Jon Snow

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Game Of Thrones Series Jon Snow Depicted By: Kit Harington

 Appearance in Season:  1,2,3,4 and 5

 Called As: 

Lord Snow

The Bastard of Winterfell

King Crow

 Origin: Winterfell


The Night’s Watch

House Stark

 Culture: Northmen

 Religion: Old Gods of the Forest


Father – Eddard Stark

Mother – Wylla

Stepmother – Catelyn Stark

Paternal grandfather – Rickard Stark

Paternal uncle – Brandon Stark

Paternal aunt – Lyanna Stark

Paternal uncle – Benjen Stark

Half-brother – Robb Stark

Half-sister – Sansa Stark

Half-sister – Arya Stark

Half-brother – Bran Stark

Half-brother – Rickon Stark

Sister-in-law – Talisa Maegyr

Half-brother-in-law – Tyrion Lannister

Half-brother-in-law – Ramsay Bolton

Lover – Ygritte

Life Status: Dead

About Jon Snow

Jon Snow is the illegitimate son of Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell and was a steward in the Night’s Watch. Serving on the Wall, Jon has found acceptance where the facts of his birth held little importance. He has a direwolf named Ghost and he wields the bastard sword, Longclaw, a gift from Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, who took up Jon as his personal steward and treated him as a surrogate son.

While on a mission to discover Mance Rayder’s plans, Jon infiltrates his wildling army. While trying to get familiar with their plans, Jon falls in love with a wildling woman name Ygritte. Jon later has to leave her behind after scaling the Wall, as he returns to his sworn brothers in the Night’s Watch warning them about the coming invasion.

Game Of Thrones Series About Jon Snow

After the fierce Battle of Castle Black, wherein he led the defense, he came to be elected as Night’s Watch, 998th Lord Commander. As the Lord Commander, he forges a controversial alliance between the Free Folk and the Night’s Watch to stand against the White Walkers. With his wildling ally, Tormund, he reaches Hardhome, where majority of the Free Folk are slain by the White Walkers, while only a few thousand manage to escape with Jon. In this battle, Jon turns out to be the second black brother to kill a White Walker, and in the process discovers their vulnerability to Valyrian steel. Despite his hard choices for the greater good, his strained out relations with his Watch brothers eventually is the cause of his death. They mutiny against him, and stab him several times and eventually left to bleed and die in the snow.

Biography of Jon Snow

Jon Snows father Eddard once told Robert Baratheon that Jon’s mother was a servant Wylla, but did not give further details. Jon has no knowledge of his mother and her whereabouts are unbeknownst to him.

Jon was raised at Winterfell gaining equal treatment as his legitimate siblings. He has a half-brother Robb elder to him, two half-sisters Sansa and Arya younger to him, and two half- brothers Brandon and Rickon younger to him. Jon is the major source of conflict between Eddard and his wife Catelyn, however when he was severely ill as a child Catelyn prayed hard for him. Jon got on very well with Robb and Arya.

Jon Snow in season 1

While Jon and Robb are instructing Bran in archery, they come to know of a captured deserter. Jon accompanies Eddard, Robb, Bran and Theon Greyjoy to the execution of the deserter Will. Jon instructs Bran as to not to look away as their father would come to know. Afterwards Bran is praised by Jon for maintaining his composure. On the road back to Winterfell, they find a dead direwolf with six new born puppies. Jon convinces Eddard to allow the five Stark children to keep the pups, stating that a direwolf was the sigil of House Stark. He further states that there were five direwolves for the five trueborn Stark children, which must be a sign from the Old Gods that the Stark children were meant to keep the pups. Jon intentionally leaves himself out of the count of Stark children. When Bran asks about this Jon responds that he was not a Stark. However while they are about to leave they find an albino that had gone away from its mother. Theon suggests that he was an outsider like Jon, and Jon should keep him. Jon takes the pup as his own and names it Ghost. As Jon is treated very coldly by his stepmother, he decides to join the Night’s Watch. Jon meets Tyrion Lannister a dwarf who understands the pain of being an outcast. Tyrion asks him to wear the tag of bastard as a badge of great honor, so that nobody could hurt him with that word.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Jon and Tyrion

