Arya Stark

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Arya Stark in Game of Thrones Depicted By: Maisie Williams

 Appearance in Season: 1,2,3,4,5,6

 Referred As:





House Stark

Faceless Men




Old Gods of the Forest

Faith of the Seven

Many-Faced God


Father – Eddard Stark

Mother – Catelyn Stark


Robb Stark

Bran Stark

Rickon Stark

Sister – Sansa Stark

Bastard Half Brother – Jon Snow

Paternal Grandfather – Rickard Stark

Paternal uncle:

Benjen Stark

Brynden Stark

Paternal aunt – Lyanna Stark

Maternal Great-uncle: Brynden Tully

Maternal Grandfather – Hoster Tully

Maternal Grandmother – Minisa Tully

Maternal uncle – Edmure Tully

Maternal aunt – Lysa Arryn

Cousin – Robin Arryn


Tyrion Lannister

Ramsay Bolton

Sister-in-law: Talisa Maegyr

By Marriage:


Jon Arryn

Petyr Baelish

Aunt – Roslin Frey

 Life Status: Alive

About Arya Stark

Arya Stark is one of the most important characters in all the seasons of Game of Thrones. She is portrayed by Maisie Williams. Arya is the second and the youngest daughter of Eddard Stark and Catelyn Stark. She is headstrong, independent, dislikes traditional women’s pursuance, and thus is often considered as a boy. She brandishes a sword named Needle gifted from Jon Snow, her half brother and was trained in the Braavosi style of swordfighting. She adopted Nymeria, a direwolf but is separated when Nymeria attacks Joffrey, forcing Arya to send her away to prevent execution of hers.

When her father is betrayed and brutally executed by Joffrey, Arya escapes the capital with the aid of Yoren, Night’s Watch recruiter, who gets her out veiled as an orphan boy “Arry”. But soon she is taken as a captive by Ser Gregor Clegane’s men and taken to Harrenhal. After fleeing, she starts going towards Riverrun and is imprisoned by the Brotherhood Without Banners and then by Sandor Clegane again. In Clegane’s company, Arya becomes hard and more brutal killing number of men personally. She makes a list of people she wants to kill. After Clegane got seriously injured in a fight, she relinquishes him. Arya then moves to Braavos and starts training with the Faceless Men. Nut as a result of violating the assassins’ code, she is executed blind by the guild as ostracism.

Biography of Sansa Stark

Arya is the third child and the youngest daughter of Eddard and Catelyn Stark. Eddard is the chief of House Stark and Lord Paramount of the North. House Stark is one of the Great Houses of the constituency. House Starks rules from Winterfell and Eddard is the Lord of Winterfell. He is also the Warden of the North.

Arya was born and brought up at Winterfell. She also has an older sister Sansa. She has an elder brother Robb, and two younger brothers Bran and Rickon and Jon Snow, a bastard half brother.

Arya Stark in Game of Thrones

Arya spurns the assumption that she must become a lady and marry for more influence and power, feeling she can hammer out her own destiny. She is mesmerized by warfare and training on the use of arms, and is disinterested by embroidery and other “lady-like” quests. She is more close to Jon Snow rather than her other siblings.

Arya Stark In Season 1

Septa Mordane teaches Arya how to sew, but finds it monotonous. She looks watchfully as her brothers are practicing archery in the courtyard with Eddard. Arya annoys her brother by out-shooting him.

When King Robert arrives in Winterfell, Arya wanted to see his whole retinue. She is rebuked when she at last joins the receiving line in the patio, and then heard Cersei’s voice asking for the “Imp”, that means Tyrion Lannister. On the same day at the feast in evening, she tries testing her mother’s composure by misbehaving and just throwing food at Sansa. So as a punishment, Robb sends her to bed early. Robert names Eddard as his Hand of the King. Joffrey is affianced to Sansa, and Eddard decides to take both his daughters to King’s Landing. Before they will leave, Arya receives a pet direwolf, outside the castle found by her brothers and names her Nymeria. Jon gifts her sword and she names it as Needle.

