Jaime Lannister

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Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones Depicted By: Nikolaj Coster – Waldau

 Appearance in Season: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

 Referred As:

Lord Commander of the Kingsguard

Ser Lannister


Casterly Rock



House Lannister




Father – Tywin Lannister

Mother – Joanna Lannister

Sister – Cersei Lannister

Brother – Tyrion Lannister

Grandfather – Tytos Lannister

Uncle – Kevan Lannister

Aunt – Dorna Lannister


Lancel Lannister

Martyn Lannister

Willem Lannister


Joffrey Baratheon

Tommen Baratheon

Niece – Myrcella Baratheon

Brother in law – Robert Baratheon

Daughter in law – Margaery Tyrell

Sister in law – Sansa Stark

Life Status: Alive

About Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister is one of the important characters in all the seasons of Game of Thrones till now. He is very well played by Nikolaj Coster – Waldau. Ser Jaime Lannister is the son of Tywin Lannister and a knight of Kingsguard. He is the twin brother of Cersei and elder brother of Tyrion. Previously he served in the Kingsguard of Aerys II Targaryen but he killed Aerys during the Sack of King’s Landing. Jaime is involved with a physical intimate relationship with Cersei and the biological father of Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen.

Jaime goes to Winterfell. He pushes Bran from a window when he caught them having intercourse. Bran survives but is thoroughly paralyzed waist down and loses his memory of that event. Jaime leaves his post to join his father while attacking on the Riverlands. After Joffrey takes the Iron Throne, Jaime is made the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. But unfortunately their army is clobbered by Robb Stark’s forces. Catelyn Stark releases him soon when he promises her that he will return both her daughters Arya and Sansa.

Brienne of Tarth escorts him and which leads to an onerous journey back to King’s Landing, when Jaime hand is sliced by Locke. After reaching King’s Landing, he helps Tyrion to flee. After losing his hand, he replaces it with a golden one and starts learning how to fight with the left hand. He is later sent to Dorne by Cersei to bring back Myrcella. The mission ends in failure and Myrcella dies in Jaime’s arms.

Biography of Jaime Lannister

Ser Jaime Lannister is a knight of Kingsguard. He holds this position from the time he was a teenager. He is the youngest man ever appointed. He was appointed by Aerys II Targaryen.

After the end of Robert’s Rebellion, Tywin Lannister betrays King Aerys by reaching the gates of King’s Landing with the man Lannister army and plead his allegiance. Kingsguard’s members pledges to save the king but instead Jaime jabs his own sword on King Aerys and so he is called as “Kingslayer” throughout the Seven Kingdoms.Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones

Jaime always refused to tell the real reason behind killing Aerys. But he tells it to Brienne of Tarth that he had ordered Jaime to kill his father and burn the entire city with the people. So he killed Aerys and saved thousands of innocent lives. He also tells her that Ned Stark adjudged him guilty not even listening to his plea.

Jaime is known for his handsome looks, arrogant poise, and superior martial skills. He is also very skillful with the sword as he says that only three people can have a chance to beat him in a fair duel.

Jaime is the eldest son to Joanna and Tywin. Jaime had difficulty in reading so Tywin used to sit with him for four hours a day until he learnt. Jaime dislikes being wasted so much time reading.

Jaime is the older brother of Tyrion and twin brother of Cersei. Their mother died while giving birth to Tyrion. Due to his place in the Kingsguard, he cannot inherit his father’s place or lands or titles. Unlike Tywin and Cersei, Jaime always treated Tyrion with respect. Jaime is the biological father of Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen.

Jaime Lannister In Season 1

In King’s Landing, Jaime tries to calm down his sister over the fear that Jon Arryn knew about their secret relationship. Jaime tells her that even if he knows, he could not tell it to the king or else he will be dead. He goes to Winterfell with King Robert where he plans to ask Eddard Stark to replace Jon Arryn as the next Hand of the King. After they arrive, Cersei asks Jaime to find their younger sibling Tyrion.

