Jojen Reed

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Jojen ReedDepicted By: Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Appearance in Season: 3 and 4
Origin:  Greywater Watch
House Reed
House Stark
Culture: Crannogmen
Religion: Old Gods of the Forest
Father – Howland Reed
Sister – Meera Reed
Life Status: Dead

About Jojen Reed

Jojen Reed is a character that is recurring in the third and fourth seasons. He debuts in the episode named Dark Wings, Dark Words.

Biography of Jojen Reed

Jojen happens to be the eldest son and heir of Lord Howland Reed of Greywater Watch, and the younger brother of Meera Reed.

Jojen Reed in Season 3

After the sack of Winterfell, Bran, Rickon, Osha, Hodor, Summer and Shaggydog are all fleeing to Castle Black, when Bran first dreams of Jojen. Later Jojen approaches Bran when he is alone in the forest and tells him that he and his sister have been looking for him since a longtime so that they could protect him. Osha stuns Jojen by placing a spear at the back of his neck, but he is released by Osha when Meera holds a knife to Osha’s neck. Eventually Jojen and Bran build a rapport as they talk about their fathers. Jojen states that he has experienced Robert’s rebellion as part of his dreams. Jojen gives out cryptic information related to Bran’s powers as a warg. Osha does not like Jojen at all.

Game of Thrones Jojen & Meera Reed

Bran and Jojen share a dream wherein Bran tries to climb a tree to follow a three-eyed raven. But Bran falls after his mother appears reminding him of his promise of never climbing again. Bran and Jojen wake up and are unhappy that Bran was not able to follow the three-eyed raven.

Jojen discloses to Bran that in another vision he saw Jon engulfed with enemies.

After a rainstorm the group seeks shelter in a windmill, and then they notice some wildlings chasing an old man. Hodor is terrified by the sounds of thunder and shouts aloud in panic. Fearing that they would be discovered Jojen asks Bran to pacify Hodor. Unintentionally Bran uses his Warg powers to deprive Hodor of his consciousness. As the wildlings were still outside, Jojen has Bran Warg through Shaggydog and Summer who then silence some of the wildlings. Bran then happens to see Jon Snow outside fighting with the wildlings. Post this episode Bran is insistent that he would go beyond the Wall and find the raven. But for Rickon’s safety he asks Osha to escort him to Greatjon Umber, a Stark loyalist. Rickon is crying but Bran leaves with Hodor, Summer, Jojen and Meera Reed heading northwards. Rickon is left with Osha and Shaggydog to accompany him.

Finally Bran and the group make it to the Wall and stay there overnight in the Nightfort, a castle that is abandoned and presumably haunted. As the night passes Samwell Tarly, Gilly and her kid erupt from a secret passageway. After noticing the mammoth Hodor and Summer, Samwell realizes who Bran is and proposes to take them to Castle Black, however Jojen informs Sam that they were going beyond the Wall, as the White Walkers were unstoppable. Hesitantly Sam shows them the secret Sally port and hands over to them the obsidian blades that were found north of the Wall, which he used earlier to slay White Walkers. That very night, Bran, Jojen, Meera, Hodor and Summer are successful in passing beyond the Wall.

Jojen Reed in Season 4

Bran becomes obsessed with gaining control over Summer and Jojen warns him that he could land himself into trouble. Jojen reasserts that they need him to survive. As they head further towards the north, Jojen helps Brandon find a heart tree, which shows them the way.

A little later, Bran and his group are resting near Craster’s Keep, and they overhear very faint sounds of a baby crying. Bran enters Summer’s mind to probe, and he finds Ghost, Jon Snow’s direwolf there. But before Ghost can be freed by Summer, he is entrapped. They try to rescue Ghost and Summer but are taken into custody by Karl. Rast is tormenting Hodor just for the sake of pleasure. Karl warns against killing Jojen and Meera, before Bran is forced to give up his identity.

Game of thrones - Jojen

Jojen along with the others  are being held captive in a tent. Karl enters and tries to rape and torture Meera. Jojen is left begging for mercy, and offers to help them stating that he has the sight. Karl is not moved and just before he can cut Meera’s throat Jon Snow and other members of the Night’s Watch attack the keep. Locke, who is actually behind Roose Bolton, tries to escape with Bran after searching him. Jojen gestures at Bran asking him to warg into Hodor and save his own body through his. When Bran and Jon are about to speak, Jojen interrupts telling Bran that Jon would not allow him to seek the Three-eyed raven if he went with Jon to Castle Black. Brandon is convinced and prepares to leave.

The group approaches the tree from Bran’s vision, but they are unfortunately ambushed by wights emerging from beneath the snow. One of the wights grabs Jojen, but Meera protects him. But he is ultimately stabbed repeatedly with a knife by one of the wights. Jojen survives long enough to see a child of the forest, and asks his sister to leave with Bran and the others. Before leaving, Meera cuts his throat mercifully. Soon afterwards the child of the forest destroys Jojen’s body with her magic, so as to prevent its reanimation as another wight.

Game of thrones - JojenDeath

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