While travelling south on the Kingsroad, she tries practicing swordwork with Mycah, the son of a butcher in the King’s entourage. When Sansa and Joffrey notice them fighting Joffrey interrupts them. He blames Mycah of trying to being a knight and terrifies Arya when she attacks him to protect Mycah. When Joffrey tries to frighten her with a sword, Nymeria jabs Joffrey’s arm and allows Mycah to flee and Arya throws Joffrey’s sword in the river. Arya runs away from there and sends Nymeria away so that she could not be punished. Arya is captured and questioned, Arya tell the truth but Sansa lies about the incident, telling that she didn’t see what had exactly happened, but partly supporting Joffrey. Queen Cersei, asks Robert Baratheon to execute Lady, Sansa’s direwolf instead of Nymeria, as she was missing. Mycah is also assassinated by The Hound, Joffrey’s bodyguard.

After they arrive at the King’s Landing, Arya starts arguing with Sansa over what had happened. Eddard tries to make her convince why Sansa could not belie her future husband. Arya is appalled that Eddard thinks such a justification is fair and asks why he affianced Sansa to someone like Joffrey. Eddard notices Needle when he visits Arya’s room to talk her while she is practicing. When he realizes that she is damn serious about learning, he appoints Syrio Forel, a master of sword fighting who was also the former First Sword of Braavos, to train Arya in the art of combat. Eddard is distracted to find that Syrio’s training system includes having Arya balance on her tip toes for hours at a time and running and chasing cats around Red Keep which is their new residence. Arya and Eddard confabulates about how Bran cannot be a knight as he is now paralyzed but can become a lord of a holdfast, or sit in the council of King. Arya also asks should she could even sit in the council, to which Eddard sarcastically say her that she will marry a powerful lord and her children will definitely become the lords or king or ruler but she tells him that it is not her destiny.

Arya notices the Hand’s tournament accompanied by Septa Mordane and Sansa. She asks Petyr how he got his nickname. Arya later starts cat catching training and finds an avenue into the chambers where she notices skulls of dragons that were once to decorate the Great Hall of Iron Throne. She hears Varys and Illyrio Mopatis engaged in plotting of a future war between the Stark and the Lannisters and also Khal Drogo bringing his own army across the Narrow Sea. After she follows them she finds a way out of the castle and then must accost and terrify the castle guards in order to get back in. her father is furious as he has had people trying to find her. She tries to tell him about the traitor she overheard, gaining her father’s pithy attention when she mentioned his awareness of “the king’s bastard”, but could not be able to identify them and has forgotten most of the details. Eddard introduces Arya to Yoren, a recruiter of the Night’s Watch. Bedraggled and shabby, she is first mistaken by him as a boy, to her pique.

Arya Stark and Syrio Forel in Game of Thrones Season 1

Arya seems distraught from her training exercises by the sudden news of Jory’s demise and her father’s injury while he was fighting with Jaime Lannister. Syrio teaches her how to disdain her troubles to focus on combat. After sometime, Eddard Stark brings his both daughters together to tell them that he is going to send them back to Winterfell. Sansa and Arya both seem upset. Arya does not want to leave Syrio’s training. Sansa is enraged feeling that losing a dancing instructor is nothing compared to breaking her espousal to Joffrey. Lord Eddard says not to think about him, he will select some another man for her to marry, one strong and affable and gallant. Sansa tells that she does not want someone else except Joffrey. After the jeepers “Seven hells”, Arya exclaims that he will be a stag like Robert Baratheon, his father. Sansa tells her angrily that he is not like his father. This assures Eddard that Robert is not his real father and not the scion to the throne.

