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Melisandre in Game of Thrones Depicted By: Carice van Houten

 Appearance in Season: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

 Referred As:

Melisandre of Asshai

Lady Melisandre

The Red Woman

 Origin: Asshai


House Baratheon of Dragonstone

 Culture: Asshai’i



The Lord of Light

 Life Status: Alive

About Melisandre

Melisandre is often called as The Red Woman, is among the major characters from second season onwards. She is portrayed by Carice van Houten and debuts in the Second Season. She is a nun of the Lord of Light and a very close advisor to Stannis Baratheon in his crusade to win the Iron Throne, but basically stops him after her actions leads to the devastation of the family and force and flees to Castle Black.

Biography of Melisandre

Melisandre is born as a slave in Essos. She is a Red Priestess of the Lord of Light, an idol who is not worshiped in Westeros. She basically belongs to Asshai, which is located in the far east of the continent of Essos. She has powerful uncanny abilities, particularly the power of augury. Before some years she crossed the Narrow Sea and reached the court of Lord Stannis Baratheon on the island bulwark of Dragonstone, to exhort her faith.

Melisandre in Game of Thrones

Stannis and majority of his family have now converted to her religion, and now she has become a very close advisor of Stannis Baratheon.

Melisandre In Season 2

On the beach of Dragonstone, Melisandre conducts a ceremony for her own god, the Lord of Light. Behind her, the Seven’s statues are kept which are widely worshipped in Westeros. She murmurs “The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors” and the congregation of onlookers repeat the words. Melisandre conjecture that a heavy darkness will fall on the world to wake the long summer, that stars will start bleeding while the cold breath of the winter will benumb the seas and tells that the dead will rise again in the north. Master Cressen comes in front of her and stops the ceremony, telling the crowd they were specified as “named in the light of the Seven”. Melisandre discards Cressen as old and threatened and asks him to freeze her. Cressen hovers his head and leaves. She continues to exhort with the story of the blazing sword Lightbringer. She hails Stannis forward and he secede a burning sword from the statue of the Mother with a gauntleted hand. His men cheer him as he takes the sword in his hand and kneel down as he digs the sword in sand. They hymn “Lord cast your light upon us.” Davos is the last one to kneel down as Melisandre murmurs “The Night is Dark and Full of Terror.” He clenches his wife Selyse Baratheon’s hand and they lead the assemblage from the beach.

Inside the castle, Stannis asks to meet everyone in the Chamber of the Painted Table. Matthos Seaworth reads a letter loudly which he has prepared stating Stannis’ claim. Stannis asks to remove the name of Robert Baratheon form the letter. Stannis also asks to call Jaime Lannister as the Kingslayer but also should call him knight. Matthos completes reading the letter. He asks to send a copy to every estate from the Arbor to the Wall.

Davos advices that House Lannister is the only enemy and asks to make peace with Renly Baratheon. Stannis refuses to make a peace treaty. Melisandre interrupts them by telling that Stannis has no need to plead in front of anyone. Davos asks for ships and Melisandre clearly says him that Stannis won’t be using any ships. Davos asks Stannis to take Robb Stark instead of Renly to which he refuses saying that Robb wants to steal half of his kingdom. He tells that Joffrey, Renly and Robb are all burglars. Cressen apologize him for his deeds on the beach. Cressen steadies himself on the table but suddenly his nose starts bleeding as his drink was having poison in it. When he collapses she says that the fire burns the terrors of the night and jewel in her choker pulsates the light.

Melisandre in Game of Thrones Season 2

Stannis and Melisandre enters the Chamber of the Painted Table, they find Davos and Matthos there. Davos shares with them about the success of Salladhor Saan but Stannis is pretty doubtful about his capability but at last agrees to give him a share if he succeeds in completing the job. Before they leave Melisandre murmurs something in Matthos’ ear.

Stannis asks Melisandre what she said to Matthos. She tells him that “Death by Fire is the purest death”. Stannis queries her intention. She asks if Stannis is troubled and he replies that he surely is. Stannis asks her to tell his god to burn the armies. She says him that she can’t tell him anything but she can pray. He tells her about taking Renly’s help as he has 1,00,000 men with him and the greater the number, more is the chances of winning. She also tells him that she has seen the victory in the flames when she burned the Seven. Gradually they physically indulge themselves on the table which scatters all the models on the floor.