Jon briefly confronts Jaime Lannister who with sarcasm thanks him for protecting them all from the atrocities beyond the Wall. Before Jon leaves Winterfell he bids farewell to Bran who is injured after falling from a tower. He gifts Arya a sword called Needle, that he had made specially for her and advises her to stick them with the pointy end. Jon tells Arya that he will miss her. As Jon is preparing to leave Robb approaches him and discusses about Bran, he also inquires about Catelyn’s attitude. Jon assures Robb that Catelyn was kind to him. Robb tells him that he would visit him sometime at the Wall, hugs him and bids farewell. While they are parting on the Kingsroad, Eddard promises Jon that he would disclose the truth about his mother the next time they met. Jon is accompanied by his uncle Benjen and Tyrion who wants to urinate on the top of the wall before he dies.

At Castle Black Jon discovers that as against his expectations the Night’s Watch was simply a clan of criminals and wastrels being dumped there. He becomes enemies with Ser Alliser Thorne, the Master-at-Arms who is in-charge of training new recruits. He displays superior fighting skills picked up at Winterfell and humiliates his fellow recruits. Benjen stands with Jon while he is on his first watch and informs him that he is going North of the Wall. Jon wants to accompany Benjen, but Benjen insists that Jon must complete his training first. Jon is helped by Tyrion to see that he is no better than the other recruits but was still enjoying more advantages. Jon offers to train his new brothers and this is accepted by Grenn and Pypar. Jon befriends Samwell Tarly when he enters Castle Black and protects him from the cruelty of Thorne. Thorne is disgusted with Jon.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Jon Snow and Samwell Turly

After the completion of his training Jon is inducted into the Night’s Watch after swearing his oath. He is assigned to the stewards rather than the rangers, and Jon initially feels it is due to his enemity with Thorne. But Samwell asserts that Jeor Mormont, the Lord Commander would have Jon to bring him up as his personal steward and perhaps had plans for grooming him to take up command. Jon is worried when Benjen’s horse returns unsaddled to the Wall. Afterwards Ghost finds the corpses of two rangers that were assigned to Benjen, Ser Jafer Flowers and Othor. After learning of Eddards’s imprisonment in King’s Landing, Thorne taunts Jon for being a traitor’s bastard son. This angers Jon and he draws his knife and he is restricted to quarters.

Later Othor’s corpse turns into a wight and attacks Mormont. Jon saves his life by burning the wight and earns a pardon for his earlier misbehavior. Mormont gives Jon his Valyrian steel sword, Longclaw. Jon ponders over marching with Robb’s army as he confronted the Lannisters. But Maester Aemon tells him that he was also put to test during Robert’s rebellion when they slew his nephew the Mad King, along with his son and grandchildren, and he chose to stay with the Night’s Watch.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Maester Aemon and Jon Snow

Jon learns that Eddard is executed and wants to leave immediately to seek revenge for his father’s death, but Samwell, Pypar and Grenn convince him to stay back. Mormont inform him that their war against the White Walkers was more important than the ongoing game of thrones at King’s Landing. Mormont tells Jon that the Watch was marching beyond the Wall to find Benjen and gauge the threat. Jon vouches never to desert the Night’s Watch and aligns with the troops as they set out.

Jon Snow in Season 2

Jon is prepared for command by Lord Commander Mormont as the Great Ranging travels North finding Benjen Stark and a thorough explanation for the wight attack. They come across several wildling villages before they reach the home of their ally Craster. Jon is vexed when he learns that Craster marries his daughters but has no sons eventually. He dislikes Craster when they meet him. Craster tells Mormont that he has not seen Benjen and that the wildlings are gathering under the leadership of their King Mance Rayder. Jon is reprimanded by Mormont for failing to follow his lead with the unsavory Craster.

Game Of Thrones season 2 Sam, Gilly and Jon

Sam appeals to Jon to help Craster’s pregnant daughter wife Gilly. She is afraid of giving birth to a son but would not state the reason. Jon is in utter frustration and refuses to disobey Mormont’s orders as to not meddle with Craster and his affairs. Jon spots Craster carrying a new born into the woods and follows suit. He witnesses Craster leave the child for a White Walker but is unable to recognize the creature. Craster after spotting Jon knocks him out; he disarms Jon and drags him back to his keep. Craster drives out the rangers from his home. Mormont discloses to Jon that he was aware that Craster was sacrificing his sons but ignored it as Craster was a useful ally.