At the evening feast, Jaime asks Eddard can they fight against each other in the tournament to which he reply that there is no chance as he does not want to show his tactics to the opponents. When King Robert went for hunting leaving the castle empty, Cersei and Jaime liaise in a neglected tower. Bran Stark climbs the tower and notices them having indulged in sexual intercourse. When Cersei notices him watching them, he pushes him from the window.

Jaime Lannister in Season 1

Several days after that incident at breakfast, Tyrion tells everyone that Bran is going to be well soon. He did this only to notice his siblings’ reaction. Just before starting his journey to Winterfell, Jaime thanks Jon Snow in the courtyard for serving the Night Watch. The parties then depart to Winterfell.

The royal party reaches King’s Landing. Eddard doesn’t even have that much time to get off his horse when someone tells him about the meeting of king’s small council he has to attend. Jaime is unhappy when Eddard judge him for killing Mad King. He says that it was not for the justice and he might have served him loyally. A raven comes with news of Bran’s recovery which threatens Cersei but Jaime tries to comfort her.

Somewhere Robert swops ancient war stories with Ser Barriston Selmy, who is a famous knight of Kingsguard. Robert taunts Jaime that he had killed a defenseless man whom he swears to protect as he wanted to know the last words of the Mad King. Jaime furiously tells him that the last words Mad King said were the same that he was uttering from a long time,” Burn them all!” this silences Robert’s frivolity.

After hearing about his brother capture by Catelyn Stark, he accosts Eddard in the avenue of King’s Landing. Knowing that assassinating Eddard will result in Tyrion’s murder, the fight ends when one of the Lannister guardsmen jabs Eddard through leg. Jaime then mocks the guardsman and then leaves the city, telling Eddard that he wants his younger brother back.

Jaime joins the army of Tywin Lannister. Tywin bemoans Jaime’s pride and how he cares so much to let people know that he does not care what they think about him. Tywin was disgusted after knowing that Jaime is going to let Eddard free because he was not emerged victorious “clean”. Tywin asks Jaime to be more responsible as after this war he might be given the future destiny of house. They can be either washed out like the Targaryen’s or emerge victorious and begin a dynasty which will last for 1,000 years. He provides thirty thousand men and asks him to capture Riverrun. Eddard tells Cersei that he knows Jaime is the father of her three children. She says him that they love each other when they are in her mother’s womb and so they are destined to be with each other always.

After some weeks, Ser Kevan Lannister, tells Tyrion that Jaime has won a lot of battles, crushing a host of the river lords at the Golden Tooth and is now trying to capture the Riverrun.

Jaime Lannister in Season 1

Robb Stark starts marching towards Tyrion’s forces with two thousand men in order to distract. The remaining forces wait outside Riverrun but at the end Jaime is captured as a prisoner in the Battle of the Whispering Wood. Jaime offers to fight against Robb Stark in single combat. But Robb knew that Jaime is very well trained at swords and he has no chance of winning against him. Robb tries to bargain with his father’s and sister’s lives.

Catelyn Stark meets Jaime who is kept as a hostage. Jaime brickbats Catelyn, saying that she looks good as a widow and telling her that she can physically indulge with him. She hits him hard with a rock. Jaime knew that Starks won’t kill him until his sister has Sansa and Arya with her so he tells them that he is not threatened by them and he is much more superior to them. She also tells him that he has gone far away from the laws of gods and man, to whom he replies where the gods were when her husband was assassinated. She tells him that injustice happens because of men like him and to which he says that not like him but only him. He admits that he has pushed Bran from the tower.