Eddard accosts Cersei, who agrees that her children are biologically belongs to Jaime Lannister. But before Eddard can tell it to Robert, the King is brutally wounded and injured by a boar while hunting and unfortunately dies soon. Cersei and Joffrey arrests Eddard and send guards to take Arya into custody Syrio knows that Eddard will not send Lannister men for his daughter and asks Arya to flee while he fights with the guards himself and that too with a wooden sword. He fights very efficiently with Ser Meryn Trant. Arya then goes to the stable where people were waiting for her with whom she is going to flee with the baggage. The men are all killed but she finds her Needle. She is then finds out by a stableboy who tries to block her. As he tries to come near her, she raises her sword high in air, she pricks him hard and he dies. Terrified she runs away from the castle. As a result of all such events, war commences between the armies of House Lannister and House Stark under the leadership of Robb.

Arya lives on the avenues and pathways of King’s Landing, catching wild birds to fill her stomach. While she was trying to bargain with a baker, she found everyone started running to the center of the city. She finds out that they are together to see the trial of the Hand of the King. Dropping the pigeon she was holding in her hand, she runs to the crowded square and to get a better view, she climbs on the pedestal of a statue. Eddard is taken from the crowd and he notices Arya, he also finds Yoren and points in the direction of Arya to take care of her. As previously agreed by with Joffrey and Cersei, he accepts that he is a traitor and Joffrey orders him to get executed instead of granting mercy. Arya tries to come forward to save her father but Yoren grabs her, and ask her not to look. Before he is executed, he looks for the last time at the Baelor and confirms that Arya is gone. Arya knows that her father is dead when she notices birds taking flight from the career.

Arya Stark in Season 1

Yoren cuts her hair short so that she should look more like a guy and promises her that he will take her back home. He also tells her not to trust others. Two boys Hot Pie and Lommy Greenhands bully her when she joins the group of other recruits, but she protects herself and terrify them by showing Needle. Gendry who is also a recruit comes to defend her. They all depart to King’s Landing.

Arya Stark In Season 2

Arya starts travelling to north with Yoren towards Kingsroad. She meets Jaqen H’ghar who is a prisoner. Since is a assassinator from the black cells of the prison, where the worst criminals of King’s Landing are kept. He asks for water but the other two murderers terrify her and she did not give him water. She creates a strong bond with Gendry and suddenly one day Goldcloaks comes from the King’s Landing with the warrant for one of the recruits. Arya thinks it’s for her, but it is for Gendry. Before leaving Arya reveal her identity to Gendry.

Arya Stark and Gendry in Season 2

Arya asks Yoren about the things she had suffered and talks about taking revenge. But Yoren asks her not to do so and tells her about his own story in which he tells her that he used to chant his enemy’s name before sleeping. This urges Arya to chant her enemies’ name before sleeping till she did not kill them. Yoren dies a heroic death while trying to save Gendry. Arya saves the prisoners when a fire broke out near the cage. Polliver succeeds in stealing Needle. Arya convinces Ser Amory that he has assassinated Gendry.

Ser Amory takes all his prisoners to Harrenhal. Every day a prisoner is selected by Sandor Clegane to be tormented brutally by the Tickler. Arya starts chanting names of the Mountain and Polliver before sleeping. Lord Tywin Lannister comes back to the castle and asks Sandor to stop the torment as this is just a waste of man power. Tywin instantly realizes that Arya is a boy. She tells him that it made easier for her to travel. He senses her intelligence and made her his cupbearer.

Arya serves food and drink when Tywin hosts a war council. Tywin stops and demands her water when she tries serving her wine. He questions about her origin and she tells her that she is a northerner. She first tells him that she is form Riverlands and he asks her opinion about Robb Stark and she tells him that he has a supernatural link with his direwolf. She leaves to get water and sees Jaqen, who is now a Lannister man-at-arms. Jaqen says he owes her three deaths for saving him and two fellow prisoners. And also tells her that he is ready to kill any three people. So she tells him to target the Tickler first. He is soon found dead in the courtyard and Arya notices Jaqen near the avenue.