The rangers arrive at the fortified peak known as the Fist of the First Men and wait for Qhorin Halfhand and his contingent from the Shadow Tower. Qhorin suggests that they alter their tactics and use small groups to overcome Mance Rayder’s lookouts in the Skirling Pass. Jon seeks Mormont’s permission to join Qhorin and Mormont allows him to go.

Qhorin and his men locate and ambush the wildling watchers. Jon after realizing that his opponent was a woman, hesitates to kill her. The woman introduces herself as Ygritte but does not disclose any of the wildling plans. Qhorin isolates Jon to kill Ygritte. Jon is unable to kill her and she escapes. He recaptures her but they depart from Qhorin’s group. Jon decides that as it was getting dark they could not reunite with the group. Ygritte convinces Jon to sleep next to her with the purpose of sharing body heat and then makes sexual advances towards him, but he denies.

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Ygritte and Jon Sleeps together

Jon unties Ygritte’s legs to pursue his search for the rest of the raiders, when Ygritte tells him that she knows that he is a virgin. As they are walking Ygritte questions Jon as to why the Night’s Watch hated the Free Folk. She tries to explain that they shared the blood of the First Men and just happened to be on the other side of the Wall while it was being built. She tries to persuade him to forget his oath and live a free life. Ygritte makes another sexual advance and Jon reaches for his sword. She backs away quickly and trips him with the rope while he is caught totally without any guard. Inspite of hunting and chasing her down he is attacked surprisingly and locked down. Ygritte teases him that he should have taken up the chance when he could have killed her.

Jon is brought in front of the Lord of Bones by Ygritte who convinces the Lord that Mance Rayder would want to question Jon. The Lord of Bones has held Qhorin as a captive. Qhorin tell Jon that the others were killed while they searched for him. He compels Jon to make their deaths meaningful by becoming a spy within the wildling contingent. They then pretend to have a fight.

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Qhorin and Jon Fight

After Theon Greyjoy betrays House Stark and takes the castle in Winterfell, he refuses to flee and join the Night’s Watch while he is surrounded by Ramsay Snow’s men, giving reason that Jon would kill him for betraying the Starks and apparently burning Rickon and Bran alive.

As they are on their way to meet Mance Rayder, Ygritte continues to playfully tease Jon by tapping him on his head with the flat of his sword.  Qhorin takes up the cahnce to advance his plan to portray Jon as a traitor. He launches an attack on Jon, and the Lord of Bones allows them to have a fight. Jon is initially reluctant, but Qhorin dubs his father as a traitor and his mother a whore. Jon slaughters Qhorin, and the wildlings are stunned. Qhorin whispers a line from the Watch’s oath into Jon’s ear with his dying breath. Jon’s hands are then freed. Ygritte leads him to the crest of the mountain so as to look over the massive wildling encampment.

Jon Snow in Season 3

Ygritte escort both Jon Snow and the Lord of Bones into the main wildling camp in the Frostfangs Mountains, and he discovers that almost all of the wildling society is on the move to escape from the White Walkers, including the women and the children. Jon is shocked to see a real live giant walk past, as they enter the camp. The wildlings are surprised to see Jon in his all-black Watch’s clothes and shout aloud “crow!” as he approaches. Some young boys pelt Jon with small stones and ice, however Ygritte shoos them away.

Jon is led into the tent of Mance Rayder, and the Lord of Bones explains that he is Eddard Stark‘s bastard son. The huge man says he doesn’t care, but shows interest on hearing that Jon killed Qhorin Halfhand. As they are talking Jon kneels in front of Mance and mistakes him of being something supreme and attend him as “Your Grace” to which a huge laughter by the Wildings bursts out. It turns out this wasn’t Mance, but his lieutenant Tormund Giantsbane. The real Mance was a modest and unassuming man sitting in a corner, who introduces himself tehn and tells Jon to arise, as this was not a custom among the wildlings.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Mance and Jon Snow

Mance says he is glad that Qhorin was killed, as he had slain many wildlings. Jon is asked by Mance as to why he wanted to join them, to which he replies that he wants to be free, but Mance is not convinced. Jon then clarifies that when the Watch camped at Craster’s Keep, he witnessed Craster leaving his very newborn baby son as an offering in the woods. Jon states that he wanted to leave the Watch as he is disgusted at the fact that Mormont was aware but did nothing to stop it. Jon said that he descended from the First Men, who defeated the White Walkers once during The Long Night, and now he wanted “to fight for the side who fights for the living”. Mance was convinced and asked Jon to get a new cloak.

