Iain Glen As Jorah Mormont


Iain Glen As Ser Jorah Mormont Name: Iain Glen

 GOT Character Name: Ser Jorah Mormont

 Birth Date: 24 June 1961

 From: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

 Occupation: Actor

 Active Since: 1986–Present

 Partner: Charlotte Emmerson


About Iain Glen

Iain Glen is a well known Scottish Actor been credited for a lot of work of Stage, Theatre, Films and Television, Born on 24th June 1961 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK and there by happened to study in the Edinburg Academy and began molding himself as an actor by getting into Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London and during the time there because of his skills and mastered talent he was awarded with Bancroft Gold Medal.

Biography of Lain Glen

In a very recent time Iain came to known for his work and was also appreciated well as an actor and 1990 he starred in the film Silent Scream for which he got noticed and at the 40th Berlin International Film Festival won the Silver Bear for Best Actor, also later that same year he starred in Tom Stoppard’s Films “Rosencrantz and Guildenstren are Dead” an Golden Lion winning film at the Venice Film Festival in which he played the character of Hamlet a Prince of Denmark. Starred against Nicole Kidman in The Blue Room in which he was nominated for Olivier Awards for his wonderful performance.

Later those year he was seen in some of the very well known television series such as Doctor Who, Downtown Abby and as he was already chosen to play a major role in the upcoming series Game Of Thrones, HBO’s most popular television drama series in which he played Ser Jorah Mormont and this role play in the series gave him a huge recognition just as he received by starring in the Resident Evil film series, the one film which is so very well known for. Another such television series that he been part of is 2012’s Prisoners Wives a BBC Drama Series. He is also an Artistic director of Dundee Repertory Theatre.







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