Arya afraid of being recognize by Petyr when he comes to meet Tywin. Ser Amory catches Arya having the letter about the troop movements. So she asks Jaqen to kill Amory. He assassinates him even before Amory will tell it to Tywin. He orders Ser Gregor to embed out the Brotherhood Without Banners thinking that they are totally responsible behind the murders. Tywin talks to Arya about the importance of legacy and destruction of Harrenhal in the Wars of Conquest and is stunned by her knowledge which increases his suspicion.

Tywin decides to leave Harrenhal to drive Robb’s forces from the Westerlands. He names Gregor as the governor of the castle “castellan” and Arya to help him. Arya tries to find Robb but unable to find him on time. When he comes back from the patrol she asks him to help her to flee from here but he refuses her saying that it was not the part of it. Jaqen assassinates several guards at night to guide Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie out of the castle.

Arya Stark, Gendry and Hot Pie in Season 2

As they all begin trekking into the Riverlands, they are stunned by Jaqen, who appears from nowhere. Arya goes near him alone and asks how he killed those men, expressing her utter desire to learn all the assassination skills. He asks Arya to come to Braavos with him to start training with the Faceless Men. She disagrees to him telling that she needs to find her family first which also includes Sansa. Jaqen gives Arya a coin and tells her that if she changed her mind, she just have to give this coin to any Braavos and recite “Valar Morghulis”. Jaqen changes the direction of his face and bids a shocked farewell to Arya.

Arya Stark In Season 3

Arya, Hot Pie and Gendry continue to travel to Riverrun. They are eventually sieged by The Brotherhood Without Banners, who mistakenly consider them as war refugees. They are taken to a local inn where they are fed and suddenly when they are about to leave, Sandor Clegane is brought as a captive and he reveals the true identity of Arya.

Hot Pie stays behind the inn whereas Gendry and Arya are taken to the Commander of Brotherhood in Riverlands. Clegane is blamed by Arya that he murdered Mycah. While at the trial by combat which is ordered by Beric, Arya prays for Clegane’s death but feels disgusted when The Hound is declared innocent and released.

After some time, Arya queries Gendry for repairing Dondarrion’s armor and tries to convince him to come with her and brawl for her brother. Gendry replies her that he is now tired of serving lords and wishes to defend the smallfolk and instead join the Brotherhood. Arya wistfully says he could be his family. Gendry notifies her that if he ever been with her, he will be still a commoner.

Arya Stark in Season 3

As Thoros lays by a fire, Arya starts whispering names of her enemies. Arya points out that she is ransomed when Thoros tells her that they will take her to Riverrun, for a reward in exchange. Thoros also tells her that Beric requires gold in exchange of her. Beric joins them and tells her that he knows that Arya is furious over him because he released the Hound. She asks her why he released him to which he says that Beric was actually murdered but was energized by the Lord of Light, showing her the brutal injuries he has sustained at the hands of Lannister soldiers which also included Gregor Clegane. Arya asks Thoros if he could energize a man without head. Both the men understand she was talking about her father and it is definitely not possible. Beric also tells that for each time he is energized, he is losing his memories and also says that Ned Stark was a very good man but would not wish his life upon Ned.

Anguy tries to teach Arya with a bow. Arya notices someone behind her target and reveals it to be Melisandre and a small troop of Stannis Baratheon’s men. Melisandre tells her that they have someone Lord of Light needs, and soon her men take Gendry into custody. Arya demur against it when she saw Melisandre giving two heavy sacks of gold to Brotherhood. She accosts the red priestess calling her a witch. Melisandre ignores the prickle and looks into Arya’s eyes. Before she leaves, she tells Arya that they will meet again.

Later at the refuge, Arya is enlightened with the Brotherhood for selling Gendry, and disapproves Dondarrion’s argument. When Dondarrion decides to adjourn delivering Arya to Riverrun, Arya furiously calls them out on their bigotry and runs away hoping that the Lannister soldiers will kill her but she is abducted by Sandor Clegane soon.

