Peter Vaughan as Maester Aemon



Name: Peter Vaughan

GOT Character Name: Maester Aemon

Date of Birth: 4 April 1923

From: Shropshire, England

Occupation: Actor

Active Since: 1954 – Present





About Peter Vaughan

Peter Vaughan was born on 4 April 1923, in Wem, Shropshire, England. Peter at the age of seven, he attended Uttoxeter Grammar School in Staffordshire. Peter Vaughan also did some army service in the Second World War before that he joined Wolver Hampton Repertory theater where he got experience in other repertory theaters. Peter Vaughan has appeared in many British Television Series. Nowadays Peter is well known as for the role of Maester Aemon in HBO’s drama series Game of Thrones.


Biography of Peter Vaughan

Peter Vaughan is a British Actor and since 1950s, he has appeared many times on stage and screen. Peter is well known for many roles like Harry Grout in Porridge, Citizen Smith, Denethor in The Lord of Rings. Most recently he played the role of Maester Aemon in epic dram series Game of Thrones. Peter was also seen in many other TV series and stage drama like Deadline Midnight in 1960, Stage by Stage in 1954, Oliver Twist as Bill Sikes in 1962, which is a mini TV series and many more.







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