Lysa Arryn

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Lysa Arryn Wiki  News  Biography  Photos  Video’s Depicted By:  Kate Dickie
 Appearance in Season:  1 and 4
 Called As: Lysa Tully
 Origin: Riverrun
House Baelish – by marriage
House Arryn – by marriage
House Tully – by birth
 Father  – Hoster Tully
Mother – Minisa Tully
Uncle  – Brynden Tully
Sister – Catelyn Stark
Brother – Edmure Tully
1st husband – Jon Arryn
Son – Robin Arryn

2nd husband – Petyr Baelish
Brother-in-law – Eddard Stark
Nephew  – Robb Stark
Niece – Sansa Stark
Niece – Arya Stark
Nephew – Bran Stark
Nephew – Rickon Stark
Sister-in-law – Roslin Frey

Life Status: Dead

About Lysa Arryn

Lysa ruled on behalf of her son Robin Arryn as the Lady Regent of the Vale. She dominated over her son and resorted to a policy of isolationism after her husband Jon Arryn’s death. Lysa was a judge in the trial of Tyrion Lannister as charges of Jon’s murder were against him and attempt to kill Bran Stark was also an offence held against him. He proved his innocence in a trial by combat. Lysa refused to align with her sister Catelyn Stark in the War of the Five Kings.

Game Of Thrones Lysa Arryn Biography

As a matter of fact, however Lysa along with Petyr Baelish had masterminded the war. She was deeply in love with Petyr and poisoned her husband Jon, framing the Lannisters so that House Stark and House Lannister would be at war destroying the Seven Kingdoms. Lysa is eventually betrayed by Petyr, who pushes her out from the Moon Door and seizes her rule over the Vale.

Biography of Lysa Arryn

Lysa was the second child of Lord Hoster Tully. She had an elder sister Catelyn and a younger brother Edmure Tully. The Tullys fostered Petyr Baelish and they grew up together.

Lysa was married to Jon during Robert’s rebellion as House Arryn and House Tully forged an alliance. After the victory in the war, Robert Baratheon was crowned king and he named Jon as Hand of the King. Jon served for many years. Lysa and Jon just have one son named Robin. Jon and Lysa stayed in King’s Landing for the next 17 years, and never returned to the Eyrie in the Vale of Arryn.

Jon was poisoned by Lysa and King Robert searches for a replacement. Lysa flees King’s Landing for the safety of the Eyrie along with Robin who was just six years old then. Robin was the titular Lord Paramount of the Vale, however Lysa would rule as the Lady Regent of the Vale until Robin qualified. She is considered mentally unstable by Tyrion Lannister.

Lysa Arryn in Season 1

Lysa Arryn’s husband Jon Arryn dies due to contracting a fatal fever. Lysa runs from the capital and reaches the Eyrie along with her son Robin. She writes a letter to her sister Catelyn stating that the Lannisters were to be held responsible for Jon’s death, for reasons unknown to her. This letter is fodder to convince Eddard Stark to take up the position of Hand of King in order to probe the matter. Catelyn’s son Bran Stark is injured under mysterious circumstances and Catelyn arrests Tyrion Lannister as a prime suspect for trying to kill her son. She takes Tyrion to the Eyrie so as to question him. Lysa is angry with Catelyn for putting her at risk from the Lannisters. Lysa sends Tyrion to Mord, who is the castle jailer.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Lysa Refuses to send knight

Tyrion convinces Lysa to give him a trial by combat. He is supported by the mercenary Bronn. Bronn wins the battle and kills Lysa Arryn’s champion Ser Vardis Egen. Lysa snubs at Bronn for not fighting with honor but eventually releases Tyrion.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Lysa and Tyrion

Lysa gets a letter from King’s Landing stating that Robert had died and Eddard had been arrested by Joffrey Baratheon. To Catelyn’s disgust Lysa delays showing her the letter. For Eddard’s freedom Catelyn suggests that the knights of the Vale should join House Stark and House Tully against the House Lannister. Lysa refuses vehemently. Lysa asserts that the Vale knights should remain in the Eyrie to protect Robin. Catelyn departs from the Eyrie very disturbed.

Lysa Arryn in Season 4

Petyr Baelish as part of his promises to both Lysa and Catelyn’s daughter Sansa Stark, come to the Vale and brings along Sansa with him. Lysa greets Sansa with enthusiasm and introduces her to her son Robin. She expresses pity over Sansa’s marriage with the dwarfed Tyrion Lannister and inquires if he ever forced himself on her. Sansa replies that Tyrion never forced her. Lysa confirms that she will not address Sansa by her true name in front of others and asks Robin to show her around the castle.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Lysa and Sansa Stark

Lysa is sexually eager and arranges a marriage with Petyr Baelish promising to scream as they made love. She refers to poisoning her husband’s wine and framing the Lannisters for this deed and testifies her love for him.

The next day Lysa shares childhood memories of Catelyn with Sansa and is very angry when Sansa almost mentions that Petyr loved Catelyn, a fact that has troubled her all these years. Lysa grills Sansa and asks her as to why Baelish cared so much for her and inquires if he ever forced himself on her. Sansa is very shocked and denies this. Lysa is clenching Sansa’s fingers tightly and Sansa complains in pain. Realizing that Sansa is scared, Lysa turns into a caring aunt by drawing her close and comforting her.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Lysa Threatens Sansa

Lysa sees Petyr kissing Sansa in the Eyrie’s gardens and goes beserk with jealousy. She calls Sansa to the High Hall of the Arryns, and threatens to push her out of the Moon Door to her eventual death, but is stopped by Petyr. Lysa starts crying and falls to the floor. Baelish apologizes to her, embraces her and asserts that he only loved one woman, and that was her sister. He then shoves Lysa out of the Moon Door to her death, as a terrified Sansa looks on. With the help of Sansa, Petyr Baelish manages to convince the lords of the Vale that Lysa committed suicide.

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