After sometime, Arya is now the prisoner of the Hound; Arya thinks he is asleep and tries to kill him but could not succeed. She does not even eat. He tells her that he had saved her sister from the angry mob but he does not believe her and tell her to ask whenever she will meet her. They come near a river which Arya thoughts as Blackwater but Hound tells her that it is Red Fork of the Trident. Arya trusts that Hound is taking her to King’s Landing. But he tells her that he is taking her to the Twins to take reward from her family. Her uncle is going to marriage soon and there her mother and brother is definitely going to be there at the Twins. He tells her apologetically that if she wasn’t busy planning to bash his skull; they might make it for the wedding. Arya smile hiding it from the Hound.

While going to the Twins, Arya and Sandor come across a hog farmer who is also going to The Twins for the wedding, but his wagon is impaired. Sandor lifts the wagon, the hog farmer mends it, and then Sandor jabs him and mocks him unconscious. Sandor takes out his dagger to kill the hog farmer when Arya pleads him not to do so and Sandor capitulate. The hog farmer suddenly wakes up and Arya mocks out with another blow. They arrive near Twins and Arya starts gazing nervously towards the Stark camp. Sandor tells
Arya that she is seemed afraid. Arya tells Sandor that he was also seemed afraid of Beric’s sword, and she knows what his brother did to him when they were kids. Sandor barbs Arya about the execution of Eddard and she tells him that one day she will jab him through his eye and out the back of his skull.

Arya Stark and The Hound in Season 3

Arya and Sandor enter the gates of Twins as a hog farmer and his daughter. Sandor tells Frey guard that they have salt pork for the wedding feast, but the guard reveals that the feast is over. Arya then runs away from Sandor and hides near a table which belongs to Stark soldiers. At the same time, soldiers come out of the castle and assassinate Stark men. Arya hears the growling of Grey Wind inside the cage, but unfortunately four crossbowmen murder the direwolf before she can release him. Arya tries to enter the castle, when all the crossbowmen leave but Sandor stops her saying that it is too late to do anything.

They both see Frey and Bolton soldiers flashing her brother’s corpse with the head of Grey Wind affixed to his body. Arya and Sandor escape the castle when Stark is brutally killed during the Red Wedding. She then saw four men eating near a campfire. They were just joking about her mother’s death and also about sewing Grey Wind’s head to Robb’s body and so she goes near the soldiers and asks them for food and heat. They ask her rudely to go from there so she tells them that she has money and intentionally drops the coin given by Jaqen H’ghar and when the soldier tries to pick it up, she jabs the soldier repeatedly. By seeing this, the other three soldiers drew their weapons out and Sandor kills the remaining ones. Sandor asks her whether this is the first man she has ever killed; she tells him yes this is the first. And she picks up the coin with her bloodied hands and whispers ”Valar Morghulis.”

Arya Stark In Season 4

The Hound now decides to take Arya to her aunt Lysa Arryn in the Eyrie, where he could sell her. Arya is not seen pleased with the arrangement made by the Hound and covets for a horse so that she can be away from the Hound. The Hound wrangles that he doesn’t want her out of his eye sight and giving her a horse might provide a chance to her to escape. They halt near a tavern and Arya tells him that they should have attacked the Lannister soldiers there. She recognizes one as Polliver, the one who steal her sword, Needle. She saw Needle still tucked to his belt. When Arya and the Hound are at the tavern, Polliver sees her suspiciously. Arya seems worried as she thinks that Polliver has recognized her, but he recognizes the Hound. The Hound and Polliver’s conversation turns into a big fight in the tavern. The Hound kills everyone except Polliver. Polliver ambush behind him and tries to jab him when Arya hacks him in the back and takes her Needle. She resembles what Polliver has said to Lommy before killing him but he did not understand. As Polliver recognizes who she is, Arya jabs his Needle inside his throat, killing the first person of her list.

