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Myranda  Depicted By: Charlotte Hope

  Appearance in Season:  3, 4 & 5

  Allegiance: House Bolton


  Father – Ben Bones

  Lover – Ramsay Bolton

  Life Status: Dead

About Myranda

Myranda is Ramsay Bolton’s secret lover and akin to him has a sadistic and brutal streak. She took immense pleasure in giving pain and ultimately killing.

Biography of Myranda

Myranda’s father was the castle’s kennelmaster for House Bolton, and she was the servant of the house at Dreadfort. Myranda was one of the maidens that kept Ramsay’s bed warm, and was his secret lover. Prior to his un called for legitimization Ramsay had intentions of marrying Myranda.

 Myranda in Season 3

Myranda along with Violet enters the torture cell where Theon Greyjoy is held captive. They set him free and place him on a bed. They try to seduce him stating that they had heard the heir to Pyke was well endowed. Violet informs him that Myranda was to be trained to become a septa, but her sexual instincts prevented her from taking the vows. Theon does not trust them, but finally gets instigated when Myranda strips off her clothes.

All of a sudden the two girls are interrupted by a resounding horn propelled by Ramsay Snow, who confronts his two servants and pricks at Theon teasing him that he too has heard about Theon’s manhood. Ramsay then shows him a knife and with the help of two men castrates him.

Myranda in Season 4

Ramsay is hunting a new bed warmer in a forest near the Dreadfort and Myranda assists him in confronting Tansy. Myranda is jealous of the girl. She is overjoyed to see the scared girl being chased by hounds, and finally shoots her in the leg with an arrow, and later watches her being molested to death by the dogs.

Later Myranda and Ramsay engage in sex, and in the meantime Yara Greyjoy and a cluster of ironborn climb over the Dreadfort walls to launch an attack on the castle.

ramsay and myra

Myranda in Season 5

Myranda along with the other members of House Bolton arrive at their new home Winterfell. She is an attendee at the gathering clustered to welcome Sansa Stark and Petyr Baelish. She is both angry and jealous as Ramsay greets his wife to be Sansa.

In Ramsay’s bedroom Myranda discusses his marriage to Sansa and admits that she is jealous. She reminds him that he had initially promised to get married to her. Myranda then threatens him that she too would get married and go away. Ramsay retaliates violently and tells her that she belonged to him, and she would not go anywhere unless she continued to bore him with her feeble insecurities. He reminds her about the fate of people who bore him. Myranda promises never to bore him again, while Ramsay forces himself on her and she bites his lips, and they eventually indulge in sex.

Later while Sansa is wandering around the castle, Myranda confronts her beside the tower where once Bran Stark was pushed from the window by Jaime Lannister. Myranda tries to be friendly with Sansa discussing about her mother’s death and sounding apologetic. But Sansa is aware that Myranda is not genuine. In order to help Sansa go through fond memories of the past, she takes Sansa to the kennels to meet Theon.

On the wedding night, Ramsay sends Myranda to draw Sansa’s bath, a matter of displeasure for both women. As Myranda is wringing the black dye out of Sansa’s hair, she advises her against boring Ramsay and discloses the events that unfolded with Violet, Tansy and another unseen girl named Kyra. Sansa is upfront and asks Myranda whether she really thought that Ramsay would marry her. Myranda is taken aback and rendered speechless. In a cold voice Sansa states that she was a Stark and Winterfell was her home, and that she was not scared and would not fall prey to Myranda’s intimidating words. Myranda is fuming from within but unable to react and silently asks Sansa if she was still needed. Sansa asks her to leave. Myranda is an attendee at Ramsay’s and Sansa’s wedding and looks on with jealousy.

A battle between the forces of Stannis Baratheon and the Boltons ensues. Myranda holds Theon and captures Sansa after cornering her with a bow, while Sansa is trying to escape as Ramsay orders for her to be brought to his bed. Sansa clarifies that she is not afraid of death and Myranda admits that Ramsay needs Sansa alive so as to conceive the heir to the North. Nevertheless Myranda continues to maim Sansa with her arrow. Before she can shoot Theon grabs the bow and arrow from Theon and makes her miss the target. A major struggle is ignited between Theon and Myranda and Theon does not pay heed to her pleas and eventually pushes her off the rampart, killing her in the trade, as an act of revenge against his castration.

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