Eddard Stark

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Eddard Stark | Wiki | News | Biography | Photos | Video’s Depicted By: 

(Adult) Sean Bean

(Young) Sebastian Crof

 Appearance in Season: 1 & 6

 Referred As:

Ned Stark

Lord of Winterfell

Lord Paramount of the North

Hand of the King

Warden of the North

Protector of the Realm

 Origin: Winterfell

 Allegiance: House Stark

 Culture: Northmen

 Religion: Old Gods of the Forest


Father: Richard Stark

Wife: Catelyn Stark

Brother: Brandon Stark

Sister: Lyanna Stark

Son: Robb Stark

Bastard Son: Jon Snow

Daughter: Sansa Stark

Daughter: Arya Stark

Son: Bran Stark

Son: Rickon Stark

Daughter-in-law: Talisa Maegyr

Son-in-Law: Tyrion Lannister

Son-in-Law: Ramsey Bolton

Life Status: Dead


About Eddard Stark

Eddard Stark is one of the major characters and the starting point to the actual story of Game of Thrones, popularly known as Ned Stark, is one of the most honoring, principled Lord of Winterfell, belonging to the House Stark. Because of his responsible, moral and virtuous ideology and the sort of hold that he had over his dynasty he was also referred as Lord Paramount, Warden of the North and also Hand of the King to Robert I Baratheon. Married to House Tully’s Catelyn Tully and father of six children, Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon from Catelyn and Jon Snow being his bastard child from a lady was has been mentioned in the series but has not been shown. Actual rural at the Winterfell and Lord of House Stark, he has always been very much believed, followed and carried onto the path of what is right has to be done in the most righteous way and being loyal to his own dynasty, people and family is was he hold on to his entire life. He keeps a distance from the Courtly matter while ruling at the north but as he has been called in to serve as the Hand of King by King Robert, a lot of nasty and illegitimate politics has been observed and that is the moment he finds himself into this situation where on the one side he has got compromise over his ideology to not to just stay on this path of righteousness or look for the safety of his family and his name, among which he has got to involve himself into this discreet game of Thrones.

Biography of Eddard Stark

Eddard ruled over his set of Winterfell, being the head of House Stark one of the Great House, ultimately gave him the title of Lord of Winterfell and also Warden of the North. His father Rickard Stark father of four children, Brandon, Eddard, Lyanna and Benjen, served the Mad King, Aerys II Targaryen as Warden of North just like Eddard. Eddard being one of the faithful, trustworthy and honoring man, had close friendly relationship with Robert Baratheon, became also the Hand of the King and has served profoundly well on to his plans over the ruling over the Iron Thrones and while this time two of his brother came to be executed by the Mad King as they had their hands been involved into the abduction of Rickard’s Daughter and Eddard’s sister Lyanna Stark. Ultimately Lyanna dies in Eddard’s arms during this whole messy situation and Eddard finds himself into a pain of losing most of his family mates. Leaving Brandon and Lyanna, who died, Eddard still has his younger brother Benjen who is situated at the Night’s Watch which also involves Eddard every given attention and support.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Eddard Stark

Eddard Stark In Season 1

A small council of Eddard Stark including his three sons Robb, Bran and Jon are all gather to execute a fugitive named Will, from the Night’s Watch for being madly speaking of things related to the White Walkers to approach the Night’s Watch soon and so is been bough to execute. After which all of them are moving back to the Winterfell and in the way they all come across, dead Direwolf alongside her six newborn pups and as these gray Direwolf are the sigil to the House Stark they are taken care of and are adopted by Eddard’s Son.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Ned Stark and Direwolf

Both King Robert and Eddard shares a very great bond of friendship among each other he is headed to Winterfell to seek his help to get Eddard placed as his Hand of the King replacing Jon Arryn, as Jon has just died would need Eddard to help him up in King’s Landing. But before Eddard accepts his request he gets a letter from her wife’s sister Lysa Arryn, which states that Lannister are the once who have been in this criminal involvement of Jon’s Death, and on the other side Robert has been making offers Joffrey to her daughter Sansa, so what Eddard does that he takes both things in consideration to investigate and also help Robert out.