Arya and Hound halt to water their horses and Arya thinks that they are lost somewhere and asks Hound what are his plans after taking her to Eyrie and he tells her that he might join the Second Sons. Suddenly a farmer and his daughter come there and ask them what they are doing on their lands. Arya makes up a story about Hound being a soldier for House Tully which wins them food and shelter. The following morning Arya wakes up hearing a scream. The Hound has killed the farmer and took all the silver he has. Arya is enraged and tells him that he is the worst person she has ever seen, to which he replies that they won’t be able to survive the upcoming winter.

Arya and Sandor Clegane in Season 4

Arya is busy in reciting her death wish list by a camp fire when Hound tries to sleep for some time. After sometime, the Hound asks her to be quiet. Arya tells him that she can’t go to bed until she doesn’t recites the names. He tells her that hatred is good for motivation. He also tells her that they might come across his brother’s name who both them wants to kill. Arya asks him about Mountain and he asks her to shut up as she asks a hell lot of questions. The Hound asks her to complete the death wish list and she tells him that the only name remaining is the Hound.

The following day Arya practices her water dancing besides the river. Sandor starts making fun of her. When she tells him that she learnt this from Syrio Forel, he mocks him by saying he had lose to a worthless fighter, Meryn Trant. She points her sword at him and he says now as her teacher is dead, she should learn the tactics from the ones who are alive.

Arya and Sandor witness a dying man in a village. Sandor stabs the man and calls it as a gift of mercy. Biter bites Sandor on his neck. He snaps him and drops him dead. Rorge appears from nowhere and tells him that the Hound’s head has a price and everyone wants to collect it. At an instance Arya recognizes him as the fellow soldier of Yoren who used to terrify Arya. The Hound asks her whether Rorge is on her death wish list but she denies him saying she doesn’t know his name. Sandor asks for his name and she thanks him and instantly mocks the man in his heart repeatedly with her Needle. Sandor tells her that she is learning.

Later Arya asks Sandor to burn the bite so that the poison will be ineffective but is left stunned by Sandor’s phobia of fire. Sandor tells her the story behind his facial scars which he got due to Gregor’s wrath. Arya asks him to clean it and stitch and Sandor allows her to do so.

As Arya and Sandor continues their journey to Eyrie, Arya bawls that she is not satisfied with Joffrey’s demise expressing her utter disappointment in the fact that she could not be able to be present at the murder sit nor he could assassinate him. When they reach the Bloody Gate, Ser Donnel Waynwood tells them that Lysa Arryn is no more alive. Arya starts bursting into laughter over the bad luck as Sandor’s luck is not favoring him.

As Arya and Sandor leaves the Eyrie, Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne meets them. Brienne suddenly recognizes Arya Stark when Pod tells her that he is Sandor Clegane. Brienne and Sandor eventually engage in a duel as they feel to get the custody of Arya. Brienne ultimately wins the duel after jabbing Sandor with a rock and knocking him down a small cliff. Arya hides somewhere till both Pod and Brienne does not depart. She then finds Sandor heavily and brutally injured. Sandor pleads Arya to assassinate him. But Arya doesn’t kill him and takes all the money and leaves him in pain.

Arya Stark in Season 4

Arya then comes across a ship trying to leave. Arya asks the captain to take her to the Wall to meet Jon Snow, her bastard brother. When the captain, Ternesio Terys, tells her that he is in fact going to the Free City of Braavos which is his home, Arya shoes him the coin which Jaqen H’ghar gave her. As Terys look at her in awe, she murmurs “valar morghulis”. He nods his head and replies “valar morghulis”. Arya then sails away to Braavos.

