Art Parkinson as Rickon Stark


Name: Art Parkinson

GOT Character Name: Rickon Stark

Birth Date: 19 October 2001

From: Moville, County Donegal

Active From: 2008-Present






About Art Parkinson

Art Parkinson was born on 19th October 2001, in Moville, County Donegal. At the age of seven he started acting. He is an Irish actor and is well known as the role of Rickon Stark in epic drama series Game of Thrones on HBO network. He lives with his mother, Movania who is an Irish actress, and two older brothers who also have acted in British and Irish TV series. Art Parkinson and his two brothers have also attended a drama school, which was run by his mother, Movania.


Biography of Art Parkinson

Art Parkinson started his career at the age of 7, in and as Young Kenneth in Freakdog in 2008. Before that he had also acted in school production. After that he was also seen in and as Peter in Dark Touch in 2013 which was an Irish horror film. In 2011, he was casted for the role of Rickon Stark in Game of Thrones on HBO network. Later on, Art Parkinson was cast in epic action film, Dracula Untold which was a dark fantasy movie. In 2015 he was appeared in San Andreas as a role of small child Ollie who was caught into the earthquake. Now he is giving his voice to a animated character called as Kubo in Kubo and the Two Strings which will come in 2016.







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