Alexander Siddig as Doran Martell


Alexander Siddig

Name: Alexander Siddig

GOT Character Name: Doran Martell

Date of Birth: November 21, 1965

From: Sudan

Occupation: Actor

Active Since: 1987- Present




About Alexander Siddig

Alexander Siddig was born on 21 November 1965 in Sudan. Alexander was born to a Sudanese father and an English mother. His mother worked as a theatrical consultant because of that Alexander spend most of his life in England only. He studied acting and theatre in LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts). Nowadays Alexander Siddig is well known for the role of Doran Martell in epic drama series Game of Thrones and for the role of Al-Rahim in Da Vinci’s Demons.


Biography of Alexander Siddig

At start, Alexander Siddig did many work in theatre. He also did a season of stage work in Manchester. After that he worked as a director in a small theatre in London. During this struggle, Alexander was offered the part of Emir Feisal in Great Performances: A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia in 1992. Performances in Great Performances: A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia brought Alexander to the attention of many people. Among those people, one of them was Rick Berman who was creating the new series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Alexander was offered role of Doctor Bashir/ Dr. Julian Bashir / Captain Bashir. After this Alexander Siddig was appeared in many series and movies like 24 (TV series ) ,Spy(ies) in 2009, Clash of Titans in 2010, Da Vinci’s Demons (TV series ) in 2013, and Game of Thrones in 2015.







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