Bran Stark

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Bran Stark in Game of Thrones Depicted By: Issac Hempstead-Wright
 Appearance in Season: 1,2,3,4,5

 Referred As: Bran

 Origin: Winterfell

 Allegiance: House Stark

 Culture: Northmen

 Religion: Old Gods of the Forest


Father: Eddard Stark

Mother: Catelyn Stark


Robb Stark

Rickon Stark


Sansa Stark

Arya Stark

Half Brother: Jon Snow

Paternal Uncle:

Brandon Stark

Benjen Stark

Paternal aunt: Lyanna Stark

Paternal Grandfather: Rickard Stark

Maternal Grandfather: Hoster Tully

Maternal Grandmother: Minisa Tully

Maternal Great-uncle: Brynden Tully

Maternal uncle: Edmure Tully

Maternal aunt: Lysa Arryn

Cousin: Robin Arryn

By marriage:


Petyr Baelish

Jon Arryn

Aunt: Roslin Frey

Sister-in-law: Talisa Maegyr


Tyrion Lannister

Ramsay Bolton

Life Status: Alive

About Bran Stark

Brandon Stark who is commonly known as Bran is amongst the major characters of Game of Thrones in all the seasons. He is very well illustrated by Issac Hempstead-Wright. Bran Stark comes from a noble family of Winterfell. He is paralyzed and does not use his legs from the time he is pushed by Jaime Lannister out of a tower window. He totally relies on Hodor, his servant.

Bran ratifies the direwolf Summer and they seem to have a strong bond. He can easily through the eyes of Summer while he sleeps, as Bran is a Warg: a person who has the ability to easily enter the minds of animals and people. Bran also has the eerie power of the Sight, which allows him to gander the past, anywhere in the present and future as well.

Biography of Bran Stark

Bran is the second son and the fourth child of Eddard and Catelyn. Eddard is the chief of House Stark. Eddard is the Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North to Robert Baratheon.

Bran Stark in Game of Thrones

Bran is born and raised in Winterfell. He is younger than Rickon and elder than Robb. He has two sisters, Sansa and Arya, both older than him. He also has a bastard half-brother Jon Snow. He is called “Brandon” only by Catelyn, his mother when he does something wrong. He wants to become a knight of the Kingsguard and also the bannerman for Robb, his brother.

Bran Stark in Season 1

Bran is skilled by Eddard, his father, brothers and staff of the castle in leadership and battle. Bran is considered older enough to see all the straits of life especially the uglier ones and so Eddard takes him to Night’s Watch to witness an execution. Starks find small clutter of direwolf pups and Eddard agrees to let his children adopt them. King Robert Baratheon’s army enters Winterfell and Eddard agrees to become the Hand of the King and travels back to King’s Landing with Robert and to take Sansa, Arya and Bran with him.

During Robert’s visit Bran analyzes and starts climbing a battered tower and caught by Cersei and Jaime Lannister when they are indulged in sexual intercourse. To keep him silent, Jaime pushes him from the tower window. Bran survives but stays in coma forcing Eddard to leave him in Winterfell itself. When he is unconscious someone tries to murder him. Catelyn fights with him but struggles but Summer comes and rips the man apart saving Bran. Bran woke up with no memory of what had happened. He woke up at the same time, when Lady, Sansa’s direwolf is killed.

Bran Stark and Jaime Lannister in Season 1

When Catelyn leaves for King’s Landing, Old Nan sits near him. She asks him about telling him the story of Duncan the Tall but Bran tells her that he hates this story. She tells him that he is a sweet summer child who is brave and also tells him that fear is for the winter and for the Long Night. They are disturbed by Robb and so Bran asks him whether it is true that he will never walk again and Robb agrees to it. Bran says that it would be better if he dies. Bran watches a dream in which a three eyed raven flies to Winterfell and shockingly wakes up and sees Tyrion Lannister in front of him. Out of his regard for Jon Snow, he gives Bran a saddle to Bran that will allow him to ride freely.

Bran tries his new saddle in the godswood and is happy after knowing that it works properly. While he is riding wildlings attack him which is led by Stiv. Osha surrenders whereas Robb and Theon Greyjoy succeed in defending Bran killing Stiv. Robert dies when he went for hunting after being seriously injured. Eddard is arrested when he tries to prove that Joffrey is not Robert’s son. Bran bids adieu to Robb when he leads the armies to attack in response. Bran prays in the godswood for their safe return. He is joined by Osha who also tells him that Robb is marching in a wrong direction and the lethal threat lies Beyond the Wall.