Arya Stark In Season 5

After travelled for so long, Arya reaches Braavos. Arya is spellbound by Titan, and tells him that it is just a statue. She tries to convince herself that she is not terrified when Titans blasts for announcing their arrival. Arya thanks Ternesio for bringing her so far when he rows Arya to the House of Black and White. Arya then waits outside to admit inside but gets rejected by an elder man when shows the coin Jaqen H’ghar had given her. Arya waits outside whispering the names of people in her death wish list but after some time tosses the coin and starts wandering at the streets if Braavos. When she was busy trying to hunt pigeons, some boys starts trying to take the possession of Needle. The boys suddenly scatter when man from the House of Black and White appears. Arya asks to know his identity but he just gives the coin back which she had thrown in the water. He tells her that he is “no one”, as al Faceless Men are and she should also learn to call herself “no one”.

Arya watches a man who resembles like Jaqen H’ghar with another man drinking water from the well. When the other man leaves, she asks Jaqen to learn. He recites the phrase repeatedly “Valar Dohaeris” which means “all men must serve”, and blames Arya of only wanting to serve for her own. When Arya again looks at the praying man, he seems dead and some people take him ignoring Arya. Later Arya is taken to her room by The Waif, who asks her again and again about her identity and hitting her whenever she tells that she is “no one”. After some time, Jaqen arrives there and asks Waif to stop. He notifies that Arya was just going to attack Waif with Needle. He tells her that she could not be “no one” till she is wearing Arya’s clothes, possess Arya’s money and keep Arya’s Needle. So she throws all her possession and hides the sword somewhere between the rocks. Later when Arya seems busy in sweeping, Jaqen takes her to a room where she has to help Waif in cleaning the dead corpses. The Waif does not reply her when she asks her what is done with the corpses after washing them. Arya finishes the work allotted to her and then two men come there and take the body. Arya seems very curious about what happens to the corpses after washing them, but Waif tells her that she will get to know about it at the right time. Arya asks her to play the game of faces and she tells her that she is already failed in it. She asks her who she is to which Arya again replies that she is no one. The Waif tells Arya about her story. At the end of the story Waif asks her whether she believed the story or not but does not respond her. Embarrassingly the Waif asks her to get back to work, only to make her learn to lie convincingly. Later, Arya is totally engrossed in her sleep, Jaqen tries to test her. Arya tries telling him lies. But Jaqen quickly tells her that she is lying and hits her whenever she lies. Before Jaqen lefts, he tells her that she is not lying to him but to herself. A sad and grieved man takes her daughter to the House of Black and White to end her agony. She then tells the girl and succeeds in convincing to drink the water from the well. This convinces Jaqen that she can lie now and so he takes her to the Hall of Faces. There he asks her whether she is fully ready now to become “no one” to which she tells him that she is not ready to become “no one” but she wants to become “someone else”.

Arya Stark and Waif in Season 5

Arya is first assigned to pose as a shellfish merchant to study a man known as “the Thin Man”. Before the murder can carry out, she is distracted by seeing Meryn Trant the man on her death wish list. He is accompanied by his guard Mace Tyrell. The same night, Arya tries to follow Trant and other guards to a brothel. She reports her failure to Jaqen to kill the Thin Man and promises him to try killing him the next day.

Trant is given three girls for fun. He berates them for amusement. He beats the first two but the third one seems to be having no effect on hers. He punches her on gut and she reveals her own identity as Arya. She quickly stabs him in eyes and then several times in the chest. She at last reveals herself as Arya and slits his throat.

Arya returns back to the House of Black and White hen Jaqen and Waif sees her. They show their disapproval over the way she behaved by killing the person who was not hers to kill. The Waif then restrains Arya and Jaqen exclaims her that only death can pay. And he suddenly drinks the poison and dies.

Arya Stark in Season 5

The Waif queries about Arya’s sadness for her friend, only to stun Arya revealing her to be Jaqen. Arya seems totally confused removing many faces from “Jaqen’s” body, until she sees Arya’s face means her own face. Arya’s eyes are then filled over with white as she is made blind as a punishment.

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