Carice van Houten As Melisandre


Carice van Houten As Melisandre Name: Carice van Houten

 GOT Character Name: Melisandre

 Birth Date: 5 September 1976

 From: Leiderdorp, South Holland, Netherland

 Occupation: Actress, Singer

 Active Since: 1997–Present

 Partner: Kees van Nieuwkerk


About Carice van Anouk

 Carice Anouk Van Houten is one of the very popular Dutch actress born in Leiderdorp, South Holland, Netherlands on 5 September 1976 popularly known for her role plays in films such as Suzy Q 1999, Black Book 2006, Repo Man 2010, The Happy Housewife 2010 for most of which she has received some of the highest accolades, such as winning Golden Calf Award five times for Best Actress, and two Saturn Award Nomination.

Biography of Carice van Anouk

Born and bought up in Netherland, mother being on a Board of Dutch Educational TV, and Father being a writer and broadcaster, she later got adapted to theatre and acting and after starting working in Dutch films, alongside television she got to taste her very first success through the 1999 film Suzy Q and her staller performance as Suzy wo her the very first Golden Calf Awards for Best Actress. She then went on to bring the second Golden Calf Award for her part in 2001 films Undercover Kitty and later received Top Naeff Award along with the Pisuisse Award for her onstage acting abilities. Black Book in the year 2006 made her a sensation and immensely popular which also won Van Anouk her next Golden Calf Awards and the success of Black Book got her a lot of good Hollywood opportunity, where she starred in Valkyrie opposite Tom Cruise and also in Repo Men. She also had a role play opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2008 film Body Of Lies that year, she was published in a lot of leading magazine, infect the New York Magazine even named her Women Of The Year, alongside appearing in March 2008 issue of Vanity Fair Magazine.

HBO’s mega budget epic drama series which premiered in the year 2011 became hugely popular around the world for its very first season and Van Anouk became part of the series in one of the most crucial role of Melisandre, a manipulative, can make anything happened kind of a priestess for the second and is continued to star in the role since then. In 2012 Van Anouk released her very first Pop Album and came up as an official pop singer, she already have four songs on her name which she sang for the soundtrack of the film Black Book.







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