Stephen Dillane As Stannis Baratheon


Stephen J. Dillane As Stannis Baratheon  Name: Stephen J. Dillane

 GOT Character Name: Stannis Baratheon

 Birth Date: 30 November 1956

 From:  Kensington, London, England,

 Occupation: Actor

 Active Since: 1985–Present

 Marital Status: Married to Naomi Wirthne


 About Stephen J. Dillane

Stephen J. Dillane is an English actor born in the year 1956 on November 30th in Kensington, London, England is very well known for his Theatre and Television work and has been part of some of the acclaimed films as well, well known for portraying roles such as Leonard Woolf in The Hours (2002) and in the year 2011 he got a mass acclamation with the role which he played in the HBO’s Drama Series Game of Thrones in the character of Stannis Baratheon and throughout his carrier from 1985 till date he has received some of the highest accolades such as Tony, BAFTA and International Emmy Awards all three of it for Best Performance and as Best Actor.

Biography Of Stephen J. Dillane

So a long before he Dillane played any role officially o any television show, films or theatre he was on a whole different track, because during his adult age he went on to study History and Politics at the University of Exeter and focused on one topic related to the Russian Revolution and went on to become a Journalist but very soon, Journalism dint work out as he went bored of what he has been doing. So as he already had experienced theatre before he decided to go back to what he knows better and that is how entered in the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School at the age of 25 and later came up as an accomplished and strong theatre actor and got recognition The Real Thing in 2000ised through his role in The Beaux’ Stratagem as Archer which was by the Royal National Theatre in 1989. His notable theatre work includes Angels in America in 1993, Hamlet in 1994, The Real Thing in 2000 and a One-man Macbeth in 2005 and it was for the performance in the play The Real Thing in 2000 for which he received Tony Awards.

He then earned his first Emmy Nomination by playing Thomas Jefferson in John Adams a miniseries presentation by HBO Networks, Later which bout him a huge fame was through another HBO series Game Of Thrones rustic, cruel, complex and dramatic tale of thrones based on George R.R. martins Book Series “A Song Of Ice and Fire” which saw him playing one of the contending and the most capable king Stannis Baratheon and then went on starring in such series like Hunted a BBC Drama Series, The Tunnel another Thriller Crime Drama Series in which the performance earned him his first International Emmy Awards for Best Actor. He has been part of some of the notable and acclaimed films as well such as Glen Foy’s films Goal! Including in all its part, Hamlet, Love and rage, The Hours, Spy Games and was also seen in 2012 films Zero Dark Thirty.







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    *continues singing, this time in the tune of ‘Winter Wonderland’* The good guys are near, weren’t you leininstg?Even more than the snow, the Bentley’s glistening,A very odd sight, they’ll save us tonight,While fighting in this winter wonderland!The car stops, they leap out,And because, without a doubt,They’ll save the world today, and you’d better say,’Thanks for helping in this winter wonderland!’In the meadow they’ll stop Batu,But the Faceless Ones still might come through,Even so, they’ll be forced to go,Because the Sceptre forces them to!Later on, villains will conspire,But they’ll be stopped, and be hit by fire,The world has been saved, even though the danger was grave,Fighting in that winter wonderland!!!

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