Jaime Lannister In Season 2

Jaime remains the prisoner of House Stark. King Robb keeps him in chains for a prolonged time. Jaime keeps taunting and brickbat Robb but whenever he comes to see him. King Stannis Baratheon made his parentage public exposing his physical engagement with Cersei. Jaime tries to cover it by telling that Stannis has some personal grudges so that he could be the next King. Jaime fears once when Grey Wind, Robb’s direwolf snarls at him.Jaime Lannister in Season 2

After so many months, Jaime shares his cell with Alton Lannister, his distant cousin. They talk about their past. Drawing Alton closer, Jaime seizes the opportunity to escape the cage. Jaime cracks his skull by just disguising him as he is going to tell him an escape plan. When a guard comes to see bleeding Alton, Jaime strangles him and escapes.

But soon Jaime is captured. Lord Rickard Karstark asks for Jaime’s head but Catelyn Stark succeeds in convincing him to wait until Robb comes. Catelyn meets Jaime in his cell with Brienne, her female guard. She blames Jaime of being a man without honor as he has broken vows. They talk for a while, and Catelyn makes her mind to let him flee from the cage. She asks Brienne to accompany him and take him out of it. He pledges her that he will return her daughters to her.

Brienne succeeds in taking him out. Jaime pokes her about her looks and masculinity, unsuccessful in a duel. He then changes subject to her celibacy and childhood. They find a trio of women who are hanged for physically indulging with Stark soldiers. When Brienne goes to bury the dead bodies, she is confronted by three Stark soldiers. She knocks down all three soldiers when they recognize Jaime.Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth in Season 2

Jaime Lannister In Season 3

Brienne continues to escort Jaime to King’s Landing. While they are moving they spot a traveler, he asks her to kill him but she refuses.

Afterwards both of them cross a river, which means they have to either attempt a hazardous fording or take the bridge. But Jaime manages to take her sword and cut his chains. Brienne and Jaime enter into a duel and he starts knocking Brienne as he is a skilled swordsman. As he was chained from a very long time he starts panting soon and Brienne knocks him down with punches and kicks. Suddenly riders from House Bolton come there with their leader Locke. Jaime asks them to negotiate a deal with him, but they were not in a mood of dealing. So they kept him as a prisoner.Jaime Lannister in Season 3

With Brienne, Jaime is taken hostage by Locke and his men. As they were riding, simultaneously they were humming a chorus The Bear and the Maiden Fair. They both were tied back to back on the same horse, Jaime admonish Brienne that when they make camp for today’s night, they will try to rape her more than once. They only wanted Jaime and they have nothing to do with Brienne so they can abuse her and afterwards kill her.

The same night, Locke’s men do the same thing that Jaime had told her. So Jaime tells Locke that Brienne is the only heir of Lord Selwyn of Tarth and her father will pay you ransom of her weight in sapphires only if you keep her unharmed. Locke agrees to him and asks his men to come back with her and they tie her to a tree. Jaime now tries to bribe Locke that his father will make him very rich if he let Jaime go. Tired because of his bribing techniques, Locke first disguise as he is leaving him and then he cuts his sword hand so that none of the Lannisters should try to bribe or negotiate a deal with him. Jaime screams in horror as he cuts his hand.

The next day, Locke’s men start marching on horses with their prisoners Jaime and Brienne. Jaime’s hand is tucked with a rope that is hanged around his neck. Jaime feels immensely agonized because of his wounds. Jaime did not able to be conscious and fells from his horse into mud. When he is lying in mud, Locke’s men smash him and terrorize him. They ask him to drink the horse piss. But Jaime manages to steal a sword and tries to fight with them with the other hand but unsuccessful in doing so. So Locke asks him to stop doing these things or else he will cut his other hand also.

The same night Jaime and Brienne are reticence near a campfire. Jaime does not agree to eat and asks to die. But Brienne says that he should live to take revenge. But Jaime says that his sword hand is cut and now he cannot fight. Brienne tells him that he heard him when he was talking to Locke only to save her. Brienne seems confused and asks why he helped her to which he does not reply. Brienne becomes furious; intriguing to Jaime she says that she witnessed it for the first time that someone is caring in this world.