Stannis with Melisandre, Davos and some more guards rendezvous with Renly on the coasts of the Stormlands to confab. Renly is accompanied by Catelyn Stark, Brienne and Loras Tyrell. They start confabulating about each other first. Stannis in between admonishes his brother to keep a watch on his own tongue. Melisandre warns Renly to kneel down before Stannis, but he does not agree to it. Catelyn tries to calm both the brothers. Stannis because of his mother gives a night to Renly to think about. He asks him to agree or Stannis will ruin him totally. Renly tells him about the great number of supporters he has and tells him that they will surely make him the king.

Stannis writs Davos to his flagship, the Fury. After a long conversation Stannis asks Davos to pirate Melisandre aground and also asks him to keep this as a secret. Davos asks him to think about some other cleaner options but he tells him that cleaner options do not help in winning wars.

While going through the cliffs Melisandre asks Davos that is he a good man to which he replies that he is a combination of both good and evil. She tells him that half a rotten onion make it a rotten onion and so he is an evil and so he asks him what she is and she tells him that she is the champion of light and life and so she is a good woman.

Melisandre and Davos Seaworth in Game of Thrones Season 2

They keep their rowboat and she asks Davos whether he loves his wife and agrees to it. She starts alluring him and so he also does not refuses her to do so when she asks him that does he wants to see what is inside her robe.

They enter a cave and he asserts that it is weird that her god asks him to work in the shadows. She tells him that shadows are the servant to light and so they cannot live in darks. When she opens her robe, Davos finds out that she is pregnant and after sometime she gives birth to Shadow who stands before her for an instant and then escapes through the bars.

The shadow kills both Renly and Stannis taking all the control of their forces. Catelyn Stark and Brienne of Tarth accompanies with Renly when he is assassinated. Catelyn is not sure what she saw but Brienne is totally sure about Stannis. Stannis crosses King’s Landing with his new army but Davos succeeds in convincing him to left Melisandre in case she is credited for his triumphant victory.

Stannis suffers a very crushing defeat at the Battle of Blackwater but manages to escape. He goes back to Dragonstone and accosts Melisandre about the validation of her predictions. He starts begin to strangle her in fury but she reminds how they killed Renly. He shows utter regret that he killed his own brother. Melisandre admonishes him that he will have to commit worst betrayals before the long war but asks him to fight on. She shows him a visual in flames that awes him.

Melisandre In Season 3

After Stannis is defeated in the Battle of Blackwater, the King becomes secluded and withdrawn, and only allows Melisandre to meet. Melisandre started conducting human sacrifices of people who talks against him. Davos tries to assassinate him to try to stop Stannis leading to his condemnation. He announces Melisandre as his adversary and drew a knife when he mentions his son’s demise, but unfortunately he is laid back and taken into prison.

She goes to Riverlands and leaves Dragonstone, despite Stannis wanted her to live with him. She tells him that she wanted to find something. After arriving she meets Thoros of Myr of the Brotherhood Without Banners. She asks Thoros about his mission to covert Robert Baratheon. After telling her that he failed, Thoros orders her to be more open about her needs and should speak High Valyrian. Thoros shows her Beric Dondarrion and annotate his rebirth.

Melisandre with Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion in Game of Thrones Season 3

Thoros flogs her and tells her again that he is an instrument of the Lord of Light. He and Beric agrees to give her Gendry in an exchange of two heavy gold bags. As she just began to leave, Melisandre is confronted by Arya Stark, who refers her as “evil”. While leaving Melisandre tells her that they will meet again.

As Melisandre’s ship silently spans Blackwater Bay, she reveals the truth of Gendry’s heritage to him by pointing towards the Red Keep. She also tells him that it is his father’s home. After arriving at Dragonstone, she talks with Stannis. Gendry is seemed confused by her gentle treatment. She keeps Gendry in a bountiful room and starts alluring him. She at an instant turns the tables, tie him to the bed and starts leeching his blood for the custom.


After Davos liberates Gendry and confronts Stannis’s rage, he tries to save him by sending a letter to the Night’s Watch. Melisandre blazes the letter and confirms that darkness is marching on the Wall. Melisandre also asks not to kill Davos as she has also dictated his importance to the forces of light in the upcoming war.