Jon Snow then marched South with the wildlings and Mance. Mance makes Jon meetone of his scouts, Orell, who is sitting silently with his eyes rolled back, and an eagle is circling above him. Mance states that he is a “warg”. Jon is unaware as to what it mens, so Mance says that a warg was a person who was capable of entering the mind of an animal, seeing what it saw and could even control its behavior. Orell controlled his menagerie in order to scout miles ahead. Mance asks Orell what he saw, and Orell replies that he saw the Fist of the First Men along with many dead “crows”.

Jon Snow and the Free Folk reach the Fist of the First Men, and survey the remains of assault on the Night’s Watch by the White Walkers together with their army of undead wights. But they only find corpses of horses and no remains of humans. Jon states that there were three hundred men of the Watch at the Fist, and consults Mance if Mormont could be alive. Mance says that it’s possible Mormont escaped, but even if he did, he and his men were trapped miles away from the Wall and the White Walkers were in close pursuit. Mance warns Jon that all of the missing dead from the Fist were no longer his brothers from the Watch, but had been resurrected as undead monsters, that served the White Walkers. Jon hesitantly agrees.

Mance ordered Tormund to take a force of twenty men and scale the Wall to attack Castle Black from its rear. Mance’s plan is to distract Castle Black by attacking their exposed southern side, and Mance’s main army would assault it from the north. Tormund would know that Mance is in position when his army made a massive signal fire. Mance asks Tormund to take Jon along, as Jon knows the layout of Castle Black, and it was a test of his loyalty; if it turned out that he would not betray the Night’s Watch, Tormund could throw him off the Wall.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Tormund, Mance and Jon

On their way to Castle Black, Jon and Ygritte are gathering firewood. Orell asks Jon about the Night’s Watch defenses in detail, as he has already seen through the eyes of his eagle that there are patrols on top of the Wall, now he wants to know how frequent they were. Jon replied that they usually sent out patrols four in a team, two builders to probe for structural damage and two rangers to protect the builders; however the frequency of patrolling often changed. Orell states that the wildlings are aware that there are nineteen castles along the south side of the Wall, however now he wants to know how many are currently manned. Jon becomes uneasy, but hesitantly says that only three are manned currently. Besides Castle Black, there is also Eastwatch-by-the-Sea at the far eastern end, and the Shadow Tower at the far western end. Orell then asks how many men garrison Castle Black currently. Jon is very hesitant to answer, but Orell threatens him, so he gives an exaggerated number, stating that there are one thousand men (which is a lie, as Castle Black had only six hundred men before the Great Ranging, and the strength now is closer to three hundred). Tormund says to Jon that he likes him, but if he lies to them, he would kill him.

Jon and Ygritte then walk away from the rest. She steals his sword Longclaw, and makes him chase her. She makes him follow her into a nearby cave. Ygritte starts undressing, and says that she wants to make sure Jon Snow is truly loyal to the wildlings and has broken his Night’s Watch vows. She quickly removes all of her clothes and walks up to him nude. Jon is very reluctant, but gives in and they have sex in the cave, when Ygritte tells him that she wished they could be in the cave forever.

Jon aligns with a wildling party headed by Tormund Giantsbane to climb the Wall. Ygritte questions him about their relationship and his support to the Night’s Watch, stating that he must be loyal to her infact. While climbing, Ygritte breaks part of the ice, leaving them both hanging in the air by the rope. Orell thinks that they are lost, and cuts it. Jon manages to save them both by climbing back onto the ice. The two finally reach the top, where they indulge in passionate kissing.

