Jack Gleeson As Joffrey Baratheon


Jack Gleeson As Joffrey Baratheon Name: Jack Gleeson

 GOT Character Name: Joffrey Baratheon

 Birth Date: 20 May 1992

 From: Cork, Ireland>

 Occupation: Actor

 Active Since: 2002–Present


About Jack Gleeson

Jack Gleeson is an Irish actor born in the year 1992 on 20th May in Cork, Ireland has been part of a lot a films from a very tender age and is famously known for playing the role of Joffrey Baratheon in the ongoing drama series by the HBO, Game Of Thrones. His has an interest in anthropology and studies philosophy and theology in Trinity College, Dublin. He learned and began as on to work up on his acting skills at the age of seven in the Independent Theatre Workshop.

Biography of Jack Gleeson

Due to his theatre work he has appeared and has also been in leads in films such as 2002 film Reign Of Fire, Christopher Nolan’s 2005 superhero drama film Batman Begins, 2007 horror film Shrooms, a family drama A Shine of Rainbows in 2009 and then the next year he played the lead in 2010 drama film All Good Children.

It was his performance in All Good Children which got him such a praise that he was chose to play Joffrey Baratheon a noble kings son, who is entitle to sit on the throne after his father’s death in HBO’s ongoing popular show Game of Thrones for the first four seasons. Fourth season is the last season he appeared as Gleeson’s character gets killed and there by ending the story of Joffrey Baratheon.

Apart from acting he is also happened to be the founder of a theatre company based in Dublin, named as Collapsing Horse Theatre and because he has an interest in his academic carrier in the year 2014 he took a permanent retirement from acting to keenly go about focusing on his research and thesis and all he has been waiting for was to finish his work on Game Of Thrones the show.







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