Bran Stark and Osha in Season 1

Bran tells Osha about his dream when he rides on her shoulders. Osha is dubious. Bran barbs her about her fear of the crypts and so she agrees to take him down to the catacombs. Bran starts reciting the names of his demised relatives as they pass through them. They reach the place where Bran sees his father and found Rickon and Shaggydog at the same place. Rickon tells him that he has also seen his father at the same place. Osha takes Bran on the surface and tries to soothe Bran. When they come out of the catacombs they cross paths with Maester Luwin and he tells them about the execution of Eddard.

Bran Stark in Season 2

Bran again sees weird dreams as he is edified in ruling Winterfell by Maester Luwin. He watches in the dreams that he is Summer and roams the Godswood. He has Osha with him and sees his own reflection in the pond. He once again dreams of as a wolf. This time Summer enters his room and sees himself waking up through Wolf’s eyes. He confabulates about the dream with Maester Luwin who assures him that conjury has been vanished from the world for centuries. Bran again sees the same vision of Three-eyed raven and asks for advice from Osha. She queries further and he tells her another dream about the flooding and drowning Winterfell and its people which also included Ser Rodrick Cassel. Ser Rodrick Cassel brings the news that Torrhen’s square has been captured and Bran instructs him to take the last remaining garrison to relieve the capture.

Bran Stark in Season 2

Due to Theon Greyjoy, Bran wakes up who tells him that he has captured Winterfell. Theon tells him that he should protect his people by yielding the castle. Rodrick is also captured when he returned from Torrhen’s square. He insults and abuses Theon and calls him a traitor. He also spits in him. Theon is pressured immensely to execute him by his army. Theon does not look at Bran’s requests and carries out the execution. Osha tells that his dream has become true and Iron Islands have entered in Winterfell. Osha, Rickon, Hodor and direwolfs succeed in escaping Bran from there.

They escape to a nearby farm. Theon comes back to Winterfell with two burned dead bodies and telling everyone that they are Bran and Rickon’s. Bran hears Luwin telling Osha that the dead bodies might be of Jack and Billy, two orphan boys.

Bran Stark, Rickon Stark, Hodor and Osha in Season 2

They remain hidden as Winterfell is captured by army of Northmen. The Ironborn escapes and the Starks comes out of the catacombs to find that their home has been ravaged and forsaken. They find out Luwin dying in the Godswood and he pleads them to find Jon Snow in the north at Castle Black. Bran bids a tearful adieu to his mentor.

Bran Stark in Season 3

Bran is travelling on the road to Castle Black with his brother Rickon, Hodor, Osha and the direwolves only to gain shelter with Jon Snow, his half-brother. Bran continues watching his dream and following the Three-eyed raven but meets a strange boy in his dream and meets in reality after sometime. He meets Jojen and Meera Reed. Jojen has the ability to see the past and future in his dreams and spoke to Bran n it. Jojen tells Bran that the Three-eyed raven is a “Warg”. Osha does not trust both of them.

Bran Stark, Jojen and Meera Reed in Season 3

Bran shares a dream with Jojen Reed. He sees that they are walking through the woods and witnesses the Three-eyed raven again. Jojen asks him to follow the raven by climbing on the tree but he remembers the promise he made to Catelyn, his mother but he broke the promise and got crippled and so he did not climb the tree. Bran and Jojen woke up and Bran regrets that he was not able to follow the raven.

A tiff breaks out between Meera and Osha at the camp but Bran calms them. Jojen then tells Bran that he saw Jon Snow with the wildlings in his dream.

While going to the Wall, Bran Stark and party installs a camp. Osha does not trusts Meera and Jojen Reed. Osha does not agree to go the Wall and explains them that her husband was dead but suddenly he rose and tried to kill her. She angrily tells them that none of them know what lies beyond the Wall, and that there is nothing left there for living people. But Bran agrees with Jojen arguing immensely that the raven is waiting for him since he fell from the tower.

Bran Stark and Jojen Reed in Season 3

They seek shelter in an unused windmill while a rainstorm, they notice the wildlings following an old man. The sounds of thunder threaten Hodor and he starts yelling in panic. Jojen asks Bran to silence Hodor. Bran with no intension of harming Hodor makes him unconscious using his Warg powers. Jojen succeeds in convincing to Warg, Shaggydog and Summer who then kills some of the wildlings. When in control of Shaggydog and Summer, he saw Jon Snow fighting with the wildlings. Bran asks Osha to take care of Rickon and take him to the holdfast of Greatjon Umber, a loyal bannerman of the Starks. Bran bids a tearful goodbye to Rickon who leaves with Shaggydog and Osha while Bran leaves with Hodor, Shaggydog and Jojen and Meera.