Later Jon Snow, Ygritte and the wildlings headed by Tormund Giantsbane walk towards Castle Black and await Mance Rayder’s signal to launch an attack on the Night’s Watch. Orell approaches Ygritte and tells her that he would be a better match for her than Jon Snow, and expresses his distrust in Jon. Jon tries to convince Ygritte that the wildlings’ cause is unfruitful, but she is unmoved and asserts that Jon is one of them now; if the wildlings fail, he too will fail. She reasserts her passion for him and states bluntly that if they die, they die no worries, but before they die they will certainly live.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Orell and Ygritte

The wildling party alonwith Jon Snow prepare to raid an old horse breeder’s home so as to take   his horses and gold. Jon says that the old man was no threat to them, but Orell and Tormund want to kill the old man so that he would not alert the Night’s Watch. However Jon hits a rock with his sword, cautioning the old man who runs away and he also stops Ygritte when she tries to shoot the running man with an arrow. Meanwhile in an abandoned mill nearby, Bran and Jojen Reed are planning to cross the Wall, and Meera spots the old man running for his life. When the elderly man is seized by the wildlings, Hodor who is scared due to the thunder begins to yell, a fact which threatens to disclose their location to the wildlings. Bran uses his Warg capabilities to enter Hodor’s mind and causes him to pass out.

Outside the mill, Tormund moves forward to kill the old man, but Orell asks him to have Jon kill him instead so as to prove his loyalty. Eventually Jon is unable to kill the innocent old man, and instead the man is killed by Ygritte with an arrow. After realizing that Jon was still loyal to the Watch, Tormund orders kill Jon. Jon enters into a fight with Orell. At the behest of Jojen, Bran wargs Summer, his direwolf, to help Jon. Summer and Shaggydog manage to kill two wildlings threatening Jon, as he battles and finally kills Orell. With still some strength left Orell enters into the mind of his eagle, which attacks Jon, and claws him badly about the face, but Jon fights the bird off. Then he steals a horse and flees, leaving behind Ygritte and heads back to the Wall.

As Jon stops to rest and tend to his injury, he is approached by a bewildered Ygritte, who is ready to shoot him. Jon tries to convince Ygritte not to shoot him, asserting that he still loves her. Ygritte is still furious over his betrayal and shoots him thrice with her arrows as he escapes.  Jon is very badly injured, but his horse carries him to Castle Black. Jon is taken inside the castle by the guards, where he confronts Pypar and Sam, who are delighted to see him and cater to him immediately.

Jon Snow in Season 4

Jon recovers from all the injuries, although he still grimaces while dressing up. Jon is told about Robb’s death. Jon shares with Sam his jealousy of Robb for being more loved and for being better at riding, fighting, and winning over girls. Still, he states that he never hated Robb. Sam responds by stating that he too was jealous of Jon, because Jon was better at everything (except reading). Jon is summoned to testify in front of a panel of five sworn brothers, including Janos Slynt , Maestor Aemon, Alliser Thorne the Lord Commander. At the hearing Jon confesses to killing Qhorin, to dwelling amongst the wildlings, and even to have bedded one. He also informs the panel that Mance was to attack and gives details on his plans and strength. Thorne and Slynt are openly hostile to Jon, not believing what he said and call for his execution. However, Aemon realizes that Jon is genuine, and the hearing ends with Jon’s execution cancelled.

In the meantime, at the Dreadfort, Theon Greyjoy reluctantly tells Roose Bolton that Bran and Rickon may be with Jon at Castle Black. Jon is now a target of the Boltons, since Ramsay claims that even though a bastard, Jon was still son of Eddard Stark, and may avenge the downfall of the Starks. Roose eventually sends his hunter, Locke, to the Wall in order to find Bran, Jon and Rickon and kill them all.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Roose Bolton Sends Hunter

When Olly arrives at Castle black, he informs the Night’s Watch regarding the widlings attacking villages. Thorne asks Jon to opine on protecting the small folk living in the Gift. Jon states that if the wildlings are able to breach the Wall, they could head south by force for some thousand miles before they confronted an army that could curtail them. Their talk is then interrupted by a single horn blast. It is found to be Grenn and Edd, who have managed to escape the mutineers at Craster’s Keep. Jon is overwhelmed to see them alive, but he is worried when they disclose that the mutineers are still entrenched at the keep. Jon gauges that if the mutineers are captured by Mance, then the wildlings would know how vulnerable Castle Black really was. Jon tries to explain to Alliser Thorne that finishing off the mutineers should be their top priority.

