Natalie Dormer As Margaery Tyrell


Natalie Dormer As Margaery Tyrell Name: Natalie Dormer

 GOT Character Name: Margaery Tyrell

 Birth Date: 11 February 1982

 From: Reading, Berkshire, England

 Occupation: Actress

 Active Since: 2005–Present

 Marital Status: Single


About Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer born in Reading, Berkshire, England on 11 February 1982 is an English Actress who was recently seen in the hit film The Hunger Games I & II in 2014-15 in the role of Cressida and now famously known for playing Margaery Tyrell in HBO’s hit show Game Of Thrones also her well received work as an actor includes popular TV series such as The Tudors and Elementary. She has been part of some of the big films and TV series so far as she trained herself as an actor studying dramatics in London graduating at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.

Biography Of Natalie Dormer

Earlier Dormer was very much interested in her studies and did good in her academics, for which she even got an opportunity to get into Cambridge to study History but couldn’t get in because the eligibility to get in there was to get A Grade in History Exam in her A-level. She was also a Netball player and a vice-captain of her school team, but after she failed to get in Cambridge, she went on to get admission in Webbers and later started to auditioned to get work and received a role in a romantic drama film Casanova in 2005 and because of her amazing skills of acting, her role was of Victoria was re wrote and extended her role play in the film by the director Lasse Hallstrom and because the filmmaker and the producer were so very much impressed with her performance she received a three film contract with the Touchstone Pictures, though this never really took off, later that same year she appeared in a TV show Distant Shores in a small role. Her very first 12 months of her carrier were pretty much of struggle, struggle to get work because after Casanova, she didn’t really had any work and so went on to do some of the odd jobs such as she went on to becomes a waitress, also had worked at an data entry firm and gradually even kept on auditioning and this gradual attempt of looking for a better work landed her in to a small guest appearing role in TV series Rebus in 2006 and the very next year she was seen in an exquisite role of Anne Boleyn in the TV series The Tudors from 2007-08 in which her performance was received real well by critics. After which she went on to appear in films and TV shows such as City of Life, Fence Walker and Marple. She then turned towards the stage and made her stage debut in the play Sweet Nothing at the Young Vic Theatre as Mizi.

Later she got an exciting part of a mega budget film Marvel movie Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011 in which she played seductive Soldier Private Lorraine, which bagged her major role in a BBC Drama Series “Silk”. But it was HBO’s popular drama series Game Of Thrones and her role in it of Margaery Tyrell which bought her a worldwide fame which bought him some of the exciting screen work such as Rush 2013, The Counselor 2013, also was the role of Irene Adler in the popular CBS Drama series Elementary in 2013-15 and the very latest screen work of her was Francis Lawrence The Hunger Game series in which she played the role of Cressida.







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