So now he leaves to the King’s Landing along with his daughter younger Daughter Arya and Sansa , but before heading to south he have a small conversation in which he promises Jon Snow of letting him know of her mother name and also tells him that, if not the name Jon has his blood and he belongs to him.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Eddard Stark

The Major concern that King Robert Baratheon learns based from Essos and through his spies that Daenerys Targaryen has married to Khal Drogo who is preparing to thrive upon his place and has his eyes over the Kings seat but to that Eddard manages to bring the point that this sort of things is just not possible because the Dothraki will have cross across from the Narrow Sea to land in our place and as they have got not ship they do not manage to get in here. On the other side Joffrey attacks Arya into which Arya’s Direwolf get in between to defend leas a small wound onto Joffrey, but before he could get a hold onto her Direwolf, she help her own Direwolf to flee away into the woods Both Arya and Eddard are bough in front of the King and as Joffrey lies to the king about the previous situation, king orders to punish Arya, but instead ends up killing Sansa’s Direwolf Lady in the place of Arya’s Direwolf.

Ned Stark and Arya Stark

 After while as Eddard has been appointed in place of Jon Arryn, a celebration has been announced in the honor and he is getting to know all the council mans here in the Kings landing, which includes Petyr Baelish, Varys, Pycelle and Renly Baratheon, from which Petyr Baelish also known as Littlefinger bring introduces him to the brothel, and moment later Catelyn also happened to be a childhood friend to Littlefinger notifies him of attempt of assassination over Bran and that they have killed the assassin and bring the Valyrian knife which is identified by Littlefinger, as him loosing it in a bet against Tyrion Lannister and here Eddard’s decides to expose the Lannister but is been stopped by her wife. Soon after this a message is bough by the Night’s Watch Yoren that Tyrion Lannister has been arrested by Catelyn, Alongside Varys is advises him that he needs to look into the matter a little closely and that the death of Jon was a conspiracy and there are chances of King Robert being killed the same way and he should find the way out to stop all of these brutality.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Ned Stark and Eddard Stark

Little bit of issues start to arose between Robert and Eddard and so he resigns from the position of Hand but before he could even leave back to the Winterfell he is stopped by Littlefinger and is bough at the brothel and that is when he comes across Jaime Lannister and a solo combat is bought in by Jaime over Catelyn abducting his brother Tyrion, during which one of Lannister’s guardsmen is interferes in the combat, attacking on to Eddard leaving him with an injury and unconscious. Later he has been woken up among Robert and Carsei, asking him about the fight and then is requested by Robert to take up the Hands responsibility as he treats him has his own brother and that he need him next to him. Because of the orders of Tywin Lannister and Ser Gregor Clegane following his command of leading a number of different pillaging raids on the Riverlands, where Robert has been visiting, Eddard orders an execution over George and also calls up Tywin to the capital of such a disloyal action and activity.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Eddard Stark and Cersei

Eddard finds out that all three kids of Carsei are not from Robert but are a lying and incestuous product of a relationship that she carries out with her own brother Jaime and tells her to banish as soon as possible. Robert gets hurt during while hunting and dies ultimately but before that itself he has made Eddard the Protector of the Realm and take his place of ruling until Joffrey gets to his age of being the king but that he do not do instead as he knew his brother should come in to power after him so sends Stannis Baratheon the letter that his brother has died and he would be the correct person to take up the crown. But that do not take place as Joffrey takes over the Iron Throne and the crown claiming to be the king but to that Eddard opposes as he is not the actual blood to King Robert and has got no right over it. The whole situation gets turned over Eddard after Robert dies, Littlefinger betrays him to fall into a trap by misleading him with things because of which he gets incarcerated, on the other hand Varys informs him that Tyrion is no more in Catelyn’s custody and that is when Eddard knew that he is definitely going to die. Varys asks him to confess the crime of betraying his own country for which he refuses and says that Sansa need not to be hold as a hostage, because Eddard knows that Arya has already been ran away as he already told her to leave.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Eddard Stark Execution

But the judgment has been passed and Eddard is bought at the Great Steps of Baelor, as the final moment arrives he is made to accept that he has been looking forwards to place him over as King onto the Iron Throne, but upon saying that, Carsei had decided that he would be sent to exile but that do not gets followed because Joffrey orders execution right than an there Ilyn Payne takes his head off from Eddard’s own Sword Ice, The crowd screams n applauds to this nasty, violent and depriving moment of finishing off the chapter of Lord of Winterfell. Arya is with Yoren running away from the place, Sansa still caught among them is made to watch his own father getting killed so terribly, Joffrey enjoying watching Sansa plead and cry, and finally is Eddard’s head on to the spear being showcased among the crowed. Death and Killing of Eddard Stark becomes a major moment from where the Seven Kingdoms get into this horrendous event of War of the Five Kings.

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