Jon along with Grenn is training the new recruits to fight wildlings, and one of them is Locke. Jon is approached by Locke and they get introduced, but Jon is unaware of Locke’s true intentions. Jon and Sam are discussing about Bran going beyond the Wall and once he realizes that Bran could be at the Craster’s Keep, Locke immediately comes in to inform him that Thorne has summoned him. Thorne gives Jon the permission to attack Craster’s Keep, but with the help of volunteers. Jon delivers a speech about avenging Mormont’s death by the mutinies and a number of his brothers are convinced to join him in his attack, inclusive of Grenn, Edd, and Locke.

The contingent attacks at night, and the mutineers are taken by surprise. Jon himself enters the main building to confront Karl. Both of them are evenly matched, although Karl manages to get the upper hand after spitting on Jon’s face and then kicks him to the floor. Before Karl could land the finishing blow, one of Craster’s daughter-wives stabs him in the back. Karl tries to kill her, and this proves to be a fatal mistake as Jon takes up the opportunity to thrust his sword, Longclaw through the back of his opponent’s head and out of his mouth.

Post the fight, Jon and the remnants count five dead amongst the Watch, including Locke whose neck was cut off in a way that terrified Jon, and Jon was completely unaware that Locke had been slain by a Bran-possessed Hodor. Jon then reunites with Ghost, and then turns to Craster’s wives and offers them refuge at Castle Black. They decline the offer, saying they couldn’t trust the Night’s Watch after all the abuse they got from them and would prefer to go on their own way. Before departing, they set a burning torch to Craster’s Keep, burning it to the ground.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Bran possessed Hodor

Jon and his fellow brothers return to Castle Black, and Ser Alliser Thorne and Janos Slynt are annoyed. Ser Alliser orders Jon to lock up Ghost or his direwolf would become fodder for the Night’s Watch. Jon, later reports that Mance’s army was closing in on Craster’s Keep, and would reach the Wall before the next full moon. Jon says that defending the tunnel would be hopeless as the gates would not stop the giants in Rayder’s army. He suggests that they seal the tunnel, but Alliser Thorne is not convinced. Alliser then assigns Samwell Tarly and Jon night duties on top of the Wall until the next new moon arises.

Atop the wall that night, Jon hears the horn blowing and looks northward, and witnesses a huge conflagration north of the Wall, exactly as Mance had promised him. Jon meets Thorne, who finally repents and confesses that they should have sealed the tunnel.

As they start to prepare for the massive wildling attack, another horn blows that signals the arrival of Tormund’s band of wildlings at Castle Black. Alliser goes down and defends the keep, and leaves Janos Slynt responsible for the Wall’s defenses. A wildling strike force led by two giants, one of them riding a mammoth, charge towards Castle Black’s outer gate, but Janos Slynt just breaks down. Grenn steps in and lies that Alliser needs Janos down in Castle Black, and allows Jon to take command of defenses.

Though Jon manages to control most of the wildlings attacking the outer gate, including the mammoth one, one giant single-handedly lifts the gate. Jon then sends a group of black brothers led by Grenn to hold the gate at any cost. Sam then approaches him for more men to defend the castle, so Jon gives Edd control of the Wall, asks Sam to release Ghost from his pen to help them, and then orders six other men to descend with him and enter the fray.

Jon quickly fights off many wildlings, and finally he and Styr meet in single combat. Eventually Styr gets the upper hand after knocking Longclaw away. Styr then brutally smashes Jon’s face into an anvil, and subsequently tosses him into the blacksmith’s forge. However, when Styr tries to strangle him, he spits blood directly on Styr’s face, which distracts him long enough for Jon to seize the blacksmith’s hammer and dig it into Styr’s skull. After killing Styr, Jon turns around to find Ygritte with her arrow pointing at him. He gives her a smile, and she hesitates. Before they could say anything, Olly shoots Ygritte through the heart. Jon grabs her in his arms and she tells him that they should have been in the cave forever, and finally dies.

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Jon and Styr

Later Jon approaches Mance in a wildling camp north of the Wall and tells him that he wants to negotiate with him. Mance expresses discontentment at Jon’s betrayal, however they drink a toast to some of their deceased friends, like Grenn and Ygritte. Mance notices that Jon is eyeing a cooking knife, and realizes that Jon actually wanted to assassinate him. Before either could make a move, they were intervened by the sound of war horns. Outside, hundreds of knights headed by Stannis Baratheon and Davos Seaworth arrive and kill majority of the wildlings.