The party reaches Harrenhal, where Roose Bolton seems furious at Locke. Jaime asks about Cersei and he tells him that they think Cersei was killed in Stannis Baratheon’s attack but unfortunately she is alive because Tywin and the Tyrell army drove Stannis away. Jaime falls on his knees when he here this news. Qyburn asks him to cut his hand but he threatens him that he will kill him if he does this and ask him to cut the rotten flesh. So Qyburn asks him to drink poppy milk but he refuses as he thought that Qyburn will sedate him.

While Brienne was bathing alone, Jaime sneaks at the opposite corner and remarks that he is unable to protect Renly and she stands and apologize but Jaime quickly tells her that she has protected him most of the times. Jaime starts opening up in front of Brienne. He reveals the truth to Brienne that what had happened that day when he killed the Mad King. Jaime collapses in Brienne’s arms and she calls out the guards help the Kingslayer but he asks her to correct his name as Jaime and not the Kingslayer.

When they were sitting on the dinner table with Brienne and Roose Bolton, Jaime tries to cut his piece of meat with his single hand. Roose also tells Jaime that he will leave him one he is totally but if and only if, he will tell Tywin that his torment has not done by him. But Roose does not let Brienne to join Jaime. Before Roose starts going to the Twins, Jaime asks him to send his regards to Robb Stark jokingly.Jaime Lannister in Season 3

Jaime reaches Brienne’s cubicle to bid adieu to her before he left Harrenhal. He tells her that Roose Bolton is asked her to stay with Locke in Harrenhal. He also tells her that he owes her a debt and so she asks him to pay it by doing what he had promised to Catelyn. He tells her that he will return the girls to their mother and leaves.

While they were travelling to the Capital, they were stopped by Qyburn to treat Jaime. Jaime also notices that Qyburn is treating him better than Grand Maester Pycelle. Qyburn tells him that he was expelled only because his experiments were “too bold”. Jaime also feels that Brienne is in a problem only because of him and if Locke senses that he had been deceived, he will use her as the medium of entertainment for all his men. He asks the Steelshanks to go back to Harrenhal. When they refuse him he says that he can tell his father Tywin that Steelshanks cut his hand or Steelshanks saved him. Steelshanks follows his orders and escorts Jaime to Harrenhal, where he finds that she has been forced to fight with a beer.  Steelshanks fire arrows at the beer and Jaime and Brienne are saved. Jaime and Brienne depart together after negotiating a lot with Locke. This is the last time Jaime and Locke meet, but his revenge is completed by Bran Stark when he crackles Locke’s neck.

Jaime enters the gates of King’s Landing with Brienne and Qyburn. Jaime immediately enters the Red Keep to meet Cersei first. He enters her room and observes adoring a seashell. He calls her name lovingly and as she turns, she is seemed terrified by his stump.

Jaime Lannister In Season 4

Jaime is given a sword by Tywin, a Valyrian steel sword, which is nothing but a Starks’ ancestral sword. He comments that House Lannister always wanted a Valyrian sword and Tywin replies that now they have two of their own. Tywin then tells Jaime about the plan of removing him from the Kingsguard so that he can return to the Casterly Rock and rule as the Lord. But Jaime tells him that he does not want to resign and he will remain in King’s Landing in order to bulwark the King. He also does not consider himself fit for this honor. Tywin agrees to him what he says and also tells him that he no longer consider himself as a Lannister.

Cersei asks to cover Jaime’s stump with a golden hand. When Qyburn is fitting it, he exclaims that it is useless. When later he tries to come closer to Cersei physically, she accuses him that he was captured only because of his own fault. Jaime tells her that he assassinated many people to come back to her, but she tells him very coldly that he took too long. Jaime, Meryn and Joffrey are seen confabulating where which Kingsguard will be. Joffrey was not paying attention as he thought that the war is over and now he is safe. But Jaime tells him that he is not safe and the war is not over because Stannis is still alive. Jaime and Brienne confabulate about Sansa. Brienne says that he should keep his vow and take Sansa out of King’s Landing, but he tells her that there is no safer place than King’s Landing for her.

