Renly Tyrell

Petyr Baelish arrives at the camp in the Stormlands. Renly acknowledges him as his “favorite whoremonger” and adds with sarcasm that he hopes he has not been waiting long. Petyr follows Renly into the tent and Renly pricks at him for his lack of loyalty. Petyr states that he was a very practical man and Renly is quick to add that he dislikes Petyr and demands to know the reason of his arrival. Petyr says that Renly still has supporters in court who feel that Eddard Stark was wrong in not supporting Renly, and Renly states that Petyr is trying to protect himself in the face of his inevitable victory. Petyr offers help and promises to open the gates of King’s Landing for Renly.

Renly meets Stannis on the coast of the Stormlands to parley. Stannis has brought along Melisandre, Davos and several other guards. Renly is accompanied by Catelyn, Brienne, and Loras and his own guards. Stannis makes a remark on Catelyn’s presence and she states that she had not expected to be there. Renly comments nastily on Stannis’ banner. Renly jokes that it would be very confusing if they both used the same one in war. Renly expresses wonder at why Stannis’ version of the stag was aflame.  Melisandre confirms that Stannis has taken the fiery heart of the Lord of Light for his sigil. Renly states that she must be the fire priestess that he has heard about and jokes further saying that now he realizes why Stannis had found religion so late in life. Stannis warns Renly to choose his words with care. Renly further comments that he is relieved that Stannis is not a fanatic and calls him charmless, rigid and a bore but not godly. Melisandre asks Renly to kneel before the Lord’s chosen and states that Stannis was born in the midst of salt and smoke. Renly jokes saying that she made Stannis sound like a ham. Stannis again warns Renly to mind his tongue. Catelyn mediates and reminds them that they are brothers and should stop bickering. Stannis replies to her saying that he expected her to support him as Eddard did. He further states that Eddard died for his integrity and she stands beside a pretender. She states that their enemy is common and Stannis retaliates by saying that the Iron Throne is his by right and all who deny the fact are his enemies. Renly states that no one wanted Stannis as king. Renly says that Stannis never wanted friends but a man without friends was a man without power. Stannis says that he will wait overnight for Renly’s decision for the sake of their mother. He offers Renly a seat on the council and to name him as his heir until he has a son if she withdrew his banners before dawn; otherwise he would destroy Renly. Renly reminds Stannis of his large number of supporters and states that they would make him king. Stannis rides away and Melisandre warns Renly to look to his sins because “the night is dark and full of terrors”. Renly asks his compatriots if they can believe that once upon a time he loved Stannis and leads them away.

Game of thrones - Stannis Baratheon

Renly’s camp prepares for the coming battle with Stannis in darkness. Catelyn meets Renly in his command tent. Renly wants Catelyn to swear that Robb has no interest in the Iron Throne. He extends his terms; Robb could retain his title in the north, and control of all lands north of Moat Cailin, but must swear fealty to Renly as Eddard Stark did to Robert Baratheon eighteen years ago. Catelyn is reluctant but Renly reminds her that Robert’s and Eddard’s friendship held the Seven Kingdoms together for all these years. Catelyn inquires that what would he offer in return for Robb’s loyalty. Renly states that he would destroy Stannis’ army and then along with Robb fight and destroy their common enemy.

Renly stands before a mirror while Brienne helps him out of his cloak. Catelyn requests him to reconsider negotiating with Stannis but Renly refutes. He asks her to take his terms back to Robb and to tell him that acting together they would end the war within a fortnight. Suddenly an unnatural gust parts the tents opening and black smoke rushes inside. Catelyn and Brienne are stunned while Renly watches aghast through his mirror. Then the smoke coalesces into a human shape and stabs Renly through the chest. In the mirror its face resembles Stannis’. The smoke finally dissipates and Renly collapses. Brienne wails and tries to catch him as he falls to the ground dead.

 Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 5 The Ghost- renly's death

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