At last they reach the Wall and stays at the NIghtfort overnight, an unused castle on the Wall that is bruited to be haunted. While at night, Jon Snow’s comrade Samwell Tarly with Gilly and her child comes out from a secret avenue. Samwell notifies seeing a giant Hodor and Summer who Bran is and ask them to show Castle Black, but Jojen tells him that they are going Beyond the Wall, as no army in the kingdom of Westeros could stand the fear posed by the White Walkers. Sam shows them the secret sally port and handover them the obsidian blades found in the north of the Wall. That night at last, Bran, Jojen, Meera, Hodor and Summer passes beyond the Wall.

Bran Stark in Season 4

Bran, Jojen, Meera and Hodor are now at the North of the Wall and now Bran is looks through Summer’s eyes. They wake him up which makes him furious but admonish him that if he stays in Summer for too long, he will attached to him permanently and will also forget whatever he knows. Summer finds a Heart tree and when Bran wargs it, he get a vision on which he sees another heart tree on the hill, his father going to be executed, ravens flying, Three-eyed raven, White walkers and wights which also included a glimpse of Night’s King. The Iron Throne seems empty with just snow falling around it, Bran himself falling from the tower, a huge dragon flying over the King’s Landing and at last the same Heart tree again. All this while a weird voice tells him to find him “beneath the tree, North.” Bran then tells others that he knows where they have to reach.

Bran Stark in Season 4

Afterwards, Bran and his colleagues takes rest near the Craster’s Keep. They hear strange and soft sounds of a baby weeping. Bran enters the mind of Summer and tries to find out and he finds Jon Snow’s direwolf Ghost. But before he can liberate Ghost, Summer only gets trapped. After Meera pleads, they go to free Summer and Ghost but are taken captive by Karl. While Hodor is being tortured by Rast and his fellow mates for sheer enjoyment, Karl terrifies to murder Jojen and Meera before Bran reveals his identity.

Bran and others are being prisoned in a tent. Karl comes inside the tent and ties Meera and starts preparing to torment and abuse her physically. Jojen pleads for mercy and asks to help them telling that he had the sight. Karl does not agree and just the time he starts to cut Meera, Jon Snow and fellow Night’s Watch attacks the keep. Locke who is loyal to Roose Bolton starts searching for Bran and tries to take with him. He also is given the task to find and kill Rickon as well. But Bran wargs into Hodor’s mind who escapes his binds and attacks Locke. He lifts and breaks Locke’s neck. Bran sees Jon and tries to go near him. He is about to reach when Jojen interrupts him by telling that Jon will take him to Castle Black and won’t help him in finding the Three-eyed raven and so Bran agrees to him and leaves.

After sometime, Bran and fellow mates reach the huge weirwood tree on the hill but are surprisingly assailed by a herd of wights. Jojen is severely jabbed but Meera tries to safe him but Jojen asks her to leave him. They are aided by a Child of the Forest, who takes them to a nearby cave after blazing Jojen’s body.

Bran Stark attacked by Wights in Season 4

She then takes them deep into cave to the three-eyed raven that’s exposed as not to be a bird but a very old man whose body is totally merged to the roots of the weirwood tree. Meera then starts telling him that Jojen is no more alive and before she can kill the raven, he tells him that he is watching him. The raven tells Bran that it is late, but Bran tells him that he did not want anyone to die because of him. The raven exclaims that Jojen has died only because Bran could find what he has lost. Bran also asks him whether he will be able to walk again and raven replies that he couldn’t walk but he will fly.

Bran Stark in Season 5

Bran is still considered to be dead with Rickon at the hands of Theon. Sansa Stark comes back to Winterfell to marry to Ramsay on request of Petyr Baelish, Ramsay at first forces Theon to apologize Sansa, but irritated and angry Sansa forces Theon to admit that he has not killed her two brothers. Stunned by hearing the news, her rage cools down but when she asks where they are, he breaks down and suddenly leaves the room totally engrossed in fear that what Ramsay will do to him if he comes to knew about this. But Sansa is seen more fresh and energetic after knowing that at least some of her family is alive.

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