Sean Bean As Ned Stark


Sean Bean As Ned Stark Name: Sean Bean

 GOT Character Name: Ned Stark

 Birth Date: 17 April 1959

 From: Handsworth, West Riding of Yorkshire, England

 Occupation: Actor

 Active Since: 1983–Present

 Marital Status: Last Married to Georgina Sutcliffe (2008-10)

 About Sean Bean

Sean Bean is one of the profound English actor appeared in many Hollywood and British films, born in the year 1959 on 17th April in Handsworth, West Riding of Yorkshire, England began his acting carrier by appearing firstly on stage as Tybalt in the play Romeo and Juliet at the Watermill Theatre in Newbury, and later went made his television debut and found praile and acclaimation for BBC’s series Accused ITV Drama Series Henry VIII, but above all the one show which bought him a generous amount of praise after a long while was by playing Ned Stark in HBO’s Networks ongoing epic drama series Game Of Thrones. He is also been known for some of the remarkable character portrayed in some of the famous Hollywood films alongside great actors and among them one could be the role in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy as Boromir.

Biography of Sean Bean

Football was one of those passionate interests that Bean had during his childhood days and some day also wanted to pursue it as a profession, but due to a small accessidant, which gave him a long term injury in his leg, the dream of playing football professional dint really took off. Initially he studied in Brooks Comprehensive School in Art and English but later in the year 1975 he left out and got in Rotherham College of Arts and Technology to take up welding course but soon went into enrolling for a drama course, him later doing some college play, from which one took place at Rotherham Civic Theatre, he received a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1981.

1983 was the year, after graduating from RADA, he made his very first official acting debut as Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet and by then as he was a member of Royal Shakespeare Company, he went on to be part of many of similar Shakespeare Plays. His very first film was Caravaggio in 1986 followed by War Requiem in 1988 and The Fifteen Streets in 1989. In 90’s he was seen doing more of British Television series, miniseries and television movies and soon moved to west in Hollywood and starred in some of the notable films such as Golden Eye a James Bond Movie in 1995, a Villain Ian Howe in National Treasure, Boromir who happened to be one of the important character in The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and after being part of several such films, the one show that bout him back on the television in a very important role was of “Ned Stark” a noble house king and a leader was perfectly suited him as a character and played a role with an effortless and beautiful nuances and was praised a lot for his performance as Lord Eddard Stark aka Ned Stark.

A fan of Sheffield United FC, but could be part of the club, but his this dream came true when he got a chance to bring his dream job to play on screen in the film When Saturday Comes, where he plays Jimmy Muir a football player from the Sheffield United Football Club and it was because of this he also came to appear in a Sky Sports commercial for 97-98 Premier League Season and also narrated the films La Coupe De La Gloire, an Official films of the 1998 FIFA World Cup Tournament.







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