Jon introduces himself to Stannis as Eddard’s son, and advises that Stannis arrest Mance rather than executing him, stating that Mance had the opportunity to kill him, but he did not do so. Out of sheer respect for Eddard, Stannis accepts the suggestion; and Jon also suggests Stannis to burn the bodies of the dead so that they do not return as wights.  Jon later visits Tormund, who tells Jon that Ygritte’s love was true, and asks him to cremate Ygritte north of the Wall. Jon agrees and carries Ygritte’s body into the woods and burns it, weeping all the way as he walks away.

Jon Snow in Season 5

Jon meets Stannis and Davos, and kneels in front of the king. Since Roose Bolton was ruling Winterfell, Stannis questions Jon if he wanted to avenge his fallen half-brother Robb. Jon reasserts that he is a sworn brother of the Night’s Watch. Davos says that his loyalty to the Watch is considered suspicious due to the time he spent with the wildlings. Yet, Stannis wanted Jon to retake the North with the assistance of the wildlings, saying that he would pardon them and consider them citizens of the kingdom once the war was won. Stannis would give the wildlings freedom if Mance bended the knee and swore his loyalty. He gives Jon time until nightfall so as to convince Mance, or else Mance would be burned to death.

Jon tries his level best to convince Mance to save his life and the wildlings, but Mance is unmoved. As Mance is escorted to the pyre, Stannis gives him the last chance to save himself. Mance is unmoved and is burnt on the pyre. As the fire begins to engulf Mance completely, he is mercifully shot in the heart by Jon.

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Mance Death

Jon is summoned by Stannis and Davos in order to discuss his future. Stannis shows him a raven’s message from Lyanna Mormont stating that she would pledge her house only to a Stark of the North. Stannis proposes to legitimize Jon and make him Lord of Winterfell. Later that day the election has begun and many members of the Night’s Watch assemble to vote for either Ser Alliser Thorne, or Ser Denys Mallister as commander of the Shadow Tower. After hearing from Jon that he would continue to be with the Night’s Watch, Jon is nominated by Sam as the third candidate and recalls how bravely he took command of the defense of Castle Black, and the fact that he was willing to sacrifice himself to curtail Mance Rayder. After the votes are cast, Maester Aemon tallys the tokens and there is a tie between Jon and Thorne. Aemon casts his vote for Jon and he is finally elected the 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

Jon is again reminded about the offer of legitimization by Stannis and Davos but he refuses saying that being a Commander he would now be loyal to the Night’s Watch. Stannis respects his decision and tells him that he intended to march on Winterfell within a fortnight’s time since the Night’s Watch could not afford to feed his army as well as the wildling prisoners. He also Stannis then also suggests that Alliser Thorne to be sent to command by the Sea at Eastwatch and also that execution of the wildling prisoners would be a wise thing to do. Then Stannis leaves, but leaves behind Davos to try and persuade Jon to help Stannis in retaking the North. Davos tries hard to convince Jon but he is unmoved.

In a meeting of the Night’s Watch, Jon allocates a black brother the task of overseeing the digging of a new latrine pit. He names Ser Alliser Thorne as First Ranger. Jon then commands Janos Slynt to man and repair the ruined castle, Greyguard. But Janos refuses to obey, and insults him openly. Jon then commands for Janos to be taken outside, and summons Olly to get him Longclaw. Whilst on the chopping block, Janos pleads for mercy, but Jon executes him. Stannis Baratheon sees Jon execute Janos for refusing his orders, and nods slightly as in approval, from across the courtyard.

Jon continues to train new recruits, with Stannis, Selyse, Shireen, and Melisandre overlooking. Sam later brings before him requests to the Northern Lords for sending men for the Night’s Watch, but he is hesitant to send one to Roose Bolton, his brother’s murderer, however Sam convinces him that they must adopt a neutral attitude and ask for men for the Watch. Eventually Jon signs the request angrily. Melisandre enters his office and again tries to persuade him to defend his home, but he asserts that Castle Black was now his home. She tries to seduce him, and senses a power inside his blood, but Jon is repulsive of her, as he remembers of Ygritte and that his love for. To which Melisandre leaves his alone and is about to leave but before she leaves she comes up with the words saying, “You know nothing, Jon Snow“.