Melisandre in Season 4

Melisandre administer over the blazing of some of the Stannis’ bannermen who have not agreed to capture their open worship to the Seven. Afterwards Melisandre dines with Selyse and Stannis. She starts doing small talks and confabulating about the Lord of Light but maintain a silent posture when they both start arguing about princess Shireen.  Stannis blocks Selyse from keeping hand on Shireen. Selyse tells him that Melisandre should talk to her instead, but it seems that Melisandre is not so interested about it. When at night Melisandre meets her, she dismisses The Seven Pointed Star as “lies and fables” and exclaims her that there are only two gods, R’hllor and the Great Other, and only a single hell in which they are living now.

Melisandre and Shireen Baratheon in Game of Thrones Season 4

After some months, Queen Selyse talks to Melisandre who was enjoying her bath. Melisandre jibes her that Lord of Light has asked her to enjoy this bath as this is the last time she might be having a good bath but Selyse does not understands it. Selyse asks her that whether she has used the potion when she had slept with Stannis, to which she says she had not. Selyse asks her to leave Shireen when they will go North but she tells her that Shireen must come with them wherever they go.

Melisandre and Selyse Baratheon in Game of Thrones Season 4

Stannis leaves to the North with Melisandre to defend the Night’s Watch against the wildlings, but she did not take part in it. At the Watch’s funeral, she fixes her eyesight on Jon Snow.

Melisandre In Season 5

Stannis asks Melisandre to talk to Jon Snow while moving from Castle Black to the top of the Wall, she tells him that she never feels cold and asks him to touch her cheek. She also asks Jon about his virginity. Jon tells her that he is not and Melisandre asserts that it is a very good thing. Later she lights the pyre of Mance Rayder and calls him King of Lies and announces Stannis as the only king.

Melisandre in Season 5

Melisandre interrupts in an argument which takes place between Selyse and Stannis over their daughter, Shireen. This time, Melisandre comes to Stannis’s side and says that Lord of Light does not care about Shireen’s deformation. After Selyse went from there, Melisandre asks Stannis whether she is going to be with him or not when Stannis will march on Winterfell. Stannis replies that this time surely she will be there with him.

Melisandre meets Jon Snow with a very prosaic reason to join the battle. Melisandre then tried to allure Jon by flawing her dress and hedging him at his desk. She asks him to take her as Lord of Light has intentionally made males and females. Jon tells her vows and fact that Stannis won’t approve. She tells her that they should not tell this to Stannis and he has already broken his pledge by lying with a woman. Jon agrees that his feelings for Ygritte are still real even if she is no more alive. Melisandre quickly wears her dress and mutters “you know nothing, Jon Snow.”

Melisandre leaves Castle Black with the rest of the Stannis’ army. While marching, the weather shows a drastic change and a snow storm delays his army. Melisandre speaks to Stannis alone that they have to do a sacrifice in order to win the battle. She also tells him that she has seen it in the flames. When Stannis tells her that it is impossible to find Gendry now, she exclaims that they should sacrifice Shireen. Stannis is seen disgusted and stunned after hearing this but she tries to convince by telling him that she wants him to be the undisputed king at the time of Long Night. But he asks her to leave him.

But Ramsay Bolton’s attack makes the supply of Stannis’ men and food supply abated. Stannis then allows Melisandre to sacrifice Shireen with some other victims. Melisandre lights the pyre without any remorse killing Shireen.

Melisandre and Shireen Baratheon in Game of Thrones Season 5

The following day, the temperature increases and the snow start melting at a huge rate which makes Stannis’ army possible to start marching again. Melisandre tells Stannis that this only happened because of the sacrifice and now Stannis will easily take Winterfell. When a soldier tells them that half of their army has deserted in the night, Melisandre starts trembling. In no time, another soldier comes and tells that Selyse Baratheon’s corpse is recovered. Her faith starts shattering and she abandons Stannis, steals a horse and escapes to Castle Black. As she enters, Jon and Davos starts query her. Jon asks her about Stannis and Davos about Shireen. Melisandre does not answer and remains still and it confirms Jon and Davos.

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