Jaime meets Tyrion in his chambers and enjoys drinks together. Tyrion tells him that he liked his new golden hand because it is better than the old one. Jaime tells him that now he won’t be able to fight with sword again and so Tyrion tells him that he knows a man who can train him. They met Ser Bronn near the sea. Jaime fears that someone will hear them but Bronn sarcastically exclaims that he used to physically indulge with a married woman here. And if her screams are not heard by anyone, how could someone hear them. While at the wedding feast, Jaime takes his place according to Kingsguard formation, where Loras Tyrell fortuitously impinges into him and they talk for a while. Jaime tells that Loras should never agree to marry Cersei and Loras tells him that neither he will. When Joffrey is breathing his last, Jaime goes to his son’s help and is with him till he breathed his last.

Jaime Lannister in Season 4

Jaime comes to Great Sept of Baelor to witness his dead son and Cersei. Jaime sends all the septons and septas so that he can be there with his dead son and Cersei alone. Cersei wants Tyrion and Sansa Stark to be assassinated. She asks Jaime to murder Tyrion. Jaime does not agree to her and tries to comfort her with all his affections. At first she smooches him but suddenly starts seeing at her son. Jaime tries to come close to him but she insists him not to do so but Jaime and Cersei indulge in a rough and angry sex in front of Jaime’s dead body.

After some time, Jaime and Bronn starts training and Jaime has very drastically improved his way of handling the sword with the left hand. Jaime then tries to overpower Bronn but he takes his golden hand out and slaps him. Jaime asks Bronn what is his opinion about the murder and Bronn replies that Tyrion is innocent. He also tells him that he had not seen Tyrion after that and also his first choice was Jaime in the trial to combat. This makes him meet Tyrion and shows a strong bond between them and proves to Jaime that he is innocent.

Jaime meets Cersei when she asks him to come to meet but feels disappointed after he came to know that she ask him to meet only to know the formation of Kingsguard. Jaime then tries to convince Cersei that Tyrion had not killed their son but she asks him to leave. Jaime and Brienne meet in the Kingsguard tower. Jaime gives his Valyrian steel sword to Brienne with a new armor. He also tells her to find Sansa and keep her safe away from Cersei. He also gives her Podrick Payne, a squire. Jaime bids her adieu and leaves.

Tywin orders Jaime to confine Tyrion before his trial. They all know that the trial is farce and Cersei has enough of evidences and people to talk against Tyrion. Jaime furiously asks Tywin to spare Tyrion and he negotiates a deal that he will leave Kingsguard and takes his place as Tywin’s heir. So he agrees to it but Shae’s testimony makes vulnerable for Tyrion and so he asks for trial to combat.Jaime Lannister in Season 4

After the trial, Jaime beats Tyrion in his chamber as he did not listened to him and not followed his plan. Tyrion tells him that he knew his father’s plan beforehand and could not follow it. Jaime tells him that he is still not efficient to fight. Jaime tells Tyrion about Cersei’s champion, Ser Gregor Clegane.

On the day of trial, Jaime meets Tyrion in his chamber. They confabulate about their own dead cousin Orson Lannister and his prodigious habit of jabbing beetles with rocks. When they were talking they suddenly notice that bells starts ringing and he wish best luck to Tyrion. He takes his seat with Tywin, Mace Tyrell, Pycelle, Cersei and Varys to witness the duel between Oberyn and Gregor Clegane. At first he seems when Oberyn smashes Clegane but at the end, he is disgusted when Clegane jabs Oberyn’s head and ends the duel.

Cersei notices Jaime in the White Sword Tower, and he furiously expresses his detestation at her flagrant efforts to assassinate Tyrion. Cersei blames that Tyrion killed their mother when she gave birth to him. He is surprised after listening this and tells her that he was an infant and has no control over whatever happened and Tyrion is her brother no matter what. Cersei exclaims him that she does not consider him her brother. She also tells him that she has told everything about them to Tywin. He remained shocked and asks her how Tywin reacted to which she says she did not want to confabulate about their father and starts alluring him to which they both ended having a passionate sex.