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Melisandre and Jon Snow

Jon later consults Aemon about a decision he is about to make, pointing out that some of the men in the Night’s Watch despised him for his sympathy towards the wildlings, but Aemon asks him to do what he believes was best. Jon’s plan was to allow the wildlings to pass the Wall and to settle in the North as subjects of the realm; or allow them to join the Night’s Watch. Jon is met with intense criticism, even from his closest friends like Edd and Olly, but Jon’s actual goal was to prevent the wildlings from falling into the hands of the ensuing White Walker army. Jon speaks with Tormund in isolation, and requests him to tour down to the wildling fishing village to Hardhome so that to negotiate with the remnant wildlings who managed to escape from Stannis’ attack. Tormund agrees, as long as Jon accompanied him so that the wildlings would know it was not a trap.  For the journey Jon borrows several of Stannis’ ships. Later, as Stannis is preparing to leave Castle Black, Jon thanks Stannis for his help, and promises him that he would have his ships back.

Jon finally reaches Hardhome with his companions. Tormund kills Rattleshirt, then he and Jon enter a hut to speak to the leaders of the tribe. Although the wildlings want to kill Jon for murdering Mance, Tormund stands up for him and discloses that Jon killed Mance out of sheer mercy. Jon proposes to share the dragonglass weapons that Sam had given him, with the wildlings and says that he would allow them to settle on the land south of the Wall, if they vouched to assist the Night’s Watch in the battle with the White Walkers. Five thousand wildlings agree with him, whereas the rest decide to stay. But, as they are leaving, they all are attacked by an army of wights. Jon struggles his way out to the hut to seize the dragonglass daggers, but is unfortunately ambushed by a White Walker. They have a fight for some time and Jon is almost killed but he retrieves Longclaw slays the Walker, and learns that they could also be killed by Valyrian steel. Edd helps Jon get up and they make it back to Stannis’s ships but the wights has a different approach as he refuse to follow Stannis and troop in the sea. But just as they are leaving, the Night’s King himself arrives at the wharf and gives a long glance to Jon, and uses his magic to raise all of the dead as wights right before Jon’s eyes. Jon looks on with terror, as he gauges that the slaughter he just witnessed was merely a prelude to what was forthcoming for all of Westeros.

Jon along with the others makes it back to the Wall on foot, and Jon makes himself visible to Alliser Thorne so that they would be let inside. As the wildlings are escorted through Castle Black into the North, Jon regrets at not being able to save them all, but Samwell Tarly comforts him, and reminds him that saving a few was better than saving none. Alliser warns Jon, saying that his kind heart would eventually get him killed.  As Jon looks around, he does see almost all of his black brothers looking at him angrily, among them were Olly, Bowen Marsh and Othell Yarwyck.

Jon glumly discusses the war against the White Walkers and his increasingly strained out relationship with the others of the Night’s Watch with Sam, who requests for leave to take Gilly and the baby Sam to Oldtown, where he would train to become a maester. Sam says that he was better equipped for the life of a maester than a warrior, and advises that the Night’s Watch needed to fill the void left by the late Aemon Targaryen. Jon is hesitant about very few friends left and while saying he points the whole thing in the form of maester, Sam’s vow of chastity would be doubly prevalent, before he finds that Sam and Gilly have had sex. Eventually Jon agrees to Sam’s request and finally sees him off.

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Sam and Gilly

Jon meets Davos who Stannis’ behalf, demands that Jon should send men to fight for Stannis in Winterfell. Jon points out that the Night’s Watch would not be enough to fight, and the wildlings would not fight for Stannis as it wasn’t their fight. Their argument was intervened by the arrival of a tired and addled Melisandre. Davos questions her about Stannis and Shireen, but she says nothing, yet her sorrow was obvious, confirming the demise of his king and princess. Melisandre goes inside the castle, and both Jon and Davos are horrified at the news.

That night while Jon is reading messages, Olly approaches him and says that one of the Wildlings knows where uncle Benjen is. Quickly Jon follows Thorne to a gathering of his black brothers, and finds a sign marked “Traitor”. Thorne and many other Watch brothers stab Jon while uttering “for the Watch.”

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 10 Jon Snow Death

The wounded Jon kneels, and is gasping for breath, Olly then  comes forward with tears in his eyes and after a short pause, eventually stabs Jon and declares “for the Watch.” Jon collapses unable to sustain and succumbs to his wounds.

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