Isaac Hempstead Wright As Bran Stark


Isaac Hempstead Wright As Bran Stark Name: Isaac Hempstead Wright

 GOT Character Name: Bran Stark

 Birth Date: 9 April 1999

 Occupation: Actor

 Active Since: 2011–Present

About Isaac Hempstead Wright

Isaac Hempstead Wright an actor who belongs to England was born on 9 April 1999, who has just begun his carrier and the very first work of his acting performance which was observed was in the film The Awakening in 2011 and became well known and received acclamation for starring in Game Of Thrones.

Biography Of Isaac Hempstead Wright

In the initial years of growing and studies Hempstead was not much aware of his interest in acting and didn’t even though of becoming one, until the moment he joined the a local Drama Club which bought him a bit close to what exactly acting is all about, and the joining of Club was merely to avoid his football playing on Saturdays during the time it use to be cold in the winter seasons, so after this Hampstead went on to join the Kent Youth Theatre in Canterbury alongside studying at the theatre he would also act in commercials here and there and soon he received a chance to star in an Horror flick The Awakening in the year 2011 which became his debut film and the same year was seen in HBO’s now being the most popular show Game Of Thrones an epic drama series which is based on the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin. In which he plays one as one of the prominent most character as Bran Stark which has got extra and special power than anyone around to looking in the minds of people and animal and also belong to a noble family. He was seen in all the first four seasons but didn’t had much to do in the fifth season but there are speculations that he’ll be seen in a major parts in the sixth season in 2016 in a very dominating role.

So far his acting carrier consist of just three films which are The Awakening in 2011, Closed Circuit in 2013 which was a crime thriller film and a well received film that year, next was The Boxtrolls an animated film in which he gave voice to the charter of Eggs also was part of the television series Family Guy Voicing Aidan. For his performance in the Game of Thrones Series he has twice been received with nomination for his performance in Scream Awards in 2011, Young Artist Awards in 2013 and Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2011 and 2013. Hampstead is also very much ambitious about his academic studies and looking to study further and to receive a PhD.







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