Jaime is not satisfied with the results of the trial and so he made arrangements to flee him to Essos with the aid of Varys through ships. He takes Tyrion through a stairway and explains him how to signal Varys. Before Tyrion lefts, Jaime embraces him and share a good bye unsure if they will meet each other again.

Jaime Lannister In Season 5

At the time of Tywin Lannister’s funeral, Jaime rendezvous with Cersei at the Great Sept of Baelor. Jaime admonishes Cersei that now as their father is dead, all their enemies will try to take control over their kingdom and they have to protect it. But Cersei exclaims that their true enemy is Tyrion. She also accuses him of partly responsible for Tywin’s death and lefts.

Jaime is notified by Cersei, who got a “gift” from Dorne. They receive an ornately carved viper with Myrcella’s unique Lannister pendant on its fangs which clearly depicts a threat to House Martell. She blames him for not being father to her children to which he reply that his children had been mocked on the streets if he had ever tried to do that. Jaime tells her that he is going to bring back Myrcella to which she says how can a man with a single hand can rescue a princess. However, Jaime never said that he is going alone.

Afterwards, Jaime meets Ser Bronn in the Castle of Stokeworth to recruit him for the mission to bring Myrcella back to King’s Landing. To succeed in convincing him, he tells that Cersei has decided to marry Lollys Stokeworth to Willas Bracken. Jaime tells him that he will offer him a much better girl after he succeeds in the mission.

While travelling to Dorne, Bronn asks Jaime why he is rescuing Myrcella instead of an army to which he replies that he does not want war. But Bronn tells him that he know that Myrcella is actually Jaime’s daughter. He also admonishes Jaime to be careful and also asks if he had set Tyrion free. Jaime tells him that it was Varys. Bronn asks him t give his regards if he ever sees him to which he says he will assassinate him for killing his father.

After some time, Jaime and Bronn enter Dorne where Bronn is saved very narrowly by Jaime from being poisoned. They are soon discovered by Dornish soldiers and a fight initiated between them. Fortunately with his golden hand, Jaime succeeds in saving his life. He asks Bronn to bury all the soldiers so that they cannot be discovered again.

Jaime and Bronn veiled as Dornish soldiers reach the Water Gardens and shockingly find Trystane Martell and Myrcella. Myrcella is stunned finding Jaime in Dorne, but when he tries to flee with her, they are attacked by Sand Snakes in order to assassinate Myrcella. Jaime and Bronn try to fight with lots of efforts but they end up getting arrested including Ellaria Sand.Jaime Lannister in Season 5

Jaime is locked up in a bedroom like chamber. Areo brings Myrcella to rendezvous with him. He tells her that situation is worst and he wants to take her back to King’s Landing. But she rejects him telling that she will stay here and marry Trystane.

Afterwards, Jaime is taken into the main apartments by Areo Hotah. Then he is later received by Doran Martell in his solar with Ellaria Sand and Trystane, Doran’s son and Myrcella. Doran asks Jaime why he came here to abduct Myrcella instead he might have sent a letter to take her back. He tells him that he had received a threatening message. Jaime asks him whether he wants to behead Myrcella, he replies he does not want any war and for making an alliance between Iron Throne and Dorne, Myrcella and Trystane should marry each other. Jaime feels safe and agrees to it.

While Jaime, Bronn, Myrcella and Trystane starts leaving they bid adieu to the Martells. They board the ship, Myrcella and Jaime talks about Cersei and he awkwardly tries to tell her something but she only tells him that she knows Jaime is her father.

Jaime Lannister in Season 5

They embrace each other lovingly and suddenly Myrcella collapses and dies in